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Correspondence between the President and the Secretary of Agriculture_

Address by the President of the United States ---

The purpose of the conference, by the Secretary of Agriculture_-

Agricultural prices and the present situation, by Hon. Sydney Anderson..

Agricultural conditions in the Northeastern States, by E. B. Cornwall.-.

Agricultural situation in the cotton belt, by James W. Morton---

Agricultural conditions in the corn belt, by A. Sykes.-

Agricultural conditions in the spring-wheat area, by John H. Hagan.-

Agricultural conditions in the range country, by Fred H. Bixby---

Effect of the agricultural depression on the implement industry, by W. H.


Effect of the agricultural depression on the milling industry, by James F.


Effect of the agricultural depression on the meat-packing industry, by

Thomas Wilson.-

Effect of the agricultural depression on the fertilizer industry, by Charles

H. MacDowell.--

European situation in its relation to American agriculture, by Dr. G. F.


Financing agriculture during the emergency, by Eugene Meyer, jr----

Fin ing policy in its relation to the price vel, by Dr. Wesley C.


Fundamentals of cooperative marketing, by G. Harold Powell_

Place of the independent distributors, by William L. Wagner..

Marketing of cotton, by Gov. John M. Parker-

Cooperative cotton marketing, by Carl Williams.

Grain marketing, by Robert McDougal-----

Cooperative marketing, by J. M. Anderson.-

Need of a food supply for an increasing population, by Dr. E. D. Ball.

National forestry policy, by Gifford Pinchot_-

National policy for land utilization, by Dr. Richard T. Ely-

National policy for agricultural research, by Dr. Raymond A. Pearson..

Farm woman and the farm home, by Mrs. Charles W. Sewell.-

Concluding remarks by the Secretary of Agriculture-

Reports of committees and resolutions.--.

Report of committee No. 1, agriculture and price relations--

Report of committee No. 2, agricultural credit, insurance, and taxa-


Report of committee No. 3, transportation -

Report of committee No. 4, foreign competition and demand.

Report of committee No. 5, costs, prices, and adjustments.

Report of subcommittee 5A-In the cotton belt---

Report of subcommittee 5B-In the wheat regions.

Report of subcommittee 5C—In the corn belt----

Report of subcommittee 5D—In the dairy regions_-

Report of subcommittee 5E-In the range country

Report of subcommittee 5F-In the tobacco districts_

Report of subcommittee 5G-In sugar production---

Report of subcommittee 57-In fruit and vegetable production -

Report of subcommittee 51-In cost and price studies_-

Report of subcommittee 5J-In Negro farm problems..

Report of committee No. 6, crop and market statistics..

Report of committee No. 7, marketing of farm products ---


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