The Chemical Trade Journal and Oil, Paint and Colour Review, Volum 17

Davis Bros., 1896

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Side 365 - allowed by the Court or a Judge whenever (inter alia) ( f) any injunction is sought as to anything to be done within the jurisdiction, or any nuisance within the jurisdiction is sought to be prevented or removed, whether damages are or are not also sought in respect thereof.
Side 365 - of Order XI. of the Rules of Court of 1883 provides :—" Service out of the jurisdiction of a writ of summons, or notice of a writ of summons, may
Side 21 - (c) That the metrical system of weights and measures be taught in all public elementary schools as a necessary and integral part of arithmetic, and that decimals be introduced at an earlier period of the school curriculum than is the case at present. THE
Side 21 - school-children in having to learn the complicated system of tables of existing weights and measures, and the urgent need of the adoption of a simpler system. It was stated that no less than one year's school time would be saved if the metrical system were taught in place of that now in use.
Side 94 - o o o o o 9 o o o o o o o o ¿ Lime, Acetate (brown) per ton < Magnesium (ribbon and wire) .. per
Side 62 - 2« 6 o o o o 9 o o o o o o o o Lime, Acetate (brown) per ton Magnesium (ribbon and wire) .. .. .. .. per
Side 21 - out in a comparatively short period ; and that as soon as the simple character of the new system was understood it was appreciated by all classes of the population, and no attempt to use the old units or to return to the old system was made.
Side 21 - from competent witnesses proved to the satisfaction of your committee that a compulsory change from an old and complicated system to the metrical had taken place in Germany, Norway and Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, and many other European countries without serious opposition or inconvenience ; that this change was
Side 21 - That after a lapse of two years the metrical system be rendered compulsory by Act of Parliament. (a) That the metrical system of weights and measures be at once legalized for all purposes.
Side 364 - 9. They shall arrange for a weekly visit by a doctor, who shall examine every worker individually, and who shall enter the result of each examination in the proper register. 10. They shall cause such a register to be kept, and shall have entered in it the date when each worker commences and leaves employment, and the date when each worker takes a

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