Contra CR.
Calhoun county bank,
Erie and Kalamazoo railroad bank,
Bank of St. Clair,
Ypsilanti bank,
Bank of Brest,
Bank of Oakland,
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank, Pontiac,
Genesee county bank,
Bank of Saline,
Bank of Coldwater,
Bank of Marshall,
Detroit city bank,
Farmers' bank of Oakland,
Bank of Lapeer,
Bank of Goodrich,
Wayne county bank,
Saginaw city bank,
Bank of Gibraltar,
Bank of Utica,
Farmers' bank of Homer,
Bank of Constantine,

96 19 28 03 138 10 413 18 72 08 23 12 1 18 1 63 12 25

8 65 26 86 3 94 1 18 4 93 8 31 7 48

1 97 144 16

22 31 181 56 63 27

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(No. 12.) Statement of moneys received on account sales of Mi

chigan state bonds, and how applied, year 1833. Statement of moneys received on account sale of Michigan state

bonds, and how applied. 1838. Jan. 6. From Gov. Mason two drafts on John Delafield,

$150,000 00 3. Oliver Newberry on his contract,

$30,000 00 Feb. 6. do do do 81,000 00 24. do do do

50,000 00 Sept. 19. do do do 39,000 00

200,000 00 Aug. 1. Gov. Mason's several drafts on Morris canal bank, 90 days,

250,000 00 Sept. 1. do


100,000 00 Oct. 1. do


100,000 00 Nov. 1. do


100,000 00 Dec. 1. do


100,000 00 June 16. Gov. Mason paid cash in Morris canal bills,

10,397 70
Gov. Mason paid Prime, \Vard
& King's account,

8,963 30
Gov. Mason paid John Dela-
field's account,

639 00

20,000 00 Dec, 12. Bills of the Morris canal bank to apply on January, 1839, payment,

100,000 00 The following to apply on the February,

1839, payment, viz :
Bills of the Morris canal bank, $95,370 00
Gov. Mason's draft on Morris
canal bank at 90 days,

4,580 00
Gov. Mason's check on Michi-
gan state bank,

50 00

100,000 00 July 11. Deposited in New York by Gov. Mascn to credit Michigan state bank,

80,000 00


Carried forward,

Brought forward,
June 29. Received of Michigan state bank, principal

of penitentiary state stock,

20,000 00

year 1838,

Total amount of principal received during

$1,320,000 00
Applied as follows: To the
credit of internal improve-
ment fund,

$1,180,000 00
Ypsilanti and Tecumseh rail.
road company,

60.000 00
Allegii & Marshall railroad

Penitentiary fund,

20,000 00

-1,320,000 00

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Estimate of expenses for the support of government, year 1839,

as follows : Pay of state officers,

$16,375 00 Interest on $100,000 state stock, issued 1836,

6,000 00 Interest on $20,000 Palmyra and Jacksonburgh railroad stock,

1,400 00 Interest on $20,000 penitentiary state stock,

1,200 00 de 100,000 Detroit and Pontiac railroad stock,

6,000 00 do 100,000 University state stock,

6,000 00 Geological survey for year (appropriation)

12,000 00 Expenses of legislature, 1839,

25,000 00 Expenses of printing session laws and journal, &c. 7,000 00 Repairs and insurance on capitol,

250 00 Contingent fund,

2,000 00 Balance due Michigan state bank,

11,553 00

Carried forward,

Brought forward,
Balance due J. S. & S. A. Bagg, for printing revis-

ed laws and other charges, say, Miscellaneous and unforscen expenses,

25,000 00 5,000 00

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(No. 14.) Estimate of receipts applicable to the support of gov

ernment, year 1839.

Estimate of receipts applicable to the payment of the current

expenses of government, year 1839, as follows : Taxes due from counties for years 1836 and 1837,

$35,388 00 Assessment made by Auditor General upon the several counties, year 1838,

56,384 00 Merchants, pedlars and tavern licenses, say

8,500 00 Auction duties,

1,000 00 Taxes due from banks on capital stock paid in, 3,000 00 Interest to be paid by Detroit and Pontiac railroad company,

6,000 00 Interest to be paid by Palmyra and Jacksonburgh railroad company,

1,400 00 Interest to be paid by board regents university, 6,000 00

$117,672 00


Detroit, Dec. 31, 1838.


H. HOWARD, Treasurer.

(No. 3.) Report of the Committee of the Senate on manufac

tures, to whom was referred the communication of the State Geologist, relative to salt springs and the salines of the state.

Your committee beg leave to report, that having bestowed on the above subject, a portion of that attention which its magnitude requires, they have adopted the following conclusions :

1st. That an act ought to be passed by the legislature immediately, making an appropriation sufficient to enable the geological corps to progress with the improvements that have been already commenced at Grand and Tittabawassa rivers, and to pursue them to a final result, and also to enable said corps to continue such examinations of our salt springs in general, as the legislature shall direct.

2d. That some proper person ought to be authorized to take charge of the lands attached to said springs, and prevent, as far as may be, the loss of timber on them by intruders or trespass.


3d. That as the lands attached to the salt springs, are at present wholly unproductive to the state, and from the waste of timber that is committed on scme of them, there is danger of their value being reduced, and the examination of the State Geologist will soon enable bim to determine what portion of those lands will be necessary for the manufacture of salt-that the state should memoralize Congress and ask the privilege of selling such of the salt springs lands as will not be required for supplying fuel or other conveniences in the manufacture of salt.

4th. That of the seventy-two sections belonging to the salt springs, there have been forty-live sections located—iwenty-six of which have been confirmed by the general government, and there is yet of said sections to be located, and less than one year to do it in ; il is therefore very necessary that there should be vigilance used on the part of the state officers to make those locations in due time, otherwise the lands will be forfeited.

Your committee would further report, that as the reference of this subject to them plainly indicates that the Senate fully anticipate the manufacture of salt and its transportation to its destined market--they have been led to take into consideration the saline district of the state, and to some reflections upon the probable advances that will be wanted for the general accommodation of the inhabitants of the country, and upon a plan for obtaining the means of opening and improving those communications.

Your committee are of opinion, that from recent examinations, the saline or salt bearing rock, is found in the northern part of the

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