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Woepcke (François). See Omar Alkhayyâmî. Algèbre.

Introduction au Calcul Gobârî et Hawâî traité d'arithmétique traduit de l'Arabe par F. W. et précédé d'une notice de M. Aristide Marre sur un manuscrit possédé par M. Chasles . et contenant le texte arabe de ce traité. [Extrait des Atti dell Accademia Pontificia de' Nuovi Lincei, tome xix.]

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[D, M.] Rome, 1859. 4to. Sur une donnée historique relative à l'emploi des chiffres indiens


les Arabes. Par M. F. W. [ .] 8vo. Wohlthaeter. Der Wohlthäter. 6 Th. Magdeburg, 1772–73. 8vo. Wolf (R.). See KOENIG (S.). Auszüge aus S. Königs Briefen an A.

v. Haller, mit Notizen von R. W.
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Wolffson (J.). See CARRIERE (M.). Teleologiae Aristotelicae Linea-

menta Dissertatio.
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humani . . ex sermone Germanico in Latinum translatæ a
Christiano Wolfio. Edit. secunda.

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Christiani Wolfii, .. Elementa Matheseos Universæ. Tomus
quintus. . . Editio nova, priori multo auctior et correctior.

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Leptinem ; 8c.

See SUETONIUS Tranquillus (C.). Opera.
F. A. Wolfii . . Miscellanea maximam partem litteraria.

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Prolegomena ad Homerum . . Scripsit F. A. W. Vol. I.

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Thesaurus Logarithmorum completus.



Wollaston (T. Vernon). Catalogue of the Coleopterous Insects of the Canaries in the collection of the British Museum. By T. V. W.

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Paris, 1864. 12mo. De L'Organisation du Crédit Foncier. Par L. W.

[G. G] Paris, 1818. 8vo. Wolphius (Heinrichus). Chronologia siue de Tempore et eivs muta

tionibus ecclesiasticis tractatio theologica libris duobus comprehensa, per Heinrichym VVolphivm, Tigurinum.

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Athene Oxonienses. An exact History of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their education in the most antient and famous University of Oxford, from the fifteenth year of King Henry the Seventh, A.D. 1500, to the Author's death in November 1695. . . To which are added, The Fasti, or Annals, of the said University [to the year 1690]. By Anthony W., M.A. In two volumes. The second edition.

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Society, 1848.

8vo. (Sir Charles). Speech of the Right Hon. Sir C. W., Chancellor of the Exchequer in the House of Commons on Friday April 4, 1851.

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. (John). The late Mr. John Wood. (Biographical notice from The Manchester Guardian, Oct. 22, 1856.] [D. M.] S. sh. 4to. (William). Astronomy made plain ; or only way whereby the true perpendicular distance of the Sun, Moon, or Stars, from this earth, can be obtained. By W. W.

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Woodhouse (James). [Collection of Antiquities, now in the British


(Robert). A Treatise on Isoperimetrical Problems, and the Calculus of Variations. By R. W., A.M., F.R.S.

[D. M.] Cambridge, 1810. 4to. A Treatise on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. By R. W. The third edition, corrected, altered, and enlarged.

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United States Army Medical Museum. Prepared under the
direction of the Surgeon General, U. S. Army, by A. A. W.,
Assistant Surgeon [&c.].

Washington, 1866. 4to.
Woodley (William). A Treatise on the Divine System of the Universe,

by Capt. W., R.N., and as demonstrated by his Universal Time-
piece, and universal method of determining a Ship’s Longitude
by the apparent true place of the Moon ; with an introduction
refuting the Solar System of Copernicus, the Newtonian Philo-
sophy, and Mathematics. [D. M.] London, 1834. 8vo. .

Theory of the Universe : comprising strictures on Commander
Woodley's “Divine System. Published in the United Service
Journal for July 1831. [D. M.] London, [ .] 8vo.

Description of the Universal Timepiece, being an accompany-
ment to take to sea with the Desideratum, or new method for
the Longitude.

[D. M.] [

.] 12mo. Woodward (J. J.). Report on Epidemic Cholera and Yellow Fever

in the Army of the United States, during the year 1867. [By
Brevet Lieut. Col. J.J. W. Assistant-Surgeon, U.S.A.]

Washington, 1868. 8vo.
Report to the Surgeon General, of the United States Army,
on the Magnesium and Electric Lights, as applied to Photo-
Micrography. By Brevet Lieutenant Colonel J. J. W., Assistant
Surgeon, U. S. Army.

Washington, D. C., 1870. 4to.
Woolhouse (W. S. B.). Essay on Musical Intervals, Harmonics, and

the Temperament of the Musical Scale, &c. By W. S. B. W.,
Head Assistant on the Nautical Almanac Establishment.
[D. M.] London, 1835. 12mo.

[* From The Philosophical Transactions.]

Woolhouse (W. S. B.). New Tables for computing the Occultations

of Jupiter's Satellites by Jupiter, the Transits of the Satellites and their shadows over the disc of the planet, and the Positions of the Satellites with respect to Jupiter at any time. By Mr. W. S. B. W. [Nautical Almanac, 1835.—Appendix.] [D. M.] 8vo.

On Eclipses. By Mr. W. S. B. W. [Nautical Almanac, 1836. - Appendix.]

[D. M.] 8vo. On Interpolation, Summation, and the Adjustment of Numerical Tables. By W. S. B. W., F.R.A.S., F.S.S.

[D. M.] London, 1865. 8vo. On the fundamental Principles of the Differential and Integral Calculus, and the Reasonings employed in their application. By Mr. W. S. B. W. (Appendix to the Gentleman's Diary for 1835.]

[D. M.] 12mo. Tables of Continental Lineal and Square Measures. By W. S. B. W.

London, 1836. 8vo. Woollgar (J. W.). Descriptive List of Ancient and Modern Cælestial Maps, from careful observation.

[D. M.] Lewes, July, 1848. 8vo. Catalogue of the Scientific Library of the late J. W. W., Esq. [Sale-catalogue.]

[D. M.] [London,] 1851. 4to. Woolrych (H. Fitzroy). Aleph v. Colenso. By the Rev. H. F. W., M.A.

Maidstone, 1866. 8vo. Woolsey (Theodore D.). See Plato. Gorgias. Worcester (Joseph E.). A Dictionary of the English Language.

London, [
Working Men's Association. Address from the Working Men's

Association to the Working Classes on the subject of National

[G. G.] London, [

.] 8vo. Worlds. A Dialogue on the Plurality of Worlds ; being a supplement to the essay on that subject.

[D. M.] London, [

.] 8vo. Wormell (Richard). Arithmetic for Schools and Colleges. By R. W.,

M.A., Gold Medallist in Mathematics, Lond.; Mathematical Master at the City of London Middle Schools. [Murbi's Excelsior School Series.] [D. M.] London, [

.] 16mo. An Elementary Course of Plane Geometry. By R. W. [D. M.] London, [

.] 16mo. An Elementary Course of theoretical and applied Mechanics designed for the use of schools, colleges, and candidates for University and other examinations. By R. W., M.A., B.Sc., Medallist in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Lond.

[D. M.] London, 1869. 16mo. Worsley (Philip Stanhope). See HOMER. Worth (Wilhelmus). See TATIAN (& Hermias).

.] 4to.

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Wratislaw (Albert Henry). Further Remarks on the University

System of Education, as affected by the adoption of the late
Syndicate Report. By the Rev. A. II. W., M.À.

[D. M.] Cambridge, 1848. 8vo. Wren (M.). Monarchy Asserted : or the State of Monarchial and

Popular Government, ,in vindication of the considerations upon
Mr. Harrington's Oceana.' By M. W.

[G. G.] Oxford, 1659. 8vo. Wright (Charles Henry Hamilton). See BIBLE. Old Testament.


(Edward). See NAPIER (J.). A description of the admirable
Table of Logarithmes, translated by E. W. with an addition of the
instrumentall table.

Certaine Errors in Navigation, detected and corrected by E. W., with many additions that were not in the former edition.

[D. M.] London, 1610. 4to. The Description and Vse of the Sphære deuided into three principal partes : whereof The first intreateth especially of the circles of the vppermost moueable Sphære, and of the manifould vses of euery one of them seuerally : The second sheweth the plentifull vse of the vppermost Sphære, and of the Circles thereof ioyntly: The third conteyneth the description of the Orbes whereof the Sphæres of the Sunne and Moone haue beene supposed to be made, with their Motions and Vses. By E. W.

[D. M.] London, 1613. 4to. The Description and Vse of the Sphaere. Deuided into three principall parts. Whereof the first intreateth especially of the circles of the vppermost moueable Sphære, and of the manifold vses of euery one of them seuerally. The second sheweth the plentifull vse of the yppermost Sphære, and of the Circles thereof joyntly. The third contayneth the description of the Orbes whereof the Sphæres of the Sunne and Moone have beene supposed to bee made, with their Motions and Vses. By E. W.

[D. M.] London, 1627. 4to. (G. N.). See BERKELEY (George). Works. (J. M. F.). See HIRSCH (M.). Geometry.

An Elementary Treatise on the Theory of Numbers ; from the Private Tutor. By J. M. F. W., A.B.

[D. M.] Cambridge, 1831. 8vo. (Richard P.). The Elements of Plane Geometry for the use of Schools and Colleges by R. P. W., formerly Teacher of Geometrical Drawing in Queenwood College, Hampshire; with a Preface by T. Archer Hirst, F.R.S., &c., Professor of Mathematics in University College, London.

(D. M.] London, 1868. 12mo. (Robert). The Life of Major-General James Wolfe: founded on original documents .. By R. W.

[G. G.] London, 1864. 8vo.

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