has been ratified by the people, make proclamation of the fact, and thenceforth this Constitution shall be ordained and established as the Constitution of California.

Sec. 1. If this Constitution shall be ratified by the people of California, the Executive of the existing government is hereby requested, immediately after the same shall be ascertained, in the manner herein directed, to cause a fair copy thereof to be forwarded to the President of the United States, in order that he may lay it before the Congress of the United States.

Sec. 8. At the general election aforesaid, viz: the thirteenth day of November next, there shall be elected a Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, members of the Legislature, and also two members of Congress.

Sec. 9. If this Constitution shall be ratified by the people of California, the Legislature shall assemble at the seat of government on the fifteenth day of December next, and in order to complete the organization of that body, the Senate shall elect a President pro tempore, until the Lieutenant-Governor shall be installed into office.

Sec. 10. On the organization of the Legislature, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to lay before each house a copy of the abstract made by the Board of Canvassers, and if called for, the original returns of election, in order that each house may judge of the correctness of the report of said Board of Canvassers.

Sec. 11. The Legislature, at its first session, shall elect such officers as may be ordered by this Constitution, to be elected by that body, and within four days after its organization, proceed to elect two Senators to the Congress of the United States. But no law passed by this Legislature, shall take effect until signed by the Governor after his installation into office.

Sec. 12. The Senators and Representatives to the Congress of the United States, elected by the Legislature and people of California as herein directed, shall be furnished with certified copies of this Constitution, when ratified, which they shall lay before the Congress of the United States, requesting in the name of the people of California, the admission of the State of California, into the American Union.

Sec. 13. All officers of this State, other than members of the Legislature, shall be installed into office on the fifteenth day of December next, or as soon thereafter as practicable.

Sec. 14. Until the Legislature shall divide the State into counties and senatorial and assembly districts, as directed by this Constitution, the following shall be the apportionment of the two Houses of the Legislature, viz: The Districts of San Diego and Los Angeles, shall jointly elect two Senators; the Districts of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, shall jointly elect one Senator; the District of Monterey, one Senator; the District of San Jose, one Senator; the District of San Francisco, two Senators; the District of Sonoma, one Senator; the District of Sacramento, four Senators, and the District of San Joaquin, four Senators. And the District of San Diego shall elect one Member of the Assembly; the District of Los Angeles, two Members of Assembly; the District of Santa Barbara, two Members of Assembly; the District of San Luis Obispo, one Member of Assembly; the District of Monterey, two Members of Assembly; the District of San Jos6, three Members of Assembly; the District of San Francisco, five Members of Assembly; the District of Sonoma, two Members of Assembly; the District of Sacramento, nine Members of Assembly, and the District of San Joaquin, nine Members of Assembly.

Sec. 15. Until the Legislature shall otherwise direct, in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, the salary of the Governor shall be ten thousand dollars per annum; and the salary of the Lieutenant-Governor shall be double the pay of a State Senator; and the pay of the Members of the Legislature shall be sixteen dollars per diem, while in attendance, and sixteen dollars for every twenty miles' travel by the usual route from their residences to the place of holding the session of the Legislature, and in re


turning therefrom. And the Legislature shall fix the salaries of all officers other than those elected by the people at the first election.

Sec. 16. The limitation of the powers of the Legislature, contained in Article VIIL, of this Constitution, shall not extend to the first Legislature elected under the same, which is hereby authorized to negotiate for such amount as may be necessary to pay the expenses of the State Government.

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Name. Office. Residence. Salary. Term expires.

John B. Weller Governor (a) Sacramento.$6,000. .Jan. 9, '60

Joseph Walkup.......Lieut.-Governor (b) .Placer % 12 per diem.

Ferris Porman Sec'y of State (c) .. .Sacramento. 3,500..

Aaron R. Meloney Controller (d) ". 3,500..

Thomas Findley Treasurer (e) u . 3,500..

Thomas H. Williams.. .Attorney-General (f). " . 2,000..

Horace A. Higley Surveyor-General (g) " . 2,000..

Andrew J. Moulder Sup'tPub. Insfn (h).S. Francisco. 3,500.."

"William G. Kibbe QulrtermW-Gerfl (i) .Sacramento. 2,000. .May, '62

John O'Meara State Printer ". Fees . .Jan. 9, '60

Edwin R. Campbell .. .State Registrar ".{1,200. .M'ylO/60

Manuel T. Brocklebank. Gov. Private Sec. (j).

2,000..At will.

(a) Ex officio Chairman of Board of Examiners; President Board of Education, of Library Directors, State Prison Directors and Land and Stamp Commissioners.

G-) Ex officio President of Senate, State Prison and Library Director.

(c) Ex officio Superintendent of Public Buildings, State Librarian, member Board Examiners, Land and Stamp Commissioner, State Prison Director and State Sealer of Weights and Measures.

(i) Ex officio member Board Land Commissioners and Board Examiners of War Claims, Li

brary Director and member Board Examiners of State Prison Accounts.

(c) Ex officio Library Director, member Board Examiners War Claims, Board Examiners State Prison Accounts and Stamp Oom'er.

(/) Ex officio member Board Examiners and Board Examiners State Prison Accounts,

(7) Ex officio member Board Education and Register State Land Office.

(h) Ex officio member Board of Education.

(i) Ex officio Adjutant-General and member

Board Examiners War Claims, (j) Secretary to Board of Examiners.

* For tenure, etc., of State Officers, see Constitution, page 72. + And fees.


Thirty-Fifth Congress, commenced March 4, 1857, expires March 3, 1859. Second Session commences December 6, 1858, expires March 3, 1859.

Term Expires.

"Wm. M. Gwin San Francisco Senator March 3, 1861

David C. Broderick" " March 3, 1863

Joseph C. McKibben Sierra Representative ..March 3, 1859

Charles L. Scott Tuolumne ". .March 3, 1859


Tenth Session commenced January 3, 1859.

1. SENATE.^—Thirty-five Members,


President pro tern


Assistant Secretary

Enrolling Clerk

Engrossing Clerk





1st District—Los Angeles, San Bernardino and San Diego—Cameron B.

Thorn, (dem.,) term expires January, 1860. 2d District—Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo—Romualdo Pacheco,

(dem.), term expires January, 1860. 3d District—Monterey and Santa Cruz—D. S. Gregory, (dem.), term expires

January, 1860.

4th District—Santa Clara and Alameda—E. A. Redman, (dem.), term exexpires January, 1861.

Gth District—San Francisco and San Mateo—Gilbert A. Grant, (rep.), and T. G. Phelps, (rep.), term expires January, 1860. C. H. S. Williams, (rep.), and S. H. Parker, (rep.), term expires January, 1861.

* The pay of officers, members and employes of the Legislature is established as follows: By Act of the Legislature April 21, 1856, the Lieutenant-Governor and Speaker of the Assembly, twelve dollars per day ; Members for the first ninety days of the Bession, ten dollars, and for the remainder five dollars per day, and mileage at the rate of four dollars for every twenty miles oftravel from their residences, by the nearest mail route, to the Capitol. By the Act of April 26. 1858, the Secretary of the Senate, the Clerk of the Assembly and the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Senate and Assembly, each receive ten dollars per day, and the Assistants, each nine dollars per day; to the Engrossing Clerk, fifteen cents per folio; to the Enrolling Clerks, twenty cents per folio, and for all other copying, twelve cents per folio; to the Committee Clerks, each eight dollars; to the porters, each live dollars, and to the pages, each three dollars per day.

t Democrats, 25; Anti-Lecompton Democrats, 5; Republicans, 4 ; Independent, 1.

i To be elected by the Senate.


6ft District—Tulare, Fresno, Mariposa, Merced and Buena Vista—Samuel A. Merritt (dem.), term expires January, 1861.

1th District—Tuolumne and Stanislaus—William Holden, (dem.), term expires January, 1860. Isaac N. Quinn, (dem.), term expires January, 1861.

8th District—Contra Costa and San Joaquin—George W. Dent, (dem.), term expires January, 1861.

9ft District—Sacramento—Johnson Price, (dem.), term expires January, 1860. James M. McDonald, (dem.), term expires January, 1861.

10th District—Solano, Napa and Yolo—Humphrey Griffith, (A. L. dem.),

term expires January, 1860. 11th District—Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino—Jasper O'Farrell, (dem.),

term expires January, 1861. 12th District—Klamath, Del Norte and Siskiyou—J. Berry, (dem.), term expires January, 1860. » 13th District—Colusa, Shasta and Tehama—Ephraira Garter, (dem.), term

expires January, 1860. Uth District—Butte and Plumas—A S. Hart, (A. L. dem.), term expires

January, 1860. Sylvester A. Ballou, (A L. dem.), term

expires January, 1861. 15ft District—Yuba and Sutter—Isaac Allen, (A. L. dem.), term expires

January, 1860. E. D. Wheeler, (A. L. dem.), and W. H.

Parks, (dem.), term expires January, 1861. 16ft District—Nevada—E. F. Burton, (ind.), term expires January, 1860.

Christopher J. Lansing, (dem.), term expires January,


11th District—Placer—J. H. Baker, (dem.), term expires January, 1860.

James Anderson, (dem.), term expires January, 1861. 18th District—El Dorado—S. F. Hamra, (dem.), and W. B. Dickinson, (dem.),

term expires January, 1860. Arthur St. Clair Denver,

(dem.), and Isaac S. Titus, (dem.), term expires January,


19ft District—Calaveras and Amador—L. N. Ketcham, (dem.), term expires January, 1860. B. T. Bradley, (dem.), term expires January, 1861.

20ft District—Sierra—M. Kirkpatrick, (dem.), term expires January, 1861. 21st District—Humboldt and Trinity—John C. Burch, (dem.), term expires January, 1860.

2. ASSEMBLY.*—Eighty Members.




* Democrats, 86; Anti-Lecompton Democrats, 16; Republican, 8.

t To be elected by tbe Assembly. $ Ex ojficio Library Director.

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