The Founder's Manual: A Presentation of Modern Foundry Operations, for the Use of Foundrymen, Foremen, Students and Others

D. Van Nostrand Company, 1917 - 676 sider
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Side 315 - In other words, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, the good thing in this case being silicon.
Side 347 - No. 2 shall be modified in accordance therewith. SPECIAL CASTINGS. SECTION 5. All special castings shall be made in accordance with the cuts and the dimensions given in the table forming a part of these specifications. The diameters of the sockets and the external diameters of the...
Side 43 - OF TIME. 60 Seconds = 1 Minute 60 Minutes = 1 Hour 24 Hours = 1 Day 7 Days = 1 Week 28 Days = 1 Lunar Month...
Side 13 - From one of the equations obtain the value of one of the unknown quantities in terms of the other.
Side 25 - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
Side 352 - Fahrenheit immediately before it is dipped, and shall possess not less than this temperature at the time it is put in the vat. The ovens in which the pipes are heated shall be so arranged that all portions of the pipe shall be heated to an even temperature. Each casting shall remain in the bath at least five minutes. The varnish shall be heated to a temperature of 300...
Side 353 - All the pipes and other castings must be delivered in all respects sound and conformable to these specifications. The inspection shall not relieve the contractor of any of his obligations in this respect, and any defective pipe or other castings which may have passed the engineer at the works or elsewhere shall be at all times liable to rejection when discovered until the final completion and adjustment of the contract, provided, however, that the contractor shall not be held liable for pipes or...
Side 352 - When the coating has become hard, the straight pipes shall be subjected to a proof by hydrostatic pressure and, if required by the engineer, they shall also be subjected to a hammer test under this pressure.
Side 350 - For smaller sizes of pipes the letters may be 1 inch in length. The weight and the class letter shall be conspicuously painted in white on the inside of each pipe and special casting after the coating has become hard. Allowable Percentage of Variation in Weight...
Side 353 - The contractor shall provide all tools, testing machines, materials, and men necessary for the required testing, inspection, and weighing at the foundry of the pipes and special castings; and, should the purchaser have no inspector at the works, the contractor shall, if required by the engineer, furnish a sworn statement that all of the tests have been made as specified, this statement to contain the results of the tests upon the test bars. POWER OF ENGINEER TO INSPECT.

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