the first I have classed those which are formed upon Jelezt paljages of fcripture, and placed them in the order of the Books of the Old and Nero Teftament. The second contains Occasional Hymn's suited to particular seasons, or suggested by particular events or subjects. The third Book is miscellaneous, con prising a variety of subjects relative to a life of faith in the Son of God, which have no express reference either to a single text of scripture, or to any determinate seafon or incident. These are farther fubdivided into diftin&t heads. This arrangement is not o accurate but that several of the hymns might have been differently disposed, Some attention to méthod may be found convenient, though a logical exactness was hardly practicable. As some subjects in the several bocks are nearly (o incident, I have; under the divisions in the third Book, pointed out thofe which are similar in the two former. And I have likewise here and there, in the first and second, made a reference to hymns of a like import in the third.

This publication, which, with my humble prayer to the Lord for his blefing upon it, I offer to the service and acceptance of all who sve the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, of every name and in every place, into whose hands it may come ; I more particularly dedicate to my dear friends in the parish and neighbourhood of Olney, for whose use the Hymns were originally composed; as a testimony of the sincere love I bear them, and as a token of my gratitude to the Lord, and to them, for the comfort and fatisfaction with which the discharge of my miniftry among them has been attended.

The hour is approaching, and, at my time of life, cannot be very diftant, when my heart, my pen, and my tongue, will no longer be able to move in their service. But I truft, while my


heart continues to beat, it will feel a warm defire for the prosperity of their souls; and while my hand can write, and my tongue sjeak, it will be the bufiness and the pleasure of my life, to aim at promoting their growth and establishment in the grace of our God and Saviour. To this precious grace I commend them, and earnestly entreat them, and all who love his name, to strive mighti. ly with their prayers to God for me, that I may be preserved faithful to the end, and enabled at left to finish my course with joy.

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To find any Hymn by the First Line. A


123 A Belacions do not come alone,

135 Aflictions, tho they feem fevere,

104 A garden contemplation fuits,

23 A glance from heav'n, with sweet effect, 221 A Thelter from the rain or wind,

231 Ab! what can I do,

245 Alas! Elisha's servant cry'd, Alas! by nature how depravid,

170 A lion, tho' by nature wild,

129 Almighty King! whose wondrous hand,

312 Altho' on mafly pillars built,

206 Amazing grace ! (how sweet the found)

43 Approach, my foul, the mercy-feat, Aš birds their infant brood protect

72 As needles point towards the pole,

226 As once for Jonab, so the Lord

75 As parched in the barren fands

67 As some tall rock amidst the waves, As the serpent rais'd by Mofcs

62 As the sun's eplivåning eye

209 As when the weary trav'ller gains,

293 A word from Jesus calms the fea, A worldling spent each day

105 B Efore Elisha's gate


274 Behold the throne of grace !

34 Beneath the tyrant Satan's yoke. Beside the gospel-pool Beitow, dear Lord, upon our youth

152 Be ftill, my hearı! these anxious cares 278 Bitter, indeed, the waters are,

14 Bleak winter is fubdu'd at length,

173 Blinded in youth by Satan's arts

235 Breathe from the gentle fouth, O Lord, 250 By various maxims, forms, and rules

134 By faith in Chrift I walk with God,




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py the poor widow's oil and meal, Page 38 Hy whom was David taught,

Heer up, my soul, there is a mercy-seat

Chief Shepherd of thy chosen theep,
Come, my foul, thy fuit prepare,
Confirm the hope thy-word allows,
Conftrajn'd by their Lord to embark,
Could the creatures help or ease us,
Courage, my foull behold the prize

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Arkness overspreads us here,

Day of judgment, day of wonders !
Dear Lord! accept a finful heart,
Deltruction's dangerous road ,
Diges is not grief and wonder moves
Does the gospel-word proclaim

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Lijah's example declares

, and atte,
sacourag'd by thy word
Eninar'd too long my beart has been
Ere God had built the mountains,

AR from the world, O Lord, I flees

Father, forgive, (the Saviour faid)s
Father of angels and of men,
Kervent perfevering prayers
Fierce paflions discompose the mind,
Fix my heart and eye's on thine !
Forest beats, that live by prey,
For mercies countless as the fands,
From Egypt, lately freed 2.2.1
From pole to pole let others roam,
From Sheba a distant report

Ladness was føread thro' Ifrael's bort

Glorious things of thee are spoken
Glory to God, the Father's name
God gives his merckes to be spent ;
God, with one piercing glance, looks tbro
Got moves in a myfterious way



300 270

SI 279 70 35

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God of my life, to thee I call,
Grace, triumphant in the throne,
Gracious Lord, our children fee,

Page 258

307 155


Appy are they, to whom the Lord,

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183 118 149 295 15 66 140

60 113 211 298 286 57 26 281 30

Hark! howtime's wide-sounding bell
Happy the birth where grace presides,
Heal us, Emmanuel, here we are,
Hear what God che Lord hath spoken,
Hear what the Lord, the great Amen,
He who on earth as man was kpown,
Here at Bethesda's pool, the poor,
His master taken from his head,
Holy Lord God! I love thy truth,
Honour and happiness unite.
Honey tho' the bee prepares,
How bleft the righteous are
How blest thy creature is, o God,
How David, when by sin deceiv’d, s,
How hurtful was the choice of Lot,
How kind the good Samaritap
How loft was my condition
How soon the Saviour's gracious call,
How sweet the name of Jelus sounds
How tedious and tasteless the hours,
How welcome to the faints, when press'd
Hungry, and faint, and poor,

Am (faith Christ) your glorious head,

I ask'd the Lord that I might grow 1>
If for a time the air be calm,
}f Paul in Cæsar's court mult land,
If Solomon for wisdom pray'd,
If the Lord our leader be,
If'to Jesus for relief
Incarnate God! the soul that knows,
In ev'ry object here I leeve
In evil long I took delight,
In mercy, not in wrath, rebuke
In themselves, as weak as worms,
In vain my fancy strives to paint

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