Pending the completion of the Catalogue these donations have, for the most part, been allowed to accumulate, but will now be applied to the extension of the Library.

The sole regular fund on which the Library depends for its maintenance and extension is a grant from the Treasury of £100 per annum. This item was first included in the Estimates of the University for 1873, and having been continued in subsequent years, it may doubtless be regarded as a permanent source of income. But this grant is scarcely more than sufficient to meet current expenditure, and leaves only a slender balance applicable to the purchase of new works.

This Catalogue was mainly compiled by Mr. Thomas Nichols, of the British Museum, under the direction of the Senate, and forms an interesting record of the Grote and De Morgan Libraries. It has been completed to the end of the year 1875, by the addition of a large number of Titles representing recent gifts, purchases, and a considerable further instalment of Mr. Grote's Library, forwarded by Mrs. Grote to the University


D. M. Books from the Library of Augustus DE MORGAN, pre

sented by LORD OVERSTONE. G. G. Books from the Library of GEORGE Grote, by bequest. I, O. Books from the East INDIA COLLEGE LIBRARY, presented

by the Secretary of State for India. R. O. Books received as presents from the PUBLIO RECORD


Abbadie (Jacques). Traité de la Vérité de la Religion Chrétienne, .. Par J. A. Tom. I. II.

La Haye, 1771. 12mo. Abbott (Francis). Results of Twenty-five years' Meteorological

Observations for Hobart Town; together with a two years' register of the principal Atmospheric Meteors, and Aurora Australis. By F. A. To which is added, a Meteorological Summary for Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, &c., &c. as

compiled from their respective records. Tasmania, 1866. 4to. Abbt (Thomas). T. Abbts vermischte Werke. Zweyter Theil welcher

1 ) vom Tode fürs Vaterland ; 2) Fragment der Portugiesischen Geschichte enthält. Dritter Theil, welcher einen Theil seiner freundschaftlichen Correspondenz enthält.

Berlin, 1770-71. 8vo. Vom Verdienste. Dritte Auflage. Th. I.

Berlin, 1772. 8vo. Abbutt (Richard). See EstaTES. The two estates. 'Abd al Aziz. See BIDLE. Old Testament. Psalms.

The first sixteen Psalms translated from the Arabic version into Swahili by

Sheikh 'A, a. A. Abdy (J.T.). See Gaius. Commentaries. Abel (N. H.). Oeuvres complètes de N. H. A., Mathématicien, avec

des notes et développements, rédigées par ordre du roi, par B. Holmboe, professeur de mathématiques à l'Université de Christiania. 2 tom.

[D. M.] Christiania, 1839. 4to. - (Otto). Makedonien vor König Philipp. Von 0. A.

[G. G.] Leipzig, 1847. 8vo. Abèri (Eugène). Réponse de M. E. A. à un Article de M. le Prof. G.

Libri (Journal des Savans, Juin 1814). Sur la question agitée à Florence au sujet des travaux de Galilée et de Renieri sur les Satellites de Jupiter. (D. M.] Florence, 10 Septembre, 1844. 8vo.

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Abingdon. Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon. Edited by the Rev.

Joseph Stevenson. 2 vol. I. From the foundation of the Monas-
tery until the Norman Conquest; II. From the Norman Conquest
until the accession of Richard the First. CHRONICLES AND

[R. 0.] London, 1858. 8vo. Aboîul Haçan Alî Ben Mohammed Alkalcàdî. Traité d' Arithmétique.

Abra de Raconis (C. P. d'). Totivs Philosophiæ Auctore C. P. d'
A. d. R.

[G. G.] Parisiis, 1637. 8vo. Abrahamus ben CHIYA,

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סֵפֶר צוּרַת הָאָרֶץ וְתַבְנִית כַּדָּרֵי הַרָקִיעַ וְסֵדֶר מַהֲלַךְ כּוֹכְבֵיהֶם הַנִּכְתָּב עַל יָדִי ר' אַבְרָהָם ב"ר. הַיָּא חַסְפַרְדִי: קיעוּר הַמְלֶאכֶת מִסְפָּר אֲשֶׁר חבֵּר ר' אֵלִיָה מִזְרָחִי ז"ל.

Sphaera Mvndi avtore Rabbi Abrahamo Hispano filio R. Haije. Arithmetica secvndvm omnes species suas autore Rabbi Elija Orientali. Qvos libros Osvvaldvs Schreckenfuchsius uertit in linguam latinam, Sebastianus uero Munsterus illustrauit annotationibus.

[D. M.] Basileae, 1546. 4to. Abrahamus Ecchellensis. See APOLLONIUS Pergæus. Conicorum lib.

v. vi. vii.
Abú Becr Mohammed Ibn Zacaríyá Ar-rází (Commonly called

RHAZES). A Treatise on the Small-pox and Measles, by Abú . .
Translated from the original Arabic by W. A. Greenhill, M. D.

London (printed for the Sydenham Society), 1848. 8vo.
Abu'l-Kâsim Mahmúd Bin 'Omar Zamahšarius. Al-Mufassal, opus

de Re Grammatica Arabicum, auctore A.-K. M. B. 0." Zamah-
sário. Ad fidem codicum manu scriptorum edidit J. P. Broch.
Breviter praefatus est C. A. Holmboe. (Universitatis Pro-
gramma anni MDCCCLIX semestri posteriori editum.)

Christianiae, 1859. Svo.
Academia Regia Borussica. See PRUSSIA.
Academia Regia Litterarum Borussica. See PRUSSIA.
Académie des Sciences. See FRANCE. Institut.
Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques. See FRANCE. Institut.
Académie Française. See FRANCE. Institut.
Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Pétersbourg. See Russia.

St. Petersburg.
Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres, et des Beaux-Arts de

Belgique. See BELGIUM.
Accademia della Crusca. See ITALY.
Accorombonius (Felix). Felicis Accorombonii Nobilis Evgybini Civis

Romani Interpretatio Obscvriorym Locorum & Sententiarum
omnium operum Aristotelis [&c.]. Et de fluxu & refluxu Maris
breuis tractatus [&c.].

[G. G.) Romae, 1590. fol.

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Achaeus. Achaei Eretriensis quae supersunt, collecta et illustrata a Car. Lud. Urlichs.

[G. G.] Bonnae, 1834. 8vo. Achilles Tatius. See EROTICI SCRIPTORES. (Didot.)

Isagoge ad Arati Phænomena. See PETAVIUS (D.). Uranologion. Acland (Henry Wentworth). Remarks on the extension of Education

at the University of Oxford, in a letter to the Rev. W. Jacobson,
D.D., Regius Professor of Divinity, and Canon of Ch. Ch., Oxford.
By H. W. A., M.D., F.R.S. [D. M.] Oxford, 1818. 8vo.
The Harveian Oration 1865. By H. W. A.

[G. G.] London, 1865. 8vo. (T. D.). Some account of the origin and objects of the new Oxford examinations for the title of Associate in Arts and Certificates for the year 1858. Second edition. By T. D. A.

London, 1858. 8vo. Acron. See HORATIUS Flaccus (Q.). Acronis et Porphyrionis com

mentarii. Acusilaus. Fragmenta. See PHERECYDES. Fragmenta, &c. Adagia. Adagia, Id est ; Proverbiorum, Paroemiarum et Parabolarum

omnium, quæ apud Græcos, Latinos, Hebræos, Arabes, &c., in usu fuerunt, Collectio absolutissima in locos communes digesta. . . Adiecti sunt indices dvo accvratissimi, vnvs proverbiorum juxta ordinem alphabeti, alter rerum & verborum.

[D. M.] Francofurti, 1646. fol. Adams (Edwin). Geography Classified: a Systematic Manual of

Mathematical, Physical and Political Geography. By E. A.,

[G. G.] London, 1863. 8vo.. (Francis). See HIPPOCRATES. The genuine works of H., translated by F. A.

See Paulus ÆGINETA. The seven books of P. (John Couch). An explanation of the observed Irregularities in the Motion of Uranus, on the hypothesis of disturbances caused by a more distant planet ; with a determination of the mass, orbit, and position of the disturbing body. By J. C. A., Esq., M. A. [From the Appendix to the Nautical Almanac for 1851.j

[D. M.] London, 1846. 8vo. On the Secular Variation of the Moon's Mean Motion. By J. C. A. [From The Philosophical Transactions, 1853.]

[D. M.] 4to. (John Quincy). Letters on the Masonic Institution. By

Boston [U. S.), 1847. 8vo. -(Walter Marsham). Outlines of Geometry; or, the Motion of a Point. An introductory treatise on the difficulties of elementary geometry, and the general principles of the higher plane curves; with especial reference to Euclid's elements. By W.M.A.

[D. M.] Melbourne, 1866. 8vo. Another edition.

London, 1869. 8vo.

J. Q. A.

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Adamson (J.). Notes on Cape Affairs. A Letter to C. B. Adderley, Esq., M.P. (July 12, 1851). By J. A., D.D.

[D. M.] London, 1851. 8vo. Adamus (Melchior). Vitæ Germanorum jureconsultorum et politi

corum : qvi superiori seculo, et quod excurrit, floruerunt: concinnatæ a M. A.

[D. M] Haidelbergæ, 1620. 8vo. Vitæ Germanorum medicorum : qvi seculo superiori, et quod excurrit, claruerunt: congestæ & ad annum usque clɔ Lo cxx. deductæ a M. A.

[D. M.] Haidelbergæ, 1620. 8vo. Vitæ Germanorvm philosophorym : qvi secvlo svperiori, et qvod excvrrit, philosophicis ac humanioribus literis clari floruerunt. Collectæ a M. A. [D, M.] Francofurti, 1663. 8vo.

Vitæ Germanorum theologorum, qvi superiori secvlo ecclesiam Christi voce scriptisqve propagarunt et propugnarunt, congestæ & ad annum usque cI. I5c XVIII. deductæ à M. A.

[G. G.] Francofurti, 1653. 8vo. Addington (Right Hon. Henry), Viscount Sidmouth. The Life and

Correspondence of the Right Hon. H. Viscount S. By the Hon.
George Pellew, D.D., Dean of Norwich. 3 vols.

[G. G.] London, 1847. 8vo. Addison (Joseph). Poetical Works of. See ANDERSON, British Poets.

Vol. vii. Adelswaerd (Oscar d'). Du Système Protecteur et de ses conséquences, par 0. d' A.

[G. G.) Nancy, 1860. 8vo. La Liberté de Conscience en Suède par O d’A.

[G. G.] Paris, 1861. 8vo. Adelung (Johann Christoph). See DUFRESNE (C.). Lexicon manuale.

Grammatisch - Kritisches Worterbuch der Hochdeutschen Mundart von J. O, A.

Thle. Zweyte . . Ausgabe.

[G. G.] Leipzig, 1793-1801. 4to. Admiralty, Works published by order of the Board of. The Nautical

Almanac. See ALMANACS. CARRINGTON (R.C.) Circumpolar
Stars observed at Redhill in the years 1854–56. MACLEAR (T.).
Contributions to Astronomy and Geodesy.

Works published by direction of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and sold by J. Murray, Albemarle Street. (List.]

[D. M.] London. 8vo. Aehrenfeld (M. von). See SCHAFARIK (P. J.), Slawische Alterthümer. Aelbroeck (J.-L. van). L'Agriculture pratique de la Flandre, par J.-L. v. A.

[G. G.] Paris, 1830. 8vo. Memoire sur les Prairies Aigres. Par J. L. van A.

[G. G.] Bruxelles, 1828. 8vo. .Aelianus (Claudius) Prænestinus. ΚΛ. ΑΙΛΙΑΝΟΥ ΣΟΦΙΣΤΟΥ

101KIAN TETOPIA, Cl. Aeliani Sophistae varia Historia, cum notis integris Conradi Gesneri, &c. . . & Interpretatione Latina Justi Vulteji .. curante Abrahmo Gronovio 2 vol.

[G. G.) Lugd. Bat. 1731. 4tc.

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