7 The Law, like this hand writing, stands,

And speaks the wrath of God *;
But Jesus answers its demands,
And cancels it with blood.
* Colossians, ii. 14.

LXXV. The Gourd. Chap. iv. 7.
A Sonce for Jonah, so the Lord,

To footh and cheer my mournful hours, Prepar'd for me a pleasing gourd,

Cool was its shade, and sweet its flow'rs. 2 To prize his gift was surely right,

But thro' the folly of my heart,
It hid the Giver from my sight,

And soon my joy was chang'd co smart. 3 While I admir'd its beauteous form,

Its pleasant lhade and grateful fruit;
The Lord difpleas'd, fent forth a worm,

Unseen, to prey upon the root. 4 I trembled when I saw it fade,

But guilt restrain'd the murm'ring word;
My folly I confess'd, and pray'd,

Forgive my sin, and spare my gourd. 5 His wond'rous love can ne'er be told,

He heard me and reliev'd my pain ;
His word the threat’ning worm contrould,

And bid my gourd revive again.
6 Now, Lord, my gourd is mine no more,

'Tis thine, who only could'ıt it raile;
The idol of my heart before,
Henceforth Ihall Aourilh to thy praise.

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LXXVI. Prayer for the LORD's promised

presence. Chap. ii. 10.

ON of God! thy people shield !

Müft we still thine absence mourn ?
Let thy promise be fulfillid,

Thou hast said, “ I will return!" 2 Gracious Leader, now appear,

Shine upon us with thy light!
Like the spring, when thou art near,

Dags and funs are doubly bright. 3 As a mother counts the days

Till her absent fon the fee,
Longs and watches, weeps and prays,

So our fpirits long for thee.
4 Come, and let us feel thee nigh,

Then thy sheep Thall feed in peace;
Plenty bless us from on high,

Evil from amongst us cease.
5 With thy love, and voice, and aid,

Thou can't ev'ry care assuage;
Then we shall not be afraid,

Tho the world and Satan rage.
6 Thus each day for thee we'll spend,

While our callings we purlue;
And the thoughts of luch a friend

Shall each night our joy renew. 7 Let thy light be ne'er withdrawn;

Golden days afford us long!
Thus we pray at early dawn,
This Thall be our ev'ning fong.


LXXVII. A Brand plucked out of the Fire.

Chap. iii. 1.-5;

I WITH Satan, my accuser, near,

My fpirit trembled when I saw The Lord in majesty appear,

And heard the language of his law. 2 In vain I wish'd and strove to hide

The tatter'd filthy rags I wore;
While my'fierce foe, inlulting cry'd,

“ See what you trusted in before !"
3 Struck dumb, and left without a pleas

I heard my gracious Saviour say,
“ Know, Satan, I this finner free,

I dy'd to take his fins away.
4 This is a brand which I, in love,

To save from wrath and fin designs
In vain thy acculations prove;
I answer all, and claim him inine.

? 5 At his rebuke the tempter fled;

Then he remov'd my filthy dress;
“ Poor finner, take this robe, he said,

It is thy Saviour's righteousness.
6 And see, a crown of life prepard!

That I might thus thy head adorn,
I thought no lhame or suffering hard,

But wore for theç a crown of thorn.' 7 O how I heard these gracious words !

They broke and heal'd my heart at onces
Constrain’d me to become the Lord's,

And all my idol gods renounce.
8 Now, Satan, thou hast lot thy aim,

Against this brand thy threats are vain ;
Jelus bas pluck'd it from the flame,
And who Thall put it in again?

[blocks in formation]


LXXVIII. On one Stone shall be seven Eyes.

Chap. iii. 9.
] JESUS CHRIST, the Lord's anointed,

Who his blood for finners (pilt,
Is the Stone by God appointed,

And the church is-on him built : He delivers all who trust him from their guilt. 2 Many eyes at once are fixed

On a perfon so divine ; Love, with awful justice mixed, In his great redemption shine : Mighty Jelus! give me leave to call thee mine. 3 By the Father's eye approved,

Lo, a voice is heard from heaven *, “ Sinners, this is my beloved,

For your ransom freely giv'o : All offences, for his fake, shall be forgiven." 4 Angels with their eyes pursu'd him to

When he left his glorious thrope ;
With astonishment they view'd him

Put the form of servant on:
Angels worshipp'd him who was on earth un-

5 Satan and his host amazed,

Saw this Stone in Zion laid;
Jesus, tho' to death abafed,

Bruis'd the fubtle ferpent's head I, When, to faye us, on the cross his blood he shed. 6 When a guilty sinner sees him,

While he looks his soul is heal'd;
Soon this fight from anguish frees him,

And imparis a pardon seald || :
May this Saviour be to all our hearts reveald.

* Matth. iij. 1%.

John xii. 31.

f 1 Tim. ji. 16.
# John iii. 15.

.7 With

7 With defire and admiration,

All his blood-bought flock behold;
Him who wrought out their salvation,

And inclos'd them in his fold *: Yet their warmest love and praises are too cold. ; 8 By the eye of carnal reason

Many view him with difdain t;
How will they abide the reason

When he'll come with all his train ? Toescape him then they'll with, but with in vain, 9 How their hearts will melt and tremble

When they hear his awful voice I;
But his faints he'll then afsemble,

As his portion and his choice,
And receive them to his everlasting joys.

LXXIX. C. Praise for the Fountain opener

Chap. xiii. 1. I a

HERE is a fountain fill'd with blood

Drawn from Emmanuel's veins ;
And finners plung'd beneath that flood,

Lose all their guilty stains.
2 The dying thief rejoic'd to see

That fountain in his day;
And there have I, as vile as he,

Wash'd all my fins away.
3 Dear dying Lamb, thy precious blood

Shall never lose its pow'r,
Till all the ransom'd church of God.

Be fav'd to fin no more.
4 E'er finco, by faith, I saw the stream

Thy flowing wounds supply,
Redeeming love has been my theme,
And shall be till I die.
1 Pet. ii. 7.

+ Psalm cxviii. 22.
Rev. i. 7.




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