sustenance, and therefore we go forward;"

the Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not want.” My brother! “the journey will be too great for thee” if thou neglectest one direction of thy Lord; “Ye are My friends," saith he, “if ye do whatsoever I command you."

Finally, It is a feast that rejoiceth the soul, and therefore we draw near. Faith there beholds, it is true, the bitterness of sin, and weeps, but faith also beholds “the Lamb of God which taketh away sin," and rejoices. That feast unites the soul in a triple union with its Lord: with Jesus crucified, for in the same night in which he was betrayed, “He instituted that feast;—with Jesus ascended, for not only it is commemorative but imparting; it is the Communion of the body and blood of Christ, (1 Cor. x. 46,) and the Church realizes the presence of her Lord ;—with Jesus. returning to reign, for herein we “do shew the Lord's death till He come:"-yes, each successive feast is a link of that mysterious chain which, having its first ring fixed in that upper room at Jerusalem, hath its destined completion in the chamber of the seven pillars, (Prov. ix. 1) in the New Jerusalem, our Father's house, where shall be held the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Believer! you approach that

table now because it is to you a feast of joy, and the feelings of your heart are

I've found the pearl of greatest price,

My heart doth sing for joy,
And sing I must, for Christ I have,

All gold without alloy.
Blessed feast! Lord do thou prepare us for
Thy table, and at Thy bidding we will “ arise
and eat."

But are there not some, who need the word of affectionate reproof, in that, having once partaken of this feast, they seem to be satisfied therewith; and require, like the prophet, again to be “touched,” again to be aroused, and to be bidden to “Arise and eat.” Months roll by and their place at that table is still empty, they come but seldom, (on some stated FeastDay,) or they come not at all. Alas! sad witness does this bear to the lukewarmness of your state. Was Saul's anger kindled because once and again David came not to the king's board, (1 Sam. xx. 27,) and is not your absence noted by Him who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords ?. ... Let it repent thee of this thy neglect; return unto the Lord thy God : let it not be said of you, he “was not with them when Jesus came,” (John xx. 24.) “Then shall we know, if we follow on to know, the Lord.”

To others to whom this world is their "all,” sin their delight, or who are "pure in their own eyes,” whilst yet they are “not washed from their filthiness,” (Prov. xxx. 12,) in the one and only Fountain,“the Blood ofthe Lamb" -To such we must speak as yet this word alone,-Arise! Arise from the death of sin ! Arise and come out from the world! arise from vanity and self-pleasing ! Arise, or else come not to that holy table! Arise, and then thou mayest “ eat." “ Let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread and drink of that cup." Oh, it were madness to bid you eat, unless you do “repent you of your sins;" unless you do "steadfastly purpose to lead a new life;" unless you do rest on Christ alone with lively faith; unless you do forgive all even as you hope to be forgiven. But oh, bethink thee and arise! before the angel of mercy hath winged his flight away, before the sleep of nature hath become the second death, before the live coal of love hath gone out, before the water in the cruse is dried

whilst yet the days are yours in which you may reach the Mount of God, “awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.” (Eph. v. 14.)




St. John V., part of 39th verse.

THE Bible--the Book-is THE BOOK OF GOD. There is but one Book in the world that bears the marks of a revelation from God. This has stood the test of ages, and will stand for ever, for God is its Author. To this, Historical evidence bears witness, and saith, Behold the Word of God !* The Book itself carries the proofs of its inspiration, and saith to each inquirer, Handle me and see whether I do not rightly bear the superscription of “the Book of God.” If we but prayerfully search into its prophecies, doctrines, precepts, we shall mark the print of Deity stamped upon them all. Its effects proclaim the same, and constrain us to confess that “the sword of the Spirit” is that Word of God. How blessed the change in the heart where this Word comes with power; the lion is turned into the lamb, he whom no chains could bind is found "sitting at the feet of Jesus,” with peace and joy in believing; what would this world itself become, were that Word of God searched into, believed in, and obeyed !

* See an excellent work on this subject published by Hatchard :-“ The Bible the Word of God."

Brethren! we own the Bible to be the Book of God, let us not forget that it is the Book for Man, that whilst it has God for its Author, it has salvation for its subject, it testifies of Christ to a lost and ruined world !

In bringing before you the subject of my text, I would first

I. Press on you the Exhortation to Search the Scriptures.

II. Direct you How to Search Them Aright.

I. I would press on you the Exhortation“Search the Scriptures." I urge it for this reason above all, that Christ bids us search them. He Who knew what was in man, He before Whose eye are the depths of our hearts, He Who alone hath searched the deathful disease of our nature-sin-and alone can give the cure, that same One it is who saith “Search the Scriptures.” And remember that He said these words when the Old Testament only existed, when as yet the glorious gospel of the blessed God, in its full revelation in the New

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