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6 Thine image, Lord, bestow,

-Thy presence and thy love;
I ask to serve thee here below,

And reigo with thee above.
7 Teach me to live by faith,

Conform my will to thine ;
Let me victorious be in death,

And then in glory shine.
8 If thou these blessings give,

And wilt my portion be,
Cheerful the world's poor toys I leave

To them who know not thee,

XXXIV. Queen of SHEBA.

Chap. X. 1,-9.

FROM Sheba a distant report

Of Solomon's glory and fame,
Invited the queen to his court,
But all was outdone when. The came;
She cry'd, with a pleasing surprise,
When first she before him appear'd,
" How much, what I see with my eyes,
Surpasses the rumour I heard !”
2 When once to Jerusalem come,

The treasure and train the had broughtz,
The wealth fhe pofleffed at home,
No longer had place in her thought :
His house, his attendants, his throne,
All struck her with wonder and awe ;>
The glory of Solomon shone

every object 'The law.
3 But Solomon most the admir'a,

Whose spirit conducted the whole ;
His wisdom, which God had inspir'd,
His bounty, and greatnefs of soul jo



Of all the hard questions she put,
A ready folution he fhew'd;
Exceeded her wish and her suit,

And more than she ask'd him beftow'd.
4 Thus I when the gofpel proclaim'd

The Saviour's great name in my ears,
The wisdom for which he is fam'd,
The love, which to finners he bears;
I long'd, and I was not deng'd;
That I in his presence might bow;
I saw, and transported I cry's,

“ A greater than Solomon Thou!"
5 My conscience no comfort could find,

By doubt and hard questions oppos’d:
But He restor'd peace to my mind,
And answer'd each doubt I propos'd :
Beholding me poor and diftreisid,
His bounty fupply'd all my wants ;
My pray's could have never expressid

So much as this Solomon grants.
6 I heard, and was flow to believe,

But now with my yes I behold
Much more than my heart could conceive,
Or language could ever have told:
How happy thy servants must be,
Who always before thee appear !
Vouchsafe, Lord, this bleffing to me,
I find it is good to be here.

XXXV. EL 174 H fed by Ravens *.

Chap. xvii: ().

Whatever distress may betide,i
The lainis may commit all their cares
To him wbo will surely provide:
Book II. Hymá 47.


When rain long with-held from the earth
Occafond a famine of bread, :
The prophet, fecur'd from the dearth,

By ravens was constantly fed.
2 More likely to rob than to feed,

Were ravens who live upon prey;
But when the Lord's people have need,
His goodness will find out a way:
This instance to those may seem Atrange,
Who know not how taith can prevail;
But sooner all nature fhall change,

Than one of God's promises fail. 3 Nor is it a fingular cale;

The wonder is often renew'd;
And many can say to his praise,
He lends them by ravens their food.
Thus worldlings, tho'ravens indeed,
Tho' greedy and selfth their mind,
If God has a servant to feed,

Against their own wills can be kind. . 4. Thus Satan, that raven unclean,

Who croaks in the ears of the saints,
Compellid by a power unteen,
Administers oft to their wants :
God teaches them bow to find food
From all the temptations they feel;
This raven, who thirts for my blood,

Has help'd me to many a meal.
5 How fate and how happy are they

Who on the good Shepherd rely!
He gives them out ftrength for their dayat
Their wants he will surely supply:
He ravens and hons can tame,
All creatures obey his command;
Then let me rejoice in his name,
And leave all my cares in his hand.


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XXXVI. The Meal and Cruise of Oil.

Chap xvii- 56.
Y the poor widow's oil and meal

Elijah was fustain'd;
Tho'small the stock, it lasted well,

For God the store maintain'd. 2 It feem'd as if from day to day,

They were to eat and die ;
But still, tho' in a secret way,

He sent a fresh supply.
3. Thus to his poor he still will give

Just for the present hour;
But for to-morrow they must live

Upon his word and pow'r.
4 No barn or store-house they pofsefs

On which they can depend;
Yet have no cause to fear distress,

For. Jesus is their friend.
5 Then let no doubts your mind affail,

Remember God' has said,
• The cruise and barrel shall not fail,

My people shall be fed."
6 And thus tho' faint it often seems,

He keeps their grace alive;
Supply'd by his refreshing streams,

Their dying hopes revive.
7 Tho' in ourselves we have no stock,

The Lord is nigh to save ;
His door flies open when we knock,

And 'iis but ask and have..

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II. K I N G S.
XXXVII. JERICHO; Or, The Waters bealed.

Chap. ii. 19,--22.
HO' Jericho pleasantly stood,

And look'd like a promising foil;
The harvest produc'd little food,
To answer the husbandman's toil.
The water fome property had,
Which poisonous prov'd to the ground;
The springs were corrupted and bad,

The streams spread a barrennėss round. 2 But foon by the cruise and the salt,

Prepar'd by Elitha's command,
The water was cur'd of its fault,
And plenty enriched the land :
An emblem sure this of the grace
On fruitless dead finners bestow'd;
For man is in Jericho's case,

Till cur'd by the mercy of God. 3 How noble a creature he feems!

What knowledge, invention, and skill!
How large and extensive his schemes !
How much can be do if he will !
His zeal to be learned and wife
Will yield to no limits or bars ;
He measures the earth and the skies,

And numbers and marshals the stars. 4 Yet still he is barren of good ;

In vain are his talents and art;
For fin has infected his blood,
And poison’d the streams of his heart:
Tho' cockatrice eggs he can batch *,
Or, fpider-like, cobwebs can weave ;
'Tis madness to labour and watch
For what will destroy or deceive.

* Isaiah, lix, s.

5 But

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