Nature, Volum 19

Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1879

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Side 142 - Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God...
Side 76 - ... and the story ends with the pious exclamation, " from which devill and all other devills defend us, good Lord ! Amen." We have spoken of the collections of tales, which, at the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth centuries...
Side 213 - Sciences is hereby required at their next meeting to take into consideration the methods and expenses of conducting all surveys of a scientific character under the War or Interior Department, and the surveys of the Land Office, and to report to Congress as soon thereafter as may be practicable, a plan for surveying and mapping the Territories of the United States on such general system as will, in their judgment, secure the best results at the least possible cost...
Side 236 - ... all points of his progress. It enables him, also, to keep his own faults concealed, with perfect models constantly in view for imitation. Every experienced teacher knows the advantage of the slip copy, but its practical application has never before been successfully accomplished. This feature is secured exclusively to Macmillan's Copy-books under Goodman's patent.
Side 236 - It is unlike anything else of its kind, and will be of more use in circulating a knowledge of astronomy than nine-tenths of the books which have appeared on the subject of late ;ears.
Side 226 - ... changed, the proportion of the higher to the lower increasing with the temperature. It would be in accordance with analogy to suppose that as a rule the same would take place in an incandescent surface, though in this case the spectrum would be discontinuous instead of continuous. Thus if A, B, C, D, E denote conspicuous bright lines, of increasing refrangibility, in the spectrum of the vapour, it might very well be that at a comparatively low temperature A should be the brightest and the most...
Side 202 - Kaldor has suggested the name "imagined demand curve" for the concept which is applicable to the oligopoly case, and in this article I propose to follow this usage.1 So far as I know no attempt has yet been made to investigate the characteristics of imagined demand curves, though it should be obvious that such an investigation is desirable. Oligopoly is probably the typical case throughout a large part of the modern economy, and yet the theory of oligopoly can scarcely be said to be in a very advanced...
Side 268 - When daisies pied, and violets blue, And lady-smocks all silver white, And cuckoo-buds of yellow hue, Do paint the meadows with delight...
Side 236 - Nowhere amid the many descriptions of the tropics that have been given is to be found a summary of the past history and actual phenomena of the tropics which gives that which is distinctive of the phases of nature in them more clearly, shortly, and impressively.
Side 27 - ... have made any decisive representation. "We have therefore to make use of temporary expedients. A person dressed in a black coat and open waistcoat of the same colour, must put on a temporary front of a drab or flesh colour, or, by the time that his face and the fine shadows of his woollen clothing are evolved, his shirt will be solarized, and be blue, or even black, with a white halo around it.

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