The Harrises, an extract from the common-place book of Alexander Smith, the elder, Volum 1


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Side 362 - Horses of the Sahara, and the Manners of the Desert. By E. DAUMAS, General of the Division Commanding at Bordeaux, Senator, &c., &c. With Commentaries by the Emir Abd-el-Kadir (Authorized Edition). 8vo. 6s.
Side 346 - The First Age of Christianity and the Church. By John Ignatius Dollinger, DD, Professor of Ecclesiastical History in the University of Munich, &c., &c. Translated from the German bv Henrv Nutcombe Oxenham, MA, late Scholar of Baliol College, "Oxford.
Side 351 - This is a really valuable work. A book which will long remain the standard authority on the subject. No one who has been to the Channel Islands, or who purposes going there will be insensible of its value." — Saturday Review. "It is the produce of many hands and every hand a good one.
Side 343 - Indian Criminal Law and Procedure, Including the Procedure in the High Courts, as well as that in the Courts not established by Royal Charter ; with Forms of Charges and Notes on Evidence, illustrated by a large number of English Cases, and Cases decided in the High Courts of India; and an APPENDIX of selected Acts passed by the Legislative Council relating to Criminal matters.
Side 362 - The mode of administering it, and minor operations. SHOEING. — Its origin, its uses, and its varieties. THE TEETH. — Their natural growth, and the abuses to which they are liable. FOOD. — The fittest. time for feeding, and the kind of food which the horse naturally consumes. The evils which are occasioned by modern stables. The faults inseparable from stables. The so-called " incapacitating vices," which are the results of injury or of disease.
Side 356 - History of Chess, From the time of the Early Invention of the Game in India, till the period of its establishment in Western and Central Europe.
Side 353 - It is well thought and weightily written. We have not come across a book of the present day for a considerable while so far removed from the common run of writing and of thinking as this one is.
Side 343 - It is not only a meritorious addition to our biographical literature, but a useful work in aid of the later history of the Mother Church of England. It is a Work evincing much erudition, and the Author has spared no pains in the researches necessary to authenticate and illustrate his materials.
Side 342 - ALLEN & Co. Tree and Serpent Worship; Or, Illustrations of Mythology and Art in India in the First and Fourth Centuries after Christ, from the Sculptures of the Buddhist Topes at Sanchi and Amravati. Prepared at the India Museum, under the authority of the Secretary of State for India in Council. Second edition, Revised, Corrected, and in great part Re-written.
Side 350 - MAYHEW, 2 vols., 8vo., with numerous illustrations. 18s. A Popular Edition of the above. With illustrations. Cr. 8vo. 7s. " Full of original thought and observation, and may be studied with profit by both German and English — especially by the German.

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