Psychology Press, 1994 - 144 sider
Multimedia - the combination of words, sounds and pictures in electronic form - is going to change our lives more profoundly than any previous media revolution. It is not only creating exciting and unprecedented new ways of delivering information and entertainment but is transforming traditional established media such as the printed word, music, film and television. But, on the threshold of this revolution, there still remains confusion and misunderstanding about the basics of multimedia and its potential use in our homes, schools and offices. What exactly is multimedia? How does it work? How is it used? Where is it headed? In this clear and readable book, Tony Feldman gives a non-technical account of multimedia, placing it in the context of the information industry as a whole and clarifying both the underlying technologies and the ways in which they can be put to work in real applications. He examines the impact of multimedia on education, training, business and professional sectors, leisure and entertainment. He also considers its implications for traditional activities such as publishing, bookselling and library services. This important book is a vital resource for anyone wanting to gain a clear grasp of the vast potential of multimedia in both commercial and human terms.

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What is Multimedia?
The Electronic Information Industry
The Technology of Multimedia
Multimedia Applications in Education and Training
Business and Professional Applications of Multimedia
Entertainment and Leisure
Mulitmedia in Publishing Bookselling and Libraries
The Multimedia Future
Appendix A List of important acronyms

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