2 There's not of grass a single blade,

Or leaf of loveliest green,
Where heavenly skill is not displayed,

And heavenly wisdom seen. 3 There's not a star whose twinkling light

Shines on the distant earth,
And cheers the silent gloom of night,

But God has given it birth.
There's not a place on earth's vast round,

In ocean deep, or air, Where skill and wisdom are not found,

For God is everywhere.
5 Around, beneath, below, above,

Wherever space extends;
There He displays His boundless love,
And power with mercy blends,

J. A. WALLACE. 1872.

3 The merry birds prolong the strain,

Their song with every spring renewed; And balmy air, and falling rain,

Each softly whispers --God is good. 4 I hear it in the rushing breeze;

The hills that have for ages stood,
The echoing sky and roaring seas,

All swell the chorus,-God is good. 5 Yes, God is good, all nature says,

By God's own hand with speech endued : And man, in louder notes of

Should sing for joy that God is good. 6 For all Thy gifts we bless Thee, Lord;

But chiefly for our heavenly food, [word. Thy pardoning grace, Thy quickenin These prompt our song, that God is good

J. H. GURNEY. 1851.



God said, Let the earth bring forth.

Gen. i. 11.
i Gop the

Enough for great and small, (forth The oak-tree and the cedar-treo,

Without a flower at all. 2 Ile might have made enough,-enough

For every want of ours,
For medicine, luxury, and food,

And yet have made no flowers ! 3 Then wherefore, wherefore were they

All dyed in rainbow light, (made, All fashioned with supremest grace,

Up-springing day and night? 4 Springing in valleys green and low,

And on the mountains high, And in the secret wilderness,

Where no man passeth by. 5 Our outward life requires them not;

Then wherefore had they birth? To minister delight to man,

And beautify the earth. 6 To comfort man, and whisper hope

Whene'er his faith is dim; [flower, For God, who formed each beauteous Will surely care for him.



8.7. God is love.-1 John iv. 8. 1 GOD

All the path in which we rove; Bliss He wakes, and woe He lightens:

God is wisdom, God is love. 2 Death and change are busy ever,

Man decays, and ages move; But His mercy waneth never:

God is wisdom, God is love. 3 E'en the hour that darkest seemeth

Will His changeless goodness prove: From the cloud His brightness streameth:

God is wisdom, God is love. 4 He with earthly cares entwineth

Hope and comfort from above; Everywhere His glory shineth: God is wisdom, God is love.



Thou leddest Thy people like a flock.

Ps. lxxvii. 20.

GOD of Bethel ! by whose hand

Thy people still are fed; Who through this

earthly pilgrimage Hast all our fathers led. 2 Our fervent prayers we now present

Before Thy throne of grace; God of our fathers be the God

Of their succeeding race. 3 Through each perplexing path of life

Our wandering footsteps guide; Give us each day our daily bread,

And raiment fit provide. 4 0 spread Thy covering wings around,

Till all our wanderings cease, And at our Father's loved abode

Our souls arrive in peace.


The Lord is good to all.-Ps. cxlv. 9.
ES, God is good; in earth and sky,

From ocean depths and spreading Ten thousand voices seem to cry, - [wood,

God made us all, and God is good. 2 The sun that keeps his trackless way,

And downward pours his golden flood, Night's sparkling hosts, all seem to say, In accents clear, that God is good.


5 Now, with the humble voice of prayer,

Thy mercy we implore; Then, with the grateful voice of praise, Thy goodness we'll adore.



2 Open Thou the crystal fountain

Whence the healing streams do flow; Let the fiery, cloudy pillar, Lead me all my journey through;

Strong Deliverer, Be Thou still my strength and shield. 3 When I tread the verge of Jordan,

Bid my anxious fears subside:
Death of death, and hell's destruction !
Land me safe on Canaan's side;

Songs of praises
I will ever give to Thee.


Our Father which art in heaven.

Matt. vi. 9. 1 G VREAT God, and wilt Thou condescend

To be my Father and my Friend? I a poor child, and Thou so high, The Lord of earth and air and sky!

2 Art Thou my Father? Canst Thou bear 22

To hear my poor, imperfect prayer?
Or wilt Thou listen to the praise

That such a feeble one can raise ? 3 Art Thou my Father? Let me be

A meek, obedient child to Thee;
And try in word and deed and thought

To serve and please Thee as I ought. 4 Art Thou my Father? I'll depend

Upon the care of such a Friend,
And only wish to do and be

Whatever seemeth good to Thee.
5 Art Thou my Father? Then, at last,

When all my days on earth are past,
Send down and take me, in Thy love,
To be Thy better child above.


8.7.4. Bless me, even me also, O my Father.

Gen. xxvii. 38. 1

, ,
Gently falling as the dew,
And Thy ever-gracious presence,
Bless us all our journey through ;

May we ever
Keep the end of life in view.
2 Young in years, we need the wisdom

Which can only come from Thec;
In the morn of our existence
Let us Thy salvation see:

Changed in spirit,
We shall then Thy children be.
3 When temptations sore assail us,

When we falter by the way,
Let Thine arm of strength defend us
Saviour, hear us when we pray:

Thou art mighty,
Be Thou then our rock and stay.
4 Praise and blessing, power and glory,

Will we render, Lord, to Thee;
For the news of Thy salvation
Shall extend from sea to sea;

All the nations
Joyfully shall worship Thee.


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King of kings, and Lord of lords.

Rev. xix. 16.
Let angels prostrate fall;

' name! Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown Him Lord of all. 2 Crown Him, ye martyrs of our God,

Who from His altar call; Extol the stem of Jesse's rod,

And crown Him Lord of all.

3 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race,

A remnant weak and small, Hail Him who saves you by His grace,

And crowu Him Lord of all. 4 Ye Gentile sinners, ne'er forget

The wormwood and the gall; Go, spread

your trophies at His feet, And crown Him Lord of all. 5 Let every kindred, every tribe,

On this terrestrial ball, To Him all majesty ascribe,

And crown Him Lord of all.


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6 O that with yonder sa throng

Love Him who with love is yearning, We at His feet may tway

Hail the Star that from far Join in the everlasting song,

Bright with hope is burning. And crown Him Lord of all.

4 Ye who pine in weary sadness, EDWARD PERRONET. 1780.

Weep no more, for the door

Now is found of gladness.

Cling to Him, for He will guide you
The heavenly host praising God. Where no cross, pain, or loss
Luke ii. 13.

Can again betide you. 1 T came upon the midnight clear,

5 Blessed Saviour, let me find Thee,

Keep Thou me close to Thee,
From angels bending near the earth,
To touch their harps of gold-

Cast me not behind Thee. “Peace to the earth, good will to men,

Life of life, my heart Thou stillest,

Calm I rest on Thy breast,
From heaven's all-gracious King !”

And all this void Thou fillest.
The world in solemn stillness lay
To hear the angels sing.

6 Thee, O Lord, with heed I'll cherish,

Live to Thee, and with Thee 2 Still through the cloven skies they come

Dying, shall not perish, With peaceful wings unfurled,

But shall dwell with Thee for ever, And still their heavenly music floats

Far on high, in the joy O'er all the weary world;

That can alter never. Above its sad and lowly plains

P. GERHARDT. 1651. They bend on heavenly wing, And ever o'er its Babel

sounds The blessed angels sing.



Good tidings of great joy.-Luke ii. 10. 3 Yet, with the woes of sin and strife, The world has suffered long;

1 HARK the glad sound! the Saviour Beneath the angels' strain have rolled Two thousand years of wrong;

The Saviour promised long :
And man, at war with man, hears not Let every heart prepare a throne,
The love-song which they bring:

And every voice a song.
Oh, hush the noise, ye men of strife,
And hear the angels sing !

2 He comes the prisoners to release

In Satan's bondage held: 4 For lo! the days are hasting on,

The gates of brass before Him burst, By prophet bards foretold,

The iron fetters yield.
When, with the ever-circling years,
Comes round the age of gold ;-

3 He comes the broken heart to bind, When peace shall over all the earth

The bleeding soul to cure,

And with the treasures of His graco Its ancient splendours fling,

To enrich the humble poor.
And the whole earth send back the song
Which now the angels sing.

4 Our glad hosannas, Prince of peace,
E. H. SEARS. 1850. Thy welcome shall proclaim,

And heaven's eternal arches ring

With Thy beloved name. 25

Her firstborn Son .. laid Him in

PHILIP DODDRIDGE. 1735. a manger.-Luke ii. 7. 1

27 As I ,

Unto you is born ...a Saviour. Sweetest angel voices;

Luke ii. 11. “Christ is born!” their choirs are singing, 1 HARK! the herald angels sing,

H Till the air, everywhere,

“ Glory to the new-born King! Now with joy is ringing.

Peace on earth and mercy mild,

God and sinners reconciled!" 2 Hark! a voice from yonder manger, Soft and sweet, doth entreat:

2 Hail the heaven-born Prince of peace ! “Flee from woe and danger;

Hail the Sun of righteousness! Brethren, come: from all doth grieve you Light and life to all He brings, You are freed; all you need

Risen with healing in His wings. I will surely give you.

3 Mild He lays His glory by, 3 Come, then, let us hasten yonder;

Born that man no more may die, Here let all, great and small,

Born to raise the sons of earth, Kneel in awe and wonder.

Born to give them second birth.

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5 Bright the crest of the sons of the

[thine ajd;
Dawi darkness, and lend us
Star of st! the horizon dorning,

our infant Redeemer is lai

R. HEBER. 1811.


AS with



4 Come, Desire of nations, come,

Fix in us Thy humble home;
Rise, the woman's conquering Seed,

Bruise in us the serpent's head. 5 Adam's likeness now efface,

Stamp Thine image in its place;
Second Adam from above,
Reinstate us in Thy love.


Unto us a child is born, unto us a son

is given.-Isa. ix. 6.
1 ARK! 'tis the song of heaven,
And let the joyful tidings spread

O'er island, sea, and main. 2" To us a child is born,"

To bless our guilty race,
To bring salvation to our world,

To save us by His grace. 3“ To us a Son is given,"

All glory to His name!
We join with angel-hosts to sing

His wondrous, boundless fame. 4 The offering of our hearts

Low at His feet we lay ;
With sacred songs, and holy joy,

Keep the glad holiday.
5 All hail! Thou glorious King!

We give ourselves to Thee; Our souls adore Thy royal sway, Let us Thy glory see.

J. T. WIGNER, 1878. 29

We have seen His star in the east.

Matt. ii. 2.
BRIGITEST and best of the sons of

[thine aid; Dawn on_our darkness, and lend us Star of the East! the horizon adorning, Guide where our infant Redeemer is

laid. 2 Cold on His cradle the dewdrops are shining;

[stall, Low lies His bed with the beasts of the Angels adore Him, in slumber reclining, Maker, and Monarch, and Saviour of

all. 3 Say, shall we yield Him in costly devotion,

Odours of Edom and offerings divine, Gems of the mountain, and pearls of the

[mine? Myrrh from the forest, or gold from the 4 Vainly we offer each ample oblation;

Vainly with gifts would His favour

secure; Richer by far is the heart's adoration, Dearer to God are the prayers of the

poor. 8


7s. We have seen His star in the east.

Matt. ii. 2. 1

ne men of old

star behold; As wit!

led its light, ivi

ming bright;

cord, may we

o Thee.
2 As with joyful steps they sped

To that lowly manger-bed ;
There to bend the knee before
Him whom heaven and earth adore;
So may we with willing feet

Ever seek the mercy-seat.
3 As they offered gifts most rare

At that manger rude and bare ;
So may we with holy joy,
Pure, and free from sin's alloy,
All our costliest treasures bring,

Christ! to Thee, our heavenly King.
4 Holy Jesus, every day

Keep us in the narrow way;
And when earthly things are past,
Bring our ransomed souls at last
Where they need no star to guide,

Where no clouds Thy glory hide.
5 In the heavenly country bright,

Need they no created light;
Thou its Light, its Joy, its Crown,
Thou its Sun which goes not down;
There for ever may we sing
Hallelujahs to our King. W. C. Dix. 1859.


Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion.

Zech. ix. 9.
YHRISTIANS, awake, salute the

Whereon the Saviour of mankind was
Rise to adore the mystery of love,
Which hosts ofangels chanted from above:
With them the joyful tidings first begun,

Of God incarnate and the Virgin's Son.
2 Then to the watchful shepherds it was

("Behold, Who heard the angelic herald's voice, I bring good tidings of a Saviour's birth, To you and all the nations upon earth; This day hath God fulfilled His promised word,

(Lord." This day is born a Saviour, Christ the



, 34

3 He spake; and straightway the celestial 33


Jesus increased in wisdom in In hymns of joy, unknown before, con- favour with God and man.-Luke ii. 52. The praises of redeeming love they sang, 1 And heaven's whole orb with hallelujah's

LOVE to think, though I am young, I'

My Saviour was a child; rang:

That Jesus walked this earth along, God's highest glory was their anthem still, With feet all undefiled. Peace upon earth, and unto men good

2 He kept His Father's word of truth,

As I am taught to do

And while He walked the path of youth, 4 To Bethlehem straight the enlightened He walked in wisdom too. shepherds ran,

(man, To see the wonder God had wrought for

3 I love to think that He who spake

And made the blind to see,
To all the joyful tidings they proclaim,
The first apostles of the Saviour's name.

And called the sleeping dead to wake,

Was once a child like me. Then to their flocks, still praising God, return,


4 That He who wore the thorny crown, And their glad hearts with holy rapture

And tasted death's despair,
Had a kind mother like my own,

And knew her love and care.
5 O may we keep and ponder in our mind,
God's wondrous love in saving lost man-

5 I know 'twas all for love of me kind;

[our loss,

That He became a child,
Trace we the babe, who hath retrieved And left the heavens so fair to see,
From the poor manger to the bitter cross;

And trod earth's pathway wild.
Tread in His steps, assisted by His grace, 6 Then, Saviour, who wast once a child,
Till man's first heavenly state again takes A child may come to Thee;

And oh! in all Thy mercy mild,

Dear Saviour, come to me. 6 Then may we hope, the angelic hosts

E. PAXTON LOOD. 1879. among,

[song; He that was born upon this joyful day, Around us all His glory shall display;

They found Him in the temple ...

in the midst of the doctors.-Luke ii. 46. Saved by His love, incessant we shall sing,


CROWD fills the court of the Temple,
Eternal praise to heaven's almighty
JOHN BYROM. 1773. Jerusalem stirs with emotion,

The Lord of the Temple is there !
In vain is the priestly displeasure

To silence the anthems that ring;

Hosanna! Hosanna ! Hosanna!

The children all joyfully sing. 32

I have given you an example. 2 And if in this temple of worship,
John xiii. 15.

Where now we are met in His name,

The Lord should appear in His beauty, 1 My dear Redeemer and my Lord,

Himself His own gospel proclaim,

What anthems of grateful devotion But, in Thy life, the law appears

Around Him would echo and ring; Drawn out in living characters.

Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

The children would joyfully sing. 2 Such was Thị truth, and such Thy zeal,

Such deference to Thy Father's will, 3 Lord ! make each young heart Thine own Such love, and meekness so divine,

temple, I would transcribe and make them mine. Reveal Thy sweet presence within,

Illumine our minds by Thy coming, 3 Cold mountains and the midnight air Expel every longing for sin;

Witnessed the fervour of Thy prayer: And when in our souls we adore Thee, The desert Thy temptations knew,

How pure the glad praise we shall Thy conflict and Thy victory too.

Hosanna! Hosanna ! Hosanna ! [bring!

The children will joyfully sing.
4 Be Thou my pattern; make me bear
More of Thy gracious image here; 4 And when in that temple of glory,
Then God the Judge shall own my name Where falls never shadow of night,
Amongst the followers of the Lamb.

Where sorrow and sin never sadden,
IS XAO WATTS. 1709. And Thou shalt Thyself be the light;

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