LAMENTATIONS. LXIX. The LORD is my Portion. Chap. iii. 24. I FROM ROM pole to pole let others roam,

And search in vain for bliss.; My soul is fatisfy'd at home,

The Lord my portion is. 2 Jesus, who on his glorious throne

Rules heav'n, and earth, and fea, Is pleas'd to claim me for his own,

And give himself to me. 3 His person fixes all my love,

His blood removes my fear;
And while he pleads for me above,

His arm preserves me here.
4 His word of promise is my food,

His Spirit is my guide;
Thus daily is my strength renew'd,

And all my wants supply'd *
$ For him I count as gain each loss,

Disgrace, for him, renown;
Well may I glory in his cross,

While he prepares my crown!
6 Let worldlings then indulge their boaft,

How much they gain or spend;
Their joys muft foon give up the ghost,
But mine skall know no end.

* Book III. Hymn 59.

LXX. Humbled and filenced by Mercy.

Chap. xvi. 63.
I ONCE perishing in blood I lay,

Creatures no help could give;
But Jesus pass'd me in the way,
He faw, and bid ine live.

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2 Tho' Satan ftill his rule maintain'd,

And all his arts employ'd;
That mighty word his rage restrain'd,

I could not be destroy'd,
3 At length the time of love arriv'd

Wheo I my Lord should know; Then Satan, of his pow'r depriv'd,

Was forc'd to let me go. 4 O can I e'er that day forget,

When Jesus kindly spoke ! « Poor soul, my blood has paid thy debt,

And now I break thy yoke. 5 Henceforth I take thee for my own,

And give myself to thee; Forfake the idols thou haft known,

And yield thyself to me."
6 Ah,. wortbless heart! it promis'd fair,

And said it would be thine ;
I little thought it e'er would dare

Again with idols join.
7 Lord, dost thou fuch backslidings heal,

And pardon all that's past? Sure, if I am not made of steel,

Thou hast prevaild at last. 8 My tongue, which rafhly spoke before,

This mercy will restrain; Surely I now shall boast no more,

Nor censure, nor complain.

LXXI. C. The Covenant. Chap. xxxvi. 25.-28.

HE Lord proclaims his grace abroad!

Behold I change your hearts of stone ;
Each shall renounce his idol-god,
And ferve, henceforth, the Lord alone.

2 My grace, a flowing stream, proceeds

To wath your filthiness away;
Ye shall abhor your former deeds,

And learn my statutes to obey,
3 My truth the great design insures,

I give myfelf away to you;
You shall be mine, I will be yours,

Your God unalterably true.
4 Yet not unTought, or unimplor’d,

The plenteous grace shall I confer *;
No-your whole hearts fhall seek the Lord,

I'll put a praying spirit there.
5 From the first breath of life divine,

Down to the last expiring hour, ::
The gracious work shall all be mine,
Begun and ended in my pow'r.

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Chap. xlviii. 35.

S birds their infant-brood protect to

And spread their wings to thelter them ; ; Thus faith the Lord to his elect,

“ So will I guard Jerusalem.” 2 And what then is Jerufalem,

This darling object of his care?
Where is its worth in God's esteem?

Who built it? who inhabits there? -3 Jehovah founded it in blood,

The blood of his incarnate Son;
There dwell the saints, once foes to God,

The finners whom he calls his own. 4 There, tho' befieg'd on every fide,

Yet much belov'd and guarded weh,
From age to age they have defy'd
The utmost force of earth and hell.

+ Ifaiah, xxxi. 5.

Ver. 37

5 Let earth repent, and hell despair,

This city has a fure defence;
Her name is calid, The Lord is there,
And who has pow'r to drive him thence ?

LXXIII. The Power and Triumph of Faith,

Chap. iii. 6.
Supported by the word,

Though in himself a worm,
The servant of the Lord

Can wond'rous acts perform:
Without dismay he boldly treads
Where-e'er the path of duty leads.
2 The haughty king in vain,

With fury on his brow,
Believers would constrain

To golden gods to bow:
The furnace could not make them fear,
Because they knew the Lord was near.
3 As vain was the decree

Which charg'd them not to prayi
Daniel still bow'd his knee,

And worship'd thrice a-day.
Trusting in God, he fear'd not men,
Tho' threat'ned with the lions den.
4 Secure they might refuse

Compliance with such laws ;
For what had they lo lole,

When God elpous'd their cause?
He made the hungry lions crouch;
Nor durft the fire his children touch.
5. The Lord is till the same,

A mighty thield and tow'r,
And they who trust his name
Are guarded by his pow'r;


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He can the


of lions tame,
And bear them harmless thro' the flame.
6 Yet we too often shrink

When trials are in view;
Expecting we must fink,

And never can get thro':
But could we once believe indeed,
From all these fears we lhould be freed.

LXXIV. BELSHAZZAR. Chap. v. 5 6.

I POOR finners! little do they think

With whom they have to do!
But stand securely on the brink

Of everlasting woe.
2 Belshazzar thus, profanely bold,

The Lord of hoits defy'd ;
But vengeance foon his boasts contrould,

And humbled all his pride. 3 He saw a hand upon the wall

(And trembled on his throne) Which wrote his sudden dreadful fall

In characters unknown.
4 Why should he tremble at the view

Of what he could not read?
Foreboding conscience quickly knew

His ruin was decreed.
5 See him o'erwhelm'd with deep distress!

His eyes with anguilh roll;
His looks, and loofen'd joints, express

The terrors of his foul.
6 His pomp and music, guests and wine,

No more delight afford ;
O finner, ere this case be shine,
Begin to seek the Lord.

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