(No. 7.)


Detroit, January 1st, 1838.


To the Honorable the Senate and

House of Representatives

of the State of Michigan : GENTLEMEN :-Pursuant to that part of the resolution approved April 6th, 1838, requiring the Auditor General to make a report of the finances of the state at the annual session of the legislature, I have the honor to transmit herewith sundry documents in numerical order, which exhibit the fiscal concerns of the state for the fiscal year which closed on the 31st December last, up to which period the receipts and expenditures of the government are properly designated. No. 1. Exhibits the receipts to be,

$177,719 00 Expenditures during the same period, including a balance on the 1st of January, 1838, of $15,067 92,

189,272 26

$11,553 26

Excess drawn for,
No. 2. Exhibits the balance of state taxes duc from

the counties for the years 1836 and 1837,
From the county of Monroe, about

$35,388 12

4,500 00

$39,888 12

56,348 00 1,260 38

28 17

Also apportionment of state tax for the
year 1838, exclusive of Wayne, Barry

and Ottawa counties,
3. Exhibits a balance in the bank fund to be
4. Exhibits an account for postage on letters

and public documents, balance in the

hands of the Auditor,
5. Certified copy of report of the acting com-

missioner of the penitentiary.

do internal improvement.
6. Exhibits the receipts and expenditures of

said fund and the unexpended balance in

the fund,
7. Exhibits the amount drawn from the fund

from 6th April, on account of the appro-
priation for the central railroad,

640,509 68

122,613 12

Carried forward,

Carried forward,
E. Exhibits the amount of advances made Hi-

ram A'den, late acting commissioner for
construction of the central railroad, and

accounted for by vouchers duly audited, 65,000 00 9. Exbibits the amount of moneys paid A. H.

Adams, secretary of the board, on vouch-
ers duly audited, for construction of the
central railroad,

18,594 03 10. Exbibits the amount of advances made

Wm. A. Burt, acting commissioner on
northern railroad and Saginaw canal, and
accounted for by vouchers allowed, ex-
cepting $48 24 due on last advance of

20,000 00 11. Exhibits the amount of advances made

James B. Hunt, acting commissioner on
the Clinton and Kalamazoo canal, and ac-
counted for by vouchers duly audited,
excepting $4,286 due on last advance of

20,000 00
Advanced to contractors by order of the
board, for stone for suzdrv canals, and

security taken for the faithtul delivery, 10,000 00 12. Exbibits the amount of advances made

Levi S. Humphrey, acting commissioner
on the southeru and Havre Branch rail-
roads, and accounted for by vouchers du.
ly audited,

145,000 00 13. Exbibits the amount of advances made Rix

Robinson, acting commissioner on the
St. Mary canal, Grand and Kalamazoo
rivers, and vouchers filed duly allowed
for $17,568 56.

20,000 00 14. Exhibits the state of the sinking fund and

expenses for repairing of the road and
rui ning cars, balance in the fund,

88,562 71 15. Exhibits an amount of an advance made L.

B. Mizner while acting commissioner on
central railroad, and balance due not ac.
counted for, $528,

5,000 00 No provision having been made by law for the expenses of running the cars, and the repairs on the central railroad, they have been drawn froin the general fund, since the 17th August, as they could not be legally drawn from 'he revenues of the railroad, which have been placed to the credit of the sinking fund.


Some legislative action should therefore be made for the future expenses.

The additional duties and labor that have devolved on me since May last, in attempting to make a final statement with the clerks and sheriffs of the several counties under the late law granting licenses, the auditing all the accounts of the several acting commissioners of internal improvement on the railroads and canals, and a number of claims growing out of it, which ought to h:ve been adjusted prior to the taking effect of the last act for the regulation of internal improvenient, and for the appointment of a board of commissioners, together with the additional duties imposed on him by the revise. I statutes, and the very limited compensation made by law for clerk bire, has rendered it in a manner impracticable to devote any time to the latter part of the resolution.

Defalcations since my report in January, 1838 :
William Anderson, sherift, Washtenaw.
Abraham fr eland, sherifl, Macomb.
Harmon Chamberlin, sheril. St. Clair.
J. H. Cleveland, sheriff, Lenawee.
L. Buckingham, sheriff, Genessee.
R. Wheaton, sherifl, Eaton.
All of which is respectfully submitted.

ROBERT ABBOTT, Auditor General.

No. 1. Henry Howard in account current with the State of Michigan, for the quarter ending March 31st, 1838.


Jan. 2. To cash received of J. H. Titus,

auctioneer, Wayne co.
Lemuel Goodell, sheriff, Wayne


$9 13

40 30

49 43

10. S. Dunham, treasurer Branch

$200 00
U. B. Couch, sherifl, Hillsdale, 11 00

J. Pearson, for Bank of Brest, 75 00
10. Geo. Nichols, cashier of bank
of Cold Water,

75 00
H. Curnau, cashier of bank of

75 00
17. Caleb Bucknam, sheriff of Oak-

43 37

[blocks in formation]


Brought forward,
Jan. 17. Oakland bank,

37 50
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank
of Pontiac,

37 50
Bank of Shiawassee,

37 50 Genessee county bank,

37 50 Bank of Marshall,

75 00 Detroit city bank,

150 00 Farmers' bank, Oakland,

37 50
Farmers' bank, Genessee,

75 00
23. Loaned from Michigan state

40,000 00
Bank of Gibraltar,

37 50
Bank of Lapeer,

37 50
To cash received of Bank St.

93 05
24. Hillsdale county, for cash de-

posited in the bank of Te-
cumseh, as per certificate
of deposite,

65 00
A. Goodrich, cashier of Good-
rich bank,

75 00
E. W. Curtis, sheriff, Ionia co. 51 00
27. O. B. Hart, treasurer Lapeer

32 00
L. Vandewalker, sheriff Kala-

314 06
29. J. H. Cobb, auctioneer Wayne

67 86
30. S. T. Mason, for one quarter's
salary over paid,

500 00

42,210 84

Feb. 5. Wayne county bank,

Merchants' bank, Jackson co.

$75 00
49 00

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

9. A. G. Hammond, Kalamazoo

county, on account of state

250 00
15. Cash rec'd of Livingston county

on account of state tax, 200 00
19. D. B. Warner, auctioneer Le-
nawee county,

49 22
22. D. Page, Washtenaw county,
on account of taxes,

300 00
H. N. Munson, treasurer St.

Clair county, on ac'ı taxes, 476 00 24. H. H. Cooledge, auctioneer

10 00

Cass county,

1,285 22

Bank of Allegan,

$75 00
J P. Leroy, treasurer Oak-
land county,

2,010 00
28. Lemuel Goodell, sheriff Wayne

county, on account of taxes, 879 81

2,964 81

March 2. T. P. Sheldon, treasurer Kala-
mazoo county,

$65 00
R. C. Payne, treasurer Berrien
county, 1836,

50 00
do do do 1837, 1,122 00
D. Page, treasurer Washte.

naw county, in full for taxes

86 22
D. Page, treasurer Washte-

naw county, in part for 1837, 6 78

U. B. Couch, sheriff Hillsdale, 86 00 10. Bank of Constantine,

50 00 Charles Hewitt, treasurer Len

Carried forward,

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