Stories of the Sea Told by Sailors

Roberts brothers, 1880 - 302 sider

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Side 97 - Ay, ay," but the seamen made reply: — " We have children, we have wives, And the Lord hath spared our lives. We will make the Spaniard promise, if we yield, to let us go; We shall live to fight again and to strike another blow.
Side 107 - ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE OF York, MARINER, Who lived Eight and Twenty Years, all alone in an un-inhabited Island on the Coast of AMERICA, near the Mouth of the Great River of OROONOQUE : Having been cast on Shore by Shipwreck, wherein all the Men perished but Himself. With An Account how he was at last as strangely delivered by PIRATES. Written by Himself.
Side 97 - And the masts and the rigging were lying over the side ; But Sir Richard cried in his English pride, " We have fought such a fight for a day and a night As may never be fought again ! We have won great glory, my men ! And a day less or more At sea or ashore, We die — does it matter when...
Side 96 - But never a moment ceased the fight of the one and the fifty-three. Ship after ship, the whole night long, their high-built galleons came, Ship after ship, the whole night long, with her battlethunder and flame; Ship after ship, the whole night long, drew back with her dead and her shame. For some were sunk and many were shatter'd, and so could fight us no more — God of battles, was ever a battle like this in the world before ? For he said " Fight on ! fight on !
Side 151 - Scott that's gone?" and being informed that it was indeed so, exclaimed: "Poor fellow!" Presently a double-headed shot struck a party of marines, who were drawn up on the poop, and killed eight of them: upon which Nelson immediately desired Capt.
Side 137 - Alliance; the leak gained on the pumps, and the fire increased much on board both ships. Some officers persuaded me to strike, of whose courage and good sense I entertain a high opinion. My treacherous master-atarms let loose all my prisoners without my knowledge, and my prospects became gloomy indeed. I would not, however, give up the point.
Side 156 - Doctor, I have not been a great sinner :" and after a short pause, " Remember that I leave Lady Hamilton and my daughter Horatia as a legacy to my country.
Side 95 - Fore God I am no coward; But I cannot meet them here, for my ships are out of gear, And the half my men are sick. I must fly, but follow quick. We are six ships of the line; can we fight with fifty-three?
Side 102 - But as the day increased, so our men decreased ; and as the light grew more and more, by so much more grew our discomforts. For none appeared in sight but enemies, saving one small ship called the Pilgrim...
Side 104 - ... as she could never be removed out of the place. And as the matter was thus in dispute, and Sir Richard refusing to hearken to any of those reasons, the master of the

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