3 Hosanna to the anointed King,

To David's holy Son ;
Help us, O Lord, descend and bring

Salvation from Thy throne.
4 Blest be the Lord, who comes to men

With messages of grace; Who comes, in God His Father's name,

To save our sinful race. 5 II osanna, in the highest strains

The Church on earth can raise; The highest heavens in which He reigns Shall give Him nobler praise.



"78. The sun was setting.-Luke iv. 40. 1 Sof NOFTLY fades the twilight ray

Of the holy Sabbath-day ; Gently as life's setting sun

When the Christian's course is run. 2 Peace is on the world abroad;

'Tis the holy peace of God Symbol of the peace within When the spirit rests from sin.

3 Still the Spirit lingers near

Where the evening worshipper Seeks communion with the skies, Pressing onward to the prize.



4 Saviour, may our Sabbaths be

Days of joy and peace in Thee!
Till in heaven our souls repose,
Where the Sabbath ne'er shall close.

S. F. SMITH. 1878.

7s. When evening was come, IIc was

there. ---Matt. xiv. 23.
1 OON shall set the Sabbath sun;

Soon the sacred day be done;
But a sweeter rest remains
Where the glorious Saviour reigns.
2 Pleasant is our Sabbath song ;

Still its joyous notes prolong;
Christ the Lord we love to praise,

Wondrous in His works and ways. 3 But a music sweeter far

Breathes where angel spirits are;
Higher far than earthly strains,

Where the rest of God remains.
4 Shall we ever rise to dwell
Where immortal praises swell?
And can children hope to go

Where eternal Sabbaths glow? 5 Yes ; that rest our own may be

All the saved shall Jesus see;
For the saint a rest remains
Where the glorious Saviour reigns.


193 L.M.

All the congregation said Amen, and praised the Lord.-Neh. v. 13.

ORD, how delightful 'tis to see
At once they sing, at once they pray;

They hear of heaven and learn the way. 2 I have been there, and still would go; 'Tis like a little heaven below; Not all my pleasure, or my play, Shall tempt me to forget this day. 30 write upon my memory, Lord,

The texts and doctrines of Thy word,
That I may break Thy laws no more,
But love Thee better than before.

4 With thoughts of Christ and things divine

Fill up this foolish heart of mine;
That, having pardon through His blood,
I may lie down and wake with God.





78. The same day at evening came

Jesus.-John xx. 19. 1 JESUS: Lord of Sabbath rest,

Waft Thy Sabbath o'er my breast, Let the evening blessing come,

Soft and still as thoughts of home. 2 Hush to calm the fretful fear,

Wipe away the mourner's tear,
Be our souls, with Thee so nigh,

Peaceful as the silent sky.
3 Let the lessons of Thy word

Still from memory's voice be heard;
So, as under gentle showers,

Quiet growth this day be ours.
4 Oh, Thou Lord of Sabbath rest,

Let us sleep as on Thy breast,
So with morning light shall como
Toil on earth, or rest at Home!


Let the children of Zion be joyful

in their King.-Ps. cxlix. 2. SAVIOUR, again to Thy dear name we With one accord, our parting hymn of We stand to bless Thee ere our worship

(peace. Then, lowly kneeling, wait Thy word of


2 Grant us Thy peace upon our homeward way;

(the day : With Thee began, with Thee shall end Guard Thou the lips from sin, the hearts from shame,

[name. That in this house have called upon Thy


3 Grant us Thy peace, Lord, through the 2 We would prolong its moments, coming night,

And linger yet awhile Turn Thou for us its darkness into light; Amid its closing shadows, From harm and danger keep Thy chil- Illumined by Thy smile. dren free,

Our souls shall know no darkness For dark and light are both alike to Thee.

While we may look to Thee;

Our eyes shall ne'er grow weary 4 Grant us Thy peace throughout our

While we Thy face can see. earthly life,

(strife; Our balm in sorrow, and our stay in 3 0 Jesus ! our dear Saviour, Then, when Thy voice shall bid our con

To Thee our songs we raise; flict cease,

Our hearts, by care untroubled,
Call us, O Lord, to Thine eternal peace.

Uplift themselves in praise.
J. ELLERTON. 1866. For to God's truce with labour

More glory Thou hast given;

And Sabbaths now are sweeter

Since Christ the Lord has risen.
The shadows of evening are
stretched out.-Jer. vi. 4.

4 O Lord! again we bless Thee

For such a day as this :
NOTHER Sabbath ended,

So rich in ancient glories,
We come to close its worship,

So bright with hopes of bliss. O Lord, before Thy throne

Oh, may we reach Thy perfect,

Thine endless day of rest: We bless Thee for this earnest

Then lay our earth-worn spirits
Of better rest above;

Upon our Father's breast !
This token of Thy kindness,
This pledge of boundless love.

T. V. TYMMS. 1866.

1 A ,




5 So within Thy palace gate

We shall praise, on golden strings,
Thce, the only Potentate,
Lord of lords and King of kings.

II, DOWNTON. 1843.

Having obtained help of God, I

continue.-Acts xxvi. 22.

Faithful through another year! Hear our song of thankfulness;

Father and Redeemer, hear.
2 In our weakness and distress,

Rock of strength ! be Thou our stay ;
In the pathless wilderness

Be our true and living way.
3 Who of us death's awful road

In the coming year shall tread,
With Thy rod and staff, O God,

Comfort Thou his dying bod.
4 Keep us faithful, keep us pure,

Keep us evermore Thine own,
Help, oh! help us to endure,
Fit us for the promised crown.


Children in the temple...saying,

Hosanna.--Matt. xxi. 15.
Glad wo sing our opening lay;

Glad we see each other's face
In this happy meeting place
But one Friend we ask to stay
In the midst of us to-day :
Cho.-Jesus, Saviour, near us be

While the children sing to Thee.

2 Gladsome ones are in His sight,

Happy spirits, faces bright!
Light the hearts that gather here,
Where the friends we love appear ;
But a cloud is o'er the day
If the Saviour keep away.
3 We have learned to love Thy name;

For the children Jesus came,
Bless'd the merry little bands,
Touched them with His gentle hands,
Loved to have them by His side,

And to save them even died.
4 We are young, and little know

Of the way we have to go:
We are dark, and need His light,
For we cannot tell the right;
Christ, the children's Friend, is strong,

He will save us from all wrong.
5 When our lives on earth shall end,

May we to His home ascend,
May we gather at His feet,
May we there each other meet,
May we sing the glad new song
Sung by all the heavenly throng.

Cho.-Glory ! glory! how the angels sing!

Glory! glory! how the loud harps ring!

[mighty sea, "Tis the ransomed army, like a Pealing forth the anthem of the

free. 2 Ring the bells of heaven! there is joy to.

day For the wanderer now is reconciled ; Yes, a soul is rescued from his sinful way,

And is born anew a ransomed child. 3 Ring the bells of heaven! spread the feast to-day !

(strain ! Angels, swell the glad triumphant Tell the joyful tidings ! bear it far away! For a precious soul is born again.

W. 0. CUSHING. 1874.

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198 ONCE


The Lord is thy keeper.

Ps. cxxi. 5. 1 NCE more, with joyous greeting

We crown another year,
And at this gladsome meeting

Each worker bid good cheer.
With anthems of devotion

We join the choir above,
And say, with sweet emotion,

Our Master's name is Love. 2 For blessed work and wages,

With pleasures yet untold,
For children of all ages

Allured within the fold,
We lift to heaven our voices;

And gratefully would own,
While every heart rejoices,

The praise is God's alone.
2 With strong Divine assurance

Our vows we now renew
With Christ-like ,meek endurance

Our souls, O Lord, imbue;
And soon, amid our yearning,

Permit us all to see
The young around us turning

With loving hearts to Thee.

When full of joy, some shining morn,

Went forth the reaper band. 2 To God, so good and great,

Their cheerful thanks they pour; Then carry to His temple gate

The choicest of their store. 3 For thus the holy word

Spoken by Moses ran :
The first ripe ears are for the Lord,

The rest He gives to
Like Israel, Lord, we give

Our earliest fruits to Thee ;
And pray that, long as we shall live,

We may Thy children be.
5 Thine is our youthful prime,

And life and all its powers:
Be with us in our morning time,

And bless our evening hours. 6

In wisdom let us grow,
As years and strength are given,
That we may serve Thy Church below
And join Thy saints in heaven.

J. H. GURNEY. 1838




Joy shall be in heaven over one.

Luke xv. 7.
ING the bells of heaven! there is joy

to-day, For a soul returning from the wild ! See, the Father meets him out upon the

way, Welcoming His weary, wandering child.

7.6. Let us go into the house oj the

Lord.-Ps. cxxii. l. O

THOU, whose hand has brought us

Unto this joyful day, Accept our glad thanksgiving,

And listen as we pray ; And may our preparation

For this day's service be With one accord to offer

Ourselves, O Lord, to Thee.

4 What though our heart and flesh should God is love!

[fail, Through Christ we shall o'er death preGod is love!

(vail : Through Jordan's swell we will not fear, For Jesus will be with us there, Our soul above the waves to bear;

God is love!
5 In Zion we shall sing again,

God is love!
Yes ; this shall be our highest strain,

God is love!
Whilst endless ages roll along,
In concert with the heavenly throng,
This shall be still our sweetest song,

God is love!

2 (For this new house we praise Thee,

Reared by Thine own command For every generous bosom,

And every willing hand;
And now within Thy temple

Thy glory let us see;
For all its strength and beauty

Are nothing without Thee.] 3 And oft as here we gather,

And hearts in worship blend, May truth reveal its power

And fervent prayer ascend;
Here may the busy toiler

Rise to the things above;
The young-the old-be strengthened,

And all men learn Thy love. 4 And as the years roll over,

And strong affections twine, And tender memories gather

About this sacred shrine,
May this, its chief distinction,

Its glory ever be,
That multitudes within it

Have found their way to Thee. $ Lord God ! our fathers' helper,

Our joy and hope and stay,
Grant now a gracious earnest

Of many a coming day :
Our yearning hearts Thou knowest,

We wait before Thy throne,
O come, and by Thy presence
Make this new home Thine own!

F. W. GOADBY. 1872.


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He thanked God and took courage.

Acts xxviii. 15.
ET all assembled here,

On this returning day,
Review the mercies of the year,

And grateful homage pay. 2 Yes, we adore Thee, Lord,

Within this sacred place; Where oft we meet, with sweet accord,

To seek Thy gracious face.
3 To Thee, our God and King,

We glad hosannas raise ;
Oh, deign to hear our voices sing

The honours of Thy praise.
4 Command Thy blessing, Lord,

On all assembled here;
And may we still Thy grace record

Through every circling year.



God is love.-1 John iv. 8.
YOME, let us all unite and sing,
God is love!

(bring: While heaven and earth their praises

God is love!
Let every soul from sin awake,
Each in his heart sweet music make,
And sweetly sing for Jesus' sako:

God is love!
2 Oh, tell to earth's remotest bound,

God is love!
In Christ is full redemption found;

God is love!
His blood can cleanse our sins away;
His Spirit turns our night to day,
And leads our soul with joy to say,

God is love!
3 How happy is our portion here:

God is love!
His promises our spirits cheer:

God is love!
He is our Sun and Shield by day,
By night He near our tents will stay,
He will be with us all the way :

God is love!

Hosanna in the highest.

Mark xi. 10. i HOSANNA! raise the pealing hymn

To David's Son and Lord! With cherubim and seraphim

Exalt the incarnate Word.
2 Hosanna ! Lord, our feeble tongues

No lofty strains can raise ;
But Thou wilt not despise the young,

Who meekly chant Thy praise.
3 Hosanna! Sovereign, Prophet, Priest,

How vast Thy gifts ! how free! Thy death, our life; Thy word, our feast;

Thy name, our only plea. 4 Hosanna ! Master, lo! we bring

Our offerings to Thy throne; Not gold, nor myrrh, nor earthly thing,

But hearts to be Thine own.

2 Rejoice and be glad, it is sunshine at last;

[are past. The clouds have departed, the shadows

3 Rejoice and be glad! for the blood hath been shed !

[been paid. Redemption is finished, the price hath

4 Rejoice and be glad I now the pardon is free;

(tree. The Just for the unjust has died on the

5 Rejoice and be glad I for the Lamb that was slain

(again. O'er death is triumphant, and liveth

6 Rejoice and be glad! for our King is on high ;

[sky. He pleadeth for us on His throne in the

5 IIosanna ! once Thy gracious ear

Approved a lisping throng;
Be gracious still, and deign to hear

Our poor but grateful song.
6 O Saviour ! if, redeemed by Thee,

Thy temple we behold, Hosannas through eternity We'll sing to harps of gold.

W. H. HAVERGAL. 1833. 205 7.6.

Oh come, let us sing unto the

Lord.-Ps. xcv. 1. 1 Comer, Christian youths and maidens, Uplift your hearts and voices,

Be praise on every tongue. In God's own house we gather,

Our yearly feast to hold; Come, join our joyful anthem,

Ye brothers, young and old.
2 Come, sing with us the praises

Of God's preserving care,
Who safe from harm has kept us

Throughout another year,
And crowned our lives with mercies

Unnumbered as the sand,
Which day by day have reached us

From His all-gracious hand. 3 Come, sing with us the praises

Of God's redeeming love,
That song which never ceases

Around the throne above;
The voice of many angels,

“Worthy the Lamb of God;
For He was slain to save us

By His most precious blood."
4 Come, praise Him for glad tidings

Heard in this hallowed place
Glad tidings of salvation

By free and sovereign grace ;
For gifts of Holy Scripture,

Known from our childhood's days;
For call from heaven to serve Him,

In wisdom's happy ways.
5 Come, praise Him for the promise

Of strength in weakness given;
For means of grace provided ;

For blessed hope of heaven.
Oh, Christian youths and maidens

Oh, brothers, old and young!
Uplift your hearts and voices,
And let His praise be sung.

T. A. STOWELL. 1876.

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206 RE

5 Day by day we magnify Thee

When for Jesus' sake we try. Every wrong to bear with patimp,

Every sin to mortity.

11s. Serve Who Lond with gladness

Pв с. 2. 1 EJOICE and be glad! The Redeemer Lhas come !

(tomb ! Go look on His cradle, His cross, and His Sound His praises, tell the story of Him who was slain ;

[liveth again. Sound His praises, tell with gladness He

6 Day by day we magnify Thee,

Till our days on earth shall coase, Till we rest from these our labours, Waiting for Thy day in peace.


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