Melancholy 13

Idiotic 3


Partial Dementia... 31
Partial Insanity.... 6
Periodical Insanity.. 5
Religious Mania.... 1

From the above it will be seen that about two-fifths of the present inmates of the asylum have become patients there since the 1st of January, 1858.

Simple Dementia... 63

Acute Insanity 33

Chronic Insanity... 8

Suicidal tendency... 2


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3. UNITED STATES MARINE HOSPITAL, SAN FRANCISCO* Organized March 16, 1852. Cost of building, $224,000. Expenditures fiscal year ending June 30, 1857, $48,112 56. Hospital money received at the port of San Francisco for the same period, $8,630 52.


Exhibiting the number of Patients Received, Discharged, and the Deaths at the United States Marine Hospital, San Francisco, from Mxrch 16th, 1852, to December 31st, 1857.



Total admitted from March, 1852, to December 31, 1857 8,047

Discharged same period 7,521

Died 320

. 7,841

Remaining under treatment, January 1, 1858 206


1. SACRAMENTO VALLEY RAILROAD. Organized August 4th, 1852. Reorganized November 9th, 1854 Capital $1,000,000. Length of road, twenty-two and a half miles. Cost of construction, $1,200,000.

* For list of Officers, see p. 64.

The Sacramento Valley Railroad extends from Sacramento to Folsom, a distance of twenty-two and a half miles. Operations commenced February 22d, 1856; since which time the transactions of the company have been eminently successful. It is proposed to extend this road to several of the interior cities of the State, and operations have been already commenced for the extension of the road to the Yuba River, a distance of forty-two miles.

The following extract from the Report of the company for 1851, will exhibit the business of the road:

Number of passengers transported 82,450

Tuns of freight transported 34,430

Total receipts from passengers and freight $177,842

Total cost of opening road and maintenance 86,503

Net earnings 91,339


Organized 1858. Length of road, (Vallejo to Marysville,) eighty-six miles; distance from San Francisco to Vallejo by water, twenty-two miles. In the course of construction.

The road will, when completed, afford a shorter and more direct communication between the cities of San Francisco and Marysville, and be of incalculable advantage to the district of country through which it passes.

3. SURVEYED ROUTES For a Railroad from the Mississippi or its Tributaries to the Pacific Ocean.

[Prepared at the office of the War Department.]

Description Of Route.

Route near 47th and 49th paral lels, from St. Paul to Vancouver

(Extension thence to Seattle

Near the 41st and 42d parallels, via South Pass, from Council

Bluffs to Benicia

Near the 38th and 39th parallels, from Westport to San Francisco by the Coo-che-to-pah and Tah

eo-chay-pah Passes

Same from Westport to San Francisco by tho Cooehe-to-pah and

Madelin Passes

Near the 35th parallel, from Fort

Smith to San Pedro

Near the 35th parallel, from Fort

Smith to San Francisco.. |Near tho 32d parallel, from Fulton

to San Pedro

Extension to San Francisco



Of the Principal Wagon Roads, leading from California to the East, with the distances to Carson Valley, Salt Lake, Humboldt River, etc.*

Noble's Pass.—The distance from the Sacramento Talley through this pass to the Humboldt, is about two hundred and fifty miles. Hight of pass, four thousand feet.

Beckworth's Route.—From Marysville, by way of Bidwell, American Valley, Beckworth's and Truckee River, to Humboldt River, is two hundred and seventy-four miles. Or,

From Marysville, by way of Gibsonville, Jameson's Creek, Mohawk River, Beckworth's to Humboldt River, two hundred miles.

Johnson's Cut-off.—From Sacramento, by way of Placerville, South Fork American River and Hope Valley, to Carson Valley, (Genoa,) one hundred and twenty-eight miles.

Carson Route.—From Sacramento, by way of Diamond Springs, Sly Park, to Carson Valley, (Genoa,) one hundred and forty-six miles.

Big Tree, Or Calaveras Route.—From Sacramento, by way of Mokelumne Hill, or Volcano, and Big Tree Road, to Carson Valley, one hundred and twenty-five miles.

Tejon Route.—From Stockton, by way of King's River, Tejon Pass, to Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and by the Military Road to Salt Lake City, eleven hundred miles.


There are three lines in operation in this State, organized by act of the Legislature, with an aggregate communication of eight hundred and eighty miles. In addition to these principal lines, there are three branch lines with a total communication of sixty-seven miles. Total, nine hundred and forlyBeven miles.


Organized 1852; number of miles of communication, two hundred and ten; connecting San Francisco with Sau Jose, Stockton. Sacramento and Marysville. This line connects with the Alta line at Sacramento, and with the Northern line at Marysville.


Organized 1853; number of miles of communication, four hundred and fifty, exclusive of branch lines sixty-seven miles in length; total communication, five hundred and seventeen miles. This line connects San Francisco with

• Compiled from Surveyor-General's Reports for 1856-6.

San Jose\ Oakland, Benicia, Sacramento, Folsom, Diamond Springs, Placerville, Coloma, Auburn, Grass Valley, Nevada, Forest City, Downieville, and from Placerville to Volcano, Jackson, Mokelumne Hill, San Andreas, Murphy's, Columbia, Sonora, and the intermediate towns and mining camps.

3. NORTHERN TELEGRAPH COMPANY. Organized 1857; number of miles of communication, two hundred and

twenty, connecting Marysville with Oroville, Chico, Tehama, Red Bluffs, Shasta, Weaver and Yreka.

4. HUMBOLDT TELEGRAPH COMPANY. Organized 1858. This line, now in the course of construction, will connect Placerville with Salt Lake, via Carson Valley, and from this point it is proposed to extend the line to St. Louis, Missouri.

5. PACIFIC AND ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH COMPANY. Organized by act of the Legislature, 1858. This company propose to construct a line of communication from San Francisco to San Antonio, Texas, via Los Angeles and the line of the Great Overland Mail Route from San Francisco to Memphis, Tenn.



The M. W. Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of California was organized on the 18th day of April, 1850; when there were represented three chartered lodges viz.: California Lodge, No. 13, holding under the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia—now California Lodge, No. 1; Western Star Lodge, No. 98, holding under the Grand Lodge of Missouri— now Western Star Lodge, No. 2; and Connecticut Lodge, No. 75, holding under the Grand Lodge of Connecticut—now Tehama Lodge, No. 3. Since that time to this date, (Sept. 7, 1858,) one hundred and twenty-seven lodges have received charters from the Grand Lodge of California, one hundred and seventeen of which are now in prosperous existence, besides five lodges under dispensation, having an aggregate membership, in all, of about five thousand. The officers of the Grand Lodge for the present year, are:

N. Greene Curtis, M. W. Grand Master, Sacramento; P. W. Shepheard, R. W. Deputy Grand Master, San Francisco; William McCormick, R. W. Senior Grand Warden, Grass Valley; James W. Bicknell, R. W. Junior Grand Warden, Volcano; Addison Martin, R. W. Grand Treasurer, San Francisco; Alexander G. Abell, R. W. Grand Secretary, San Francisco; William H. Hill, Rev. and W. Grand Chaplain, Sacramento; James L. English, W. Grand Orator, Sacramento; Lawrence C. Owen, W. Assistant Grand Secretary, San Francisco; Thomas P. Hawley, W. Grand Marshal, Nevada: John M. Tingley, W. Grand Standard Bearer, St. Louis; Isaac K. Barnes, W. Grand Sword Bearer, Placerville; George C. Tount, W. Grand Bible Bearer, Yountville; William McKean, W. Senior Grand Deacon, Grizzly Flat; E. H. Van Decar, W. Junior Grand Deacon, Iowa Hill; Gilbert Lanphier, Johnson's Bar, and Lewis Reynolds, Downieville, W. Grand Stewards; Henry L. Davis, W. Grand Organist, San Francisco; N. Dennis Witt, W. Grand Pursuivant, Oroville; 0. D. Chafee, W. Grand Tyler, Sacramento.

2. LIST OF LODGES, Now Existing under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of California.

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