Journal of a Diplomate's Three Years' Residence in Persia, Volum 1

Smith, Elder and Company, 1864
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Side 335 - Queens of Song : being Memoirs of some of the most celebrated Female Vocalists who have performed on the Lyric Stage from the Earliest Days of Opera to the Present Time. To which is added a Chronological List of all the Operas that have been performed in Europe.
Side 335 - Africa: being the Narrative of a Tour in Equatorial, Southwestern, and Northwestern Africa ; with Notes on the Habits of the Gorilla ; on the Existence of Unicorns and Tailed Men ; on the Slave Trade ; on the Origin, Character, and Capabilities of the Negro, and on the Future Civilization of Western Africa.
Side 42 - Wear this ribbon about thy neck, adorned with the image of the blessed martyr and soldier of Christ, St. George, by whose imitation provoked, thou mayest so overpass both prosperous and adverse adventures, that having stoutly vanquished thy enemies both of body and soul, thou mayest not only receive the praise of this transient combat, but be crowned with the palm of eternal victory ! " • Three Years
Side 84 - Previously, however, to our ascending to this undignified seat, we took tea with a lieutenant of Engineers, whose house was close by. He told me that Suram was very unhealthy, and that the year before, out of 3,000 soldiers employed on the road, 1,000 were constantly ill -with fever. He said the sickness was owing to there being always a cold wind and a bright intensely hot sun. The men threw off their clothes, and were immediately struck down with fever. I asked him the height of the neighbouring...
Side 241 - Tehran, and are made as follows:—A pan is dug in the earth, say a hundred and fifty feet long, twenty broad, and eighteen inches deep. With the earth taken from this, a wall thirty feet high is erected, and behind are pits for storing the ice, which easily forms in the shallow pan, after water has been admitted to it from some watercourse. The ice is generally dirty, and very cheap. Beyond the garden, and sloping up towards the Elburz, is an open space, bounded on the right by a deep ravine, and...
Side 181 - We escaped a general fight by pouring the oil of conciliation on these troubled waters, but this trifling incident gave me an idea of the temper of the Tabrizis. They are, in fact, a bold, turbulent race, and no respecters of persons. At last we reached the city ditch, deep, dark, and dirty, and passing through the gate where a few soldiers — fine men, but badly dressed — showed themselves, we arrived at the British Consulate. It is a spacious residence, with some fifteen 'rooms, all on the same...
Side 167 - Khan, a century or so ago, and are now again in want of repair. I left at 5.30 PM, and walked a quarter of a mile to the right of the road to see the tomb of the Prophet Nuh. It is in an Armenian burial-ground, situated close under the crumbling walls of the fort, and overlooking a mile or two of beautiful gardens with tall poplars and many other trees. The tomb is a simple white-plastered square brick building, about eight feet high, with a dome in the centre. There is an inscription in Georgian,...
Side 336 - Svo. 6s. n. THE MOORS and the FENS. By FG TRAFFORD, Author of " City and Suburb," " Too Much Alone,
Side 336 - After Dark. BY WILKIE COLLINS, Author of " The Woman in White,
Side 265 - ... the rain, which now descended pitilessly. After a number of grandees had passed, with numerous trains of attendants, a body of royal farrashes made their appearance, with long white wands, shouting furiously to all and singular to get out of the way. These men preceded the ladies of the Shah's harim, and their zeal seemed to border on the comical, for an unfortunate blind beggar having wandered across the line of beauty, a number of them rushed upon him, and handled him about as mercilessly as...

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