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Ifrael in ancient days, ie 1.

Page 132 I thirst, but not as once I did,

296 I was a grov'lling creature once,

287 I will praise thee ev'ry day

59 I would, but cannot fing,

126 Jesus Chrilt the Lord's anointed,

Jefus, to what did it thou submit
Jesus, who bought us with his 'blood, 164
Jesus, whose blood so freely Atream'd

23 Jesus where-e'er thy people meet,

185 Jesus is mine! I'm now prepar'd

321 John, in a vision, law the day

216 Joy is a fruit that will not grow,

Indle, Saviour, in my heart
Kindred in Christ, for his car fake,

Egion was my name by nature,


183 Let me dwell on Golgotha,

195 Let us adore the grace that seeks

163 Let us love, and fing, and wonder,

Let worldly minds the world furfue,
Lord, my soul with pleasure springs,
Lord, thou hast won, at length 1 yield, 12
Lord, who haft fuffer'd alt for me,

266 Lord, what is mar! extremes how wkle,

Anna to Ifrael well fupply'd

Martha her love and joy express'd 1oo
Macy to her Saviour's tomb
May the grace of Christ our Savicur,

Mercy, Othou Son of David!
My barns are-full, my stores increase,

102 My former hopes are dead, My God! how perfect are thy ways!

68 My God! till I receiv'd thy ryke :

69 My harp untun'd, and laid afide

My fong shall bless the Lord of all,
My soul once had its plenteous years,
My soul, this curious house of clay,
My soul is beset
My soul is fad, and much ditmay'd ;


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No strength of nature can suffice 3u1 2971 No words can declare, 113.

halbwego w 230 Not to Sinai's dreadful blaze, i

16*32 11
Now, gracious Lord, thine arn reveal, o di
Now let us join with hearts and congues, * * 1.280
Now may fervent pray'r arifs son' $£9.53
Ņow may the Lord reveal his face,
Now, Lord, intpire the preacher's heart, 1820
Ņow may He who from the dead

all the gifts thine hand bestows, 311
Often thy public means of grace,

23 Ott as the bell, wieh folemn toll,

212 Oft as the leper's case I ready ve Oft in vain the voice of truth,

350 O God, whole favourable eye. to yi: 303 O David's Son, and David's Lord I 162 0. Lord, our languid fuis inspires BDO 184 Lord, how vile am I,

od sa usa 20:247 0

Lord, my best desire fulfilsvagi 101967
thou, at whose alınighty 'word with Ji 168
O happy they who know the Lord, bis 187
O speak that gracious word again; te, ! 289
Oh! for a closer walk with God,
Oh, may the power which melts the rock, 2.1,203
O how I love thy holy word,

i Breitli 256 Once a woman'lilent food: 1,2673 ASTA 198 Once on a time a paper kite

mateixa ft 329 Once perishing in blood I lay,,,! 19

Once, while we aim'd at Zion's fongs + Qalin 189
On man, in his own image made
On the same flow'r we often fee isi:

179217 Ouve awful word which Jefus fpoke,

! 10 197 One glance of thine, eternal Lord, siis sui 279 One there is, above all others,* & in 3054 Oppress’u with unbelief and fin, tot 12:91129 Our Lord, who knows full well as 19309

Part 95 Ensive, doubting, fearful heart,''i molto 1764.


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Supported by the word,

Page 73 Sweet was the time when first I felt

44 Sweeter founds than music knows

179 T. EN thousand talents once I ow'd, 301

That was a wonder-working word * 217 That man no guard or weapons needs, 50 The church a garden is

103 The God who once to Ifrael spoke

159 The grass, and flow'rs, which clothe the field, 177 The Lord, our salvation and light, The Spirit_breathes upon the word, The gath'ring clouds, with aspect dark, 202 The book of nature open lies,

218 The moon in filver glory shone,

58221 The moon has but a borrow'd light,

4: 222 The ice and snow we lately saw,

225 The subtle spider often weaves

228 The Saviour calls his people sheep,

230 The water food like walls of brass,

232 The billows (well, the winds are high, « 1257 The Saviour hides his face !

1262 The new-born child of gospel.grace, 1302 The Lord receives his highest praise,

304 The wishes that the fluggard frames,

309 The faints Emmanuel's portion are, in

323 The peace which God alone reveals,

324 The FATHER we adore

32S The castle of the human heart

101 The evils that befet our path

55 The kine unguided went:

37 The Lord will happiness divine to

66 The Lord proelaims his grace abroad! The lion that on Samson roar'd, The mapna, favour'd Ifrael's meat, The meflage first to Smyrna fent, A

1:137 The prophets fons, in times of old,

9° 4.1 The Saviour! what a noble flame.

193 The faints thould never be dismay'd, The Shunamite, opprefs'd with grief,

***156 The figos which God lo Gibeon gave, 23 The word of Chritt, our Lord,


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There is a fountain fill'd with blood
This is the feaft of heav'nly wine,
Tho' Jericho pleasantly food,
Tho' in the outward church below
Tho'cloudy skies, and northern blasts,
Tho' troubles affail
Tho' the morn may be ferene,
Tho'small the drops of falling rain,
Tho’ före beser with guilt and fear,
Thus faith the Lord to Ephesus,
Thus faith the holy One and true,
Tly mansion is the Christian's heart,
Thy mellage, by the preacher, feal,
Thy promife, Lord, and thy command
Tiine, with an unweary'd hand,
Time, by moments, steals away,
?Tis a point I long to know,
Tis my happiness below to

Tis past, the dreadful stormy night,
To keep the lamp alive
To tell the Saviour all my wants,
To thee our

ir wants are known,
To those who know the Lord I fpeak,
Too many, Lord, abuse thy grace,

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Nbelief the soul dismays,

Uncertain how the way to find Unter the Lord had been my stay


277 272 260

WEwiede by day wich toils and cares,

207 323

What a mournful life is mine,
What contradictions meet sin
What thousands never knew the road !
What think you of Chrift? is the rest
What various hind'rances we mtet
When Adam fell he quickly loft
Wlien first to make my heart his own,
When first my soul eol ted
When Hannah, prels'd with grief,
When Jefus claims the finner's heart,
When Jofeph his-brethren beheld,

16 305

89 199



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