6 Satan will not be braved

By tuch a worm as I;
Then let me learn with David,

To trust in the Most High;
To plead the name of Jesus,

And use the sling of pray'r; Thus arm’d, when Satan sees us,

He'll tremble and despair.


XXIX. DAVID's Fall. Chap. xi. 27.

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2 His

TOW David, when by fin deceiv'd,

From bad to worse went on !
For when the Holy Spirit's griev'd,
Our strength and guard are gone.

eye on Bathsheba once fix'd,
With poison fill'd his soul;
He ventur'd on adult'ry next,

And murder crownd the whole.
So from a spark of fire at first,

That has not been descry'd ;
A dreadful fame has often burst,

And ravag'd far and wide.
4 When fin deceives, it hardens too,

For tho' he vainly fought
To hide his crimes from public view,

Of God he little thought.
5 He neither would nor could repent,

No true compunction felt; 'Till God in mercy Nathan fent, His ftubborn heart to melt.

6 The parable held forth a fact,

Defign'd his case to fhew;
But though the picture was exact,

Himself he did not know.
7 " Thou art the man,” the prophet said,

That word his slumber broke ;
And when he own'd his fin, and pray'd,

The Lord forgiveness spoke.
8 Let those who think they stand beware,

For David ftood before;
Nor let the fallen foul despair,

For mercy can restore.

XXX. Is this thy kindness to thy friend ?

Chap. xvi. 17.

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POOR, weak, and worthless, tho I am,

I have a rich almighty friend ;
Jefus, the Saviour, is his name,

He freely loves, and without end.
2 He ransom'd me from hell with blood,

And by his pow'r my foes controllid;
He found me, wand'ring. far from God,

And brought me to his chosen fold.
3. He chears my heart, my want supplies,

And says that I lball shortly be
Enthron'd with him above the skies,

Oh! what a friend is Christ to me! 4 But ah! my inmost spirit mourns,

And well my eyes with tears may swim,
To think of my perverse returns ;

I've been a faithless friend to him. 5 Often my gracious Friend I grieve,

Neglect, distrust, and disobey,
And often Satan's lies believe,
Sooner than all my Friend can say.

6 He


6 He bids me always freely come,

And promises whate'er í alk:
But I am ftrait'ned, cold, and dumb,

And count my privilege a talk. 7 Before the world, that hates his cause, My treach'rous heart has throbb'd with

Loth to forego the world's applause,

I hardly dare avow his name..
8 Sura, were not I most vile and base,

I could not thus my Friend requite !
And were not he the God of grace,
He'd frown and spurn me from his fight.


XXXI. Afk what I foall give theta Chap. iii. 5.

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OME, my foul, thy suit prepare,

Jesus loves to answer pray'r ; He himself has bid thee pray,

Therefore will not fay thee nay, 2 Thou art coming to a King *,

Large petitions with thee bring;
For his grace and pow'r are such,

None can ever ask too nuch. 3 With my burden I begin,

Lord, remove this load of fin !
Let thy blood for finners fpilt,

Set my conscience free from guilt. 4 Lord! I come to thee for rest,

Take poffeffion of my breast;
There thy blood-bought right maintain,
And without a rival reign.

# Plalm lxxxi. 10.

5 As the image in the glafs

Answers the beholder's face;
Thus upto my heart appear,

Priot thine own resemblance there. 6 While I am a pilgrim here,

Let thy love my spirit cheer ;
As my Guide, my Guard, my friend,

Lead me to my journey's end. 7 Shew me what I have to do,

Ev'ry hour my strength renew;
Let me live a life of faith,
Let me die thy peoples death.

XXXI. Another.

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F Solomon for wisdom pray'd,

The Lord betore had made him wise; Else he another choice had made,

And ask'd for what the worldlings prize. 2 Thus he invites bis people ftill;

He first indtructs them how to choose,
Then bids them ask whate'er they will,

Affur'd shat He will not refuse.
3 Our wilhes would our ruin prove,

Could we our wretched choice obrain,
Berore we feel the Saviour's love

Kindle our love to him again.
4 But when our hearts perceive his worth,
Defires, till then unknown, take place ;
Our fpirits cleave no more to earth,

But pant for holiness and grace. 5 And dost thou say, Afk what thou wilt ?**

Lord, I would leize the golden hour;
I pray to be releas'd from guilt,
And free'd from fin and Satan's pow'r.

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6 More of thy presence, Lord, impart,

More of thine image let me bear ;
Erect thy throne within my heart,

And reign without a rival there.
7 Give me to read my pardon fealid,

And from the joy to draw my strength;
To have thy boundless love reveal'd

In all its height, and breadth, and length. 8 Grant these requests, I ask no more,

But to thy care the rest refign;
Sick, or in health, or rich, or poor,
All shall be well if thou art mine.

XXXIII. Another.

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EHOLD the throne of grace!

The promise calls me near ;
There Jesus shews' a smiling face,

And waits to answer pray’r. 2 That rich atoning blood,

Which sprinkled round I fee, Provides for those who come to God,

An all-prevailing plea. 3 My soul, ask what t nou wilt,

Thou canst not be too bold; Since his own blood for thee he spilt,

What else can he with-hold ? 4 Beyond thy utmost wants

His love and pow'r can bless; To praying fouls he always grants

More than they can express.
5 Since 'tis the Lord's command,

My mouth I open wide ;
Lord, open thou thy bounteous hand,

That I may be iupply'd.

6 Thinc

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