Mr. Sprouts: His Opinions

John Camden Hotten, 1867 - 200 sider

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Side 58 - The cloud-capt towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself; * Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And, like the baseless fabric of a vision, Leave not a wreck behind.
Side 16 - Roll of Battle Abbey; or, A List of the Principal Warriors who came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror, and Settled in this Country, AD 1066-7.
Side 15 - Magna Charta. An exact Facsimile of the Original Document in the British Museum, printed on fine plate paper, nearly 3 feet long by 2 feet wide, with the Arms and Seals emblazoned in Gold and Colours. Price 5s. The Roll of Battle Abbey...
Side 16 - Warrant to Execute Charles I. An exact Facsimile of this important Document, with the Fifty-nine Signatures of the Regicides, and corresponding Seals. Beautifully printed on paper to imitate the Original MS., price 2s.
Side 2 - Nearly 100 most curious illustrations on wood are given, showing the various old signs which were formerly hung from taverns and other houses. The frontispiece represents the famous sign of "The M"an loaded with Mischief," in the colours of the original painting said to have been executed by Hogarth.
Side 15 - Mystery of the Good Old Cause : Sarcastic Notices of those Members of the Long Parliament that held Places, both Civil and Military, contrary to the Self-denying Ordinance of April 3. 1645 ; with the Sums of Money and Lands they divided among themselves...
Side 12 - A pipe is a great comforter, a pleasant soother. The man who smokes, thinks like a sage, and acts like a Samaritan.
Side 16 - ROLL OF CAERLAVEROCK, the Oldest Heraldic Roll; including the Original Anglo-Norman Poem, and an English Translation of the MS. in the British Museum. By THOMAS WRIGHT, MA The Arms emblazoned in Gold and Colours. In 410, very handsomely printed, extra gold cloth, 12$.
Side 16 - A rchbishop in full canonicals, of a Chancellor^ and of many of the chief Burgesses of the City of Waterford, as well as singularly curious Portraits of the Mayors of Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, andCork, figured for the most part in the quaint bipartite costume of the Second Richard's reign, though partaking of many of the peculiarities of that of Edward III.
Side 10 - Hall. Edited by CHOLMONDELEY PENNELL, Author of " Puck on Pegasus," &c., adorned with beautiful pictures of " My Lord Lion," " King Uggermugger,

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