that Jesus is no “austere Man," no hard taskmaster, but One He is Who “will not break the bruised reed, nor quench the smoking flax;" One He is, Who “ bindeth up the broken in heart and giveth medicine to heal their sickness;" One, Who “knoweth our frame and remembereth that we are dust.” My fellow sinner, doth thy heart yearn to follow this blessed Master, and yet dost thou hesitate, fearing lest the lessons He teacheth will be too hard for thy ignorance, the way that He will lead thee, too strait for thy corruptions, the burden that He will put upon thee, too heavy for thy weakness ? oh do not thus dishonor thy Lord! His “gentleness” shall“make thee great,”! He will “speak words to thee as thou art able to hear them ;” “ line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, and there a little ;" He will bear with thy dulness ;and in the roughest parts of the narrow road wherein He leadeth thee, will Himself take thee up, and carry thee in His bosom. Oh! doubt Him not! distrust Him not! take Him for thy Master, thy Lord, and thou shalt find, that He forgiveth thy sins, “not seven times but seventy times seven,” that He careth for thy cares, that He strengtheneth thee in thy weakness, that He will “guide thee by His counsel, and after that receive thee to glory.” His teaching shall be found all love, condescending love; more tender, more forbearing, more enduring, than a mother's love for the infant on her breast. Brethren, “take His yoke” upon you and learn of Him, for He is meek and lowly in heart, and ye shall find rest to your souls..... And in these last words we find the second motive to follow Christ's teaching, namely,

2 Mark iv. 33. 8 Isa. xxviii. 10.

i Psa. xviii. 35.

2. The Blessing it imparts. Ye shall find rest to your souls: oh! boon above all price! precious jewel! inestimable treasure! ye merchantmen seeking goodly pearls, come hither and buy, “without money and without price! “Learn of Me,” saith Jesus, "and ye shall find rest to your souls." The words the Saviour utters, breathe forgiveness, free, full, continued, everlasting forgiveness ; this is the blessing His teaching imparts, to the believing soul. Weary and heavy laden one! here and here only shalt thou find “rest.” He taught His disciples thus to pray, “ forgive us our trespasses,” and to ask for that forgiveness, as for their bread,“ daily';" oh believe in Jesus, learn of Him, and He will teach you that He hath “forgiven you all trespasses.”—Is there not REST here ?. ... The teaching of Jesus delivers the Isa. xlix. 15.

Col. ii. 13.

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captive from the tyranny of Satan, the world, and the flesh: they that have heard Him and been taught by Him as the truth is in Jesus, “ have put off the old man"....“and put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness;" oh blessed liberty that well deserves the name of REST; “if the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed."

Finally, there is REST in Heaven for each disciple that sits at Jesus' feet and learns of Him. Rest in its earnest here is ours, in its perfection hereafter. There, shall be no more curse; there, shall be no more conflict; there, shall be no more night. Much that is not known now, we shall know then; we shall know mysteries of His teaching, which now we cannot understand, and certainly this we shall know, in our happy experience, the end of all His teaching, even “that He might present us to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but. ... holy and without blemish,” prepared for His presence, yea to be for ever with the Lord.” Brethren, this happiness may be

yours; cast off the teaching of the world, and learn of Jesus, and (oh unspeakable blessedness !) it

shall be yours.

Eph. iv. 20.

2 John viii. 36, with Judges v. 31.




“I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what He will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.”

“ Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, Consider your ways, ” But man layeth not to heart the message, in heedlessness and unconcern he passeth on; the Lord cometh and reckoneth with the many before they have reckoned with themselves. Days, and weeks, and months, and years glide by, and no converse is held with their own hearts; their life comes to a close without one hour's self-examination, without any solemn thought, without putting home to their heart that searching question, “Wherewith shall I come before the Lord, and bow myself before the High God?”...The Prophet in the text sets before us a happy contrast to this general unconcern; he iş resolved not to leave in uncertainty, the things that belong to his peace; he will wisely forecast, he will seek to realize the future as if present, he will “judge himself that he be not judged of the Lord.” Wise and blessed resolve! be it ours, brethren! Let us, also, Stand upon the Watch in Solemn Meditation, Listen with Attention, for God's Message to our Souls, -Get Ready our Answer to the Charges that are against Us!

I. In Solemn Meditation, let us each “stand upon the watch, and set ourselves upon the tower, and watch" to see what is presented to our view.

1. Let us review the past, let us meditate upon the days when we began life, when all was promise, all was bright and gay; “to-morrow (we then said) “ shall be as to-day, and more abundant;" our expectations were buoyant, pleasure's lie we took for truth, shadows for substance, dreams for realities : with some of us, those day-visions are gone, we think not as we once did, we have gained wisdom in our course, and as we look back, how much is there we would fain cancel, of our forgetfulness of God! how much we may well pray to remember, of His long-suffering care for us! on how much which once occupied our hearts,

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