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Of the Learned

Benjamin Whichcote, D. D.

Kector of St. Lawrence Jewry,



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Some Account of the



Dr. Benjamin Whichcote.

DR. BENJAMIN WHICHCOTE was descended of. an antient and good family, and t?as the sixth son of his father, being born in Shropstjire, March the nth 1609. He was educated at Emanuel College, in the university, where he was chosen sellow, and was an excellent tutor and instructor of youth, and bred up many persons of quality, and others who afterwards proved useful and erninent; as many perhaps as anyjutor of his time. About the age of four orfive and thirty, he was made provost of King's College, where he was a most vigilant and prudent governor, a great encourager o£ learning and good order; and by his careful and wise management of the estate of the college, brought it in to a very flourishing condition, and left it so. "It cannot, fays Dr. Tillotfin, be denied (nor "am I much concerned to dissemble it) that here "he possessed another man's place, who by the i« niquityof the times was wrongfully ejected.; I "mean Dr. Collins, the famous and learned divini"ty-prosessor ot that university; during whose lise "(and he lived many years aster) by the free con«' lent of the college there were two shares out of *' the common dividend allotted to the provost, one *« whereof was constantly paid to Dr. Collins, as if «« he had been still provost. To this Dr. Whichcote

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