6: What have I gain'd by firr, he said,

But hunger, shame, and fear;
My father's house abounds with breadgu

While I am starving here.
4 I'll go and tell him all I've doney,

And fall before his face; Unworthy to be call'd his son,

I'll seek a fervant's place.”
5 His father saw him coming back,

He saw, and ran, and smil'd;
And threw his arms around the neck

Of his rebellious child.
6 - Father, l've finn'd-bue O forgive.!".

“ I've heard enough, he said; Rejoice my house, my son's alive,

For whom I mourn'd as dead. 7 Now let the fatted calf be lain,

And spread the news around;
My son was dead, but lives again,

Was loft, but now is found.”
9 Tis thus the Lord his love reveals,

To call poor finners home;
More than a father's love he feels,

And welcomes all that come.
GV. The Rich Man and LAZARUS.

Chap. xvi. 19.-25.

Worldling spent each day

In luxury and state ;
While a believer lay,

A beggar at his gate :
Think not the Lord's appointment strange;
Death made a great and lasting change.
2 Death brought the saint release

From want, disease, and fcorn;
And to the land of

His soul, by angels borne,


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In Abraham's bofom safely plac'd,
Enjoys an everlasting feast.
3 The rich man alfo dy'd,

And in a moment fell
From all his pomp and pride

Into the flames of hell:
The beggar's bliss from far beheld,
His foul with double anguish fill'd.

“ O Abra'm lend, he cries,
(But his request was vain)
The beggar from the skies

To mitigate my pain !
One drop of water I intreat,
To soothe my tongue's tormenting heat."
5 Let all who worldly pelf

And worldly fpirits have,
Observe, each for himself,

The answer Abra’m gave :
" Remember thou waft fillid with good,
While the poor beggar pin’d for food.
6 Neglected at thy door,

With tears he beggd his bread;
But now he weeps no more,

His griefs and pains are fled :
His joys eternally will flow,
While thine expire in endless woe."
z Lord, make us truly wise,

To choose thy people's lot,
And earthly joys despise,

Which foon will be forgot:
The greatest evil we can fear,
Is to poffefs our portion here !

CVI. Tha

CVI. The Importunate Wido: *.

Chap. xviii. 1.-7.
OUR Lord, who koows full well

The heart of ev'ry faint,
Invites us by a parable,

and never faint. 2 He bows his gracious ear,

We never plead in vain ;
Yet we must wait till he appear;

And pray, and pray again. 3

Tho' unbelief fuggeft,

Why should we longer wait ?
He bids us never give him rest,

But be importunate. 4

'Twas thus a widow poor,

Without support or friend,
Befer the unjust judge's door,

And gain'd, at lait, her end. 5

For her he little car'd,

As little for the laws;
Nor God, nor man, did he regard,

Yet he espousd her cause.
6 She urg'd him day and night,

Would no denial take;
At length he said, " l'il do her right,

1 For my own quier's sake." 7 And shall not Jesus hear

His chosen when they cry?
Yes, tho' he may a while forbear,

He'll help them from on high. 3 His nature, truth, and love,

Engage him on their fide;
When they are griev'd, his bowels move,
And can they be depy'd?

E 6
* Book II. Hymn 60.

9 Then


Then let us earneft be,

And never faint in pray'r ; He loves our importunity,

And makes our cause his care.

CVII. ZACCHEUS. Chap. xix. 1.-6.


Z Accheus climb’d the tree,

And thought himself unknown:
But how surpris'd was he

When Jesus call'd him down!
The Lord beheld him, tho' conceald,
And by a word his pow'r reveal'd.

Wonder and joy at once
Were painted in his face;
“ Does he my name pronounce,

And does he know my case ?
Will Jesus deign with me to dine?
Lord, I, with all I have, am thine."

Thus where the gospel's preach'd,
And finners come to hear,
The hearts of some are reach'd

Before they are aware :
The word directly speaks to them,
And seems to point them out by name.

'Tis curiofity
Oft brings them in the way,
Only the man to see,

And hear what he can fay;
But how the finner starts to find
The preacher knows his inmost mind.
5 - His long-forgotten faults

Are brought again in view,
And all his secret thoughts

Reveal'd in public too:
Tho' compafs'd with a croud about,
The searching word has found him out.

6 While

6 While thus diftreffing pain

And sorrow fills his heart,
He hears a voice again,

That bids his fears depart.
Then like Zaccheus he is blest,
And Jefus deigas to be his guest.

CVIII. The Believer's Danger, Safety, and Duty:

Chap xxii. 31. 32.

“SIMON, beware! (the Saviour faid),

Saran, your subtle foe,
Already has his measures laid

Your soul to overthrow.
2 He wants to lift you all as wheat,

And thinks his vict'ry sure ;
But I his malice will defeat,

My pray'r shall faith secure." 3 Believers, tremble and rejoice,

Your help and danger view;
This warning has to you a voice,

This promise speaks to you. 4 Satan beholds with jealous eye,

Your privilege and joy;
He's always watchful, always nigh,

To tear and to destroy.
5 But Jesus lives to intercede,

That faith may still prevail ;
He will support in time of need,

And Satan's art Thall fail.,
6 Yet let us not the warning flight,

But watchful still be found;
Tho' faith cannot be Alain in fight,

It may receive a wound.

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