The Northwestern Reporter, Volum 30

West Publishing Company, 1887

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Side 135 - States, or given aid and comfort to its enemies, and that such application is made for his or her exclusive use and benefit, and that said entry is made for the purpose of actual settlement and cultivation, and not, either directly or indirectly, for the use or benefit of any other person...
Side 268 - All laws relating to courts shall be general and of uniform operation, and the organization, jurisdiction, powers, proceedings and practice of all courts of the same class or grade, so far as regulated by law and the force and effect of the proceedings, judgments and decrees of such courts severally shall be uniform.
Side 309 - Rights of property, like all other social and conventional rights, are subject to such reasonable limitations in their enjoyment, as shall prevent them from being injurious, and to such reasonable restraints and regulations established by law, as the legislature, under the governing and controlling power vested in them by the constitution, may think necessary and expedient.
Side 599 - ... and at any stage of such new proceedings, the court may authorize the...
Side 151 - A servant is one who is employed to render personal service to his employer, otherwise than in the pursuit of an independent calling, and who in such service remains entirely under the control and direction of the latter, who is called his master.
Side 132 - The* preceding section must not be construed to affect the power of a testator in the disposition of his real property by a last will and testament, nor to prevent any trust from arising or being extinguished by implication or operation of law, nor to abridge the power of any court to compel the specific performance of an agreement, in case of part performance thereof.
Side 501 - If any person, with intent to produce the miscarriage of any pregnant woman, willfully administer to her any drug, or substance whatever, or with such intent use any instrument, or other means whatever, unless such miscarriage shall be necessary to save her life, he shall be imprisoned in the State prison for a term not exceeding five years, and be fined in a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars.
Side 527 - any married woman may carry on any trade or business, and perform any labor or services, on her sole and separate account, and the earnings of any married woman from her trade, business, labor, or services shall be her sole and separate property, and may be used and invested by her in her own name.
Side 61 - ... of commodities in interstate commerce, all freedom of commerce will be at an end, and the power of the States over local matters may be eliminated, and thus our system of government be practically destroyed. For these reasons we hold that this law exceeds the constitutional authority of Congress. It follows that the decree of the District Court must be affirmed.
Side 441 - Such a transaction simply creates the relation of debtor and creditor between the bank and the depositor, and so long as that relation continues and the deposit is not...

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