Wright (Thomas). An original theory or new hypothesis of the

Universe, founded upon the laws of nature, and solving by mathematical principles the general phænomena of the visible creation; and particularly the Via Lactea. Compris'd in nine familiar letters from the author to his friend. And illustrated with upwards of thirty graven and mezzotinto plates, by the best masters. By T. W., of Durham.

[D. M.] London, 1750. 4to. (Thomas). See CAMBRIDGE, University of. Transactions.

See HEYWOOD (J.) and WRIGHT (T.).
See LANGTOFT (P. de). Chronicle.
See NARES (Robert). Glossary.
See NECKHAM (A.). De naturis rerum ; &c.

Biographia Britannica Literaria; or Biography of Literary Characters of Great Britain and Ireland, arranged in chronological order. Anglo-Saxon Period. By T. W., M.A.

London, 1842. 8vo. Anglo-Norman Period.

[D. M.] London, 1846. 8vo. Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English. Compiled by T. W. 2 vol.

London, 1869. 8vo. On the Antiquity of Dates expressed in Arabic Numerals.


.] 8vo. Political Poems and Songs relating to English History, composed during the period from the accession of Edw. III. to that of Ric. III. Edited by T. W. 2 vol. [R. O.] [CHRONICLES AND MEMORIALS.] London, 1859-61. 8vo.

Popular Treatises on Science written during the Middle Ages, in Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and English. Edited from the original manuscripts by T. W. [D. M.] London (Printed for the Historical Society of Science).

1811. Ero The Political Songs of England, from the reign of Joha o that of Edward II. Edited and translated by T. W. [D. M.] London, Printed for the Camden Society, 1839. 4to. and Halliwell (James Orchard). Reliquiæ Antiquæ. Scraps from Ancient Manuscripts, illustrating chiefly early Englislı Literature and the English Language. Edited by T. W. and J. O. H. Vol. I.

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(William Aldis). See BACON (F.). The Advancement of Learning. [* Published under the Superintendence of the Council of the Royal Society of Literature.]

[blocks in formation]


Wright (William Aldis). See BACON (F.). Essays and Colours of Good and Evil.

See EASTWOOD (J.) and WRIGHT (W. A.).

See SHAK'SPERE (W.). Works. Globe edition.
Writs. [Parliamentary Writs, and Writs of Military Summons.)

Volume the second. (Division 1.-Chronological Abstract and

1830. (Division II.- Parliamentary and Military Writs, &c., and Appendix.)

1830. (Division III.- Alphabetical Digest and Index.) 1834. [RECORD COMMISSION.]

[R. O.] [London.] fol. Wronski (Hoene). Addresse aux Nations civilisées sur leur sinistre

désordre révolutionnaire ; comme suite de la Réforme du Savoir humain. Par H. W.

[D. M.] Paris, 1848. 4to. Supplément à l'Épitre addressée à son Altesse le Prince Czartoryski pour servir d'Avis aux deux Classes scientifiques de

l'Institut de France. Par H. W. [D. M.] Paris, 1848. 4to. Wrottesley (Hon. John). A Catalogue of the Right Ascensions of

1318 Stars contained in the Astronomical Society's Catalogue, being chiefly those of the 6th and 7th Magnitudes. By J. W.,

[D. M.] 4to. A Supplemental Catalogue of the Right Ascensions of Fiftyfive Stars, contained in the Royal Astronomical Society's Catalogue. By the Hon. J. W.

[D. M.] 4to. Wuellner (Franciscus). See Prussia. Dusseldorf. Königl. Gym

nasium. Jahresbericht.

De P. Terentii Varronis Atacini Vita et Scriptis Commen

tatio. Scripsit Dr. F. W. [G. G.] Monastfrii, 1829. 4to. Wunderbar (R. J.). Biblisch-talmudische Medicin. Erste [-Vierte]

Abtheilung. Von R. J. W. [Also II. Bd. Erste Abth.
Erste Abschnitt.]

[G. G.] Riga, 1850–57. 8vo. Neue Folge. Drittes Heft. Gerichtliche Medicin und medicinische Polizei der alten Israeliten. Viertes Heft. Medicinische Polizei der alten Israeliten.

Riga, 1860. 8vo. Wunderlich (Christian. Gottlieb). See OSIANDER (C. N.). Scholia

in librum sextum elementorum Euclidis, Wundt (Wilhelm). Vorlesungen über die Menschen- und Thierseele. Von W. W. 2 Bde.

(G. G.) Leipzig, 1863. 8vo. Wurm (Johannes Fridericus). De Ponderum, Nummorum, Mensu

rarum, ac de Anni ordinandi rationibus apud Romanos et Graecos. In usum auctorum classicorum, a Societ. Würtembergica edendorum scripsit Tabulasque subjecit Joh. Frid. Wurm, Prof. Stutgard.

[D. M.] Stutgardiae, 1821. 8vo. Another copy.

[G. G.] r. From The Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society.]


Wurtemberg. Tübingen, University of. Augustissimi Regis Würt

tembergiae Guilielmi Festum Natalitium die XXVII. Septembris post concionem sacram in aula va Oratione solenni celebrandum indicit Rector et Senatus Literarum Universitatis Tubingensis. Praemittuntur Fragmenta libri VII Geographicorum Strabonis Palatino-Vaticana novis curis emendata [&c.].

[G. G.] Tubingae, 1844. 4to. Wuttke (Heinrich). See HIERONYMUS. Cosmographiam Aethici Istrici

ab Hieronymo redactam.

See SCHAFARIK (P. J.). Slawische Alterthümer. Wyat (Sir Thomas). Poetical Works. See ANDERSON, British

Poets. Vol. I. Wyatt (Hugh P.). Thoughts on University Education. By H. P. W., LL.D.

[D. M.] Cambridge, 1849. Svo. Wybard (John). Horologiographia Noctvrna. Or Lvnar Horologio

graphie. Set forth and demonstrated (after a twofold manner) in the Horizontall Plane onely . . By I. W. Together with an addition of certaine new and briefe rules for the exact and most speedy mensuration of Circles and spheres, and also Cylinders, both in solid and liquid measure, by certaine plaine scales onely.

[D. M.] London, 1639. 4to. Tactometria. Seu, Tetagmenometria. Or, The Geometry of Regulars practically proposed ; after a new, most artificial, exact and expeditious manner (together with the naturall or vulgar, by way of mensurall comparison). And in the solids, not only in respect of magnitude or dimension, but also of gravity or ponderosity, according to any metal assigned. Together with severall usefull observations and experiments falling in by the way, concerning Measure and Weight. And withall, the like artificial practical Geometry of regular-like Solids (as I term them) in both the foresaid respects: and moreover, of a Cylindricall Body, for liquid or 'Vessell-Measure. With sundry new and exact Experiments [&c.]. And lastly, an ATactometrie, or an Appendix, for the most ready and exact discovering of the dimensionall quantity of any irregular kind of body, whether solid or concave [&c.]. "By J. W.

[D. M.] London, 1650. 4to. Wynpersse (Dionysivs van de.). Diatribe de Xenocrate Chalcedonio, Philosopho Academico, Auctore Dionysio v.d. W.

[G. G.] Lugduni Batavorum, 1822. 8vo. Wyrouboff (G.). See PHILOSOPIIIE POSITIVE. Wyse (Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas). An Excursion in the Peloponnesus in

the year 1858. By the late T. W. Edited by his niece Winifrede M. Wyse. 2 vol. [G. G.) London, 1865. 8vo.



Wyttenbach(-ius) (Daniel). See PLATO. Phaedo.

See PLUTARCH. Moralia.
See POSIDONIUS. Reliquiae Doctrinae.
Dan. Wyttenbachii praecepta Philosophiae Logicae.

[D. M.) Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1823. 8vo.



Xanthus. See CREUZER (F.).
Xenocrates Chalcedonius. See WYNPERSSE (D. v. d.). Diatribe de

Xenophanes. See SPALDING (G. L.). Commentarius in primam partem

libelli de Xenophane, Zenone et Gorgia. Xenophon. See KRUEGER (C. G.). De Authentia, &c., Anabaseos.

See PETER (C.). Commentatio critica de Xenophontis Hellenicis.
Selections. See PHILLPOTTS (J. S.).

Commentationes Historicae de Xenophontis Hellenicis. See

Works. ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΤΑ ΣΩΖΟΜΕΝΑ. Xenophontis quae extant. Ex librorvm scriptorvm . . recensvit et interpretatvs est Io. Gottlob Schneider. 6 tom.

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Gothae, 1828. 8vo. Xenophontis Opera omnia recensita et commentariis instructa Vol. II., continens de Socrate commentarios ed. Raphael Kühner. [Bibl. Græca. Vol. VIII.] [G. G.] Gothae, 1841. 8vo.

ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΤΑ ΣΩΖΟΜΕΝΑ. Xenophontis scripta que supersunt. Græce et Latine.

[G. G.] Parisiis (Didot), 1861. 8vo. Xenophontis Atheniensis Scripta . . illustrata a Beniamin Weiske. Volymen sextym reliqva Xenophontis continens [&c.]. [G.G.)

Lipsiae, 1804. 8vo. Two or more separate works. Xenophontis de Republica Lac. et Athen. de Vectigalibus de Re Equestri de Officio Magistri Equitum de Venatione LL. Editio stereotypa . . curante C. H. Weise (Xenophontis operum Tom. VI.)

[G. G.] Lipsiae (Tauch.), 1828. 18mo. Xenophontis Oeconomicus, Apologia Socratis, Convivium, Hieru Agesilaus. Editio stereotypa .. curante O. H. Weise Xenophontis Operum Tom. V.).

[G. G.) Lipsiae, 1828. 16mo. Xenophontis Convivium et Agesilaus ex recensione Ludovici Dindorfii.

[G. G.) Lipsiæ, 1823. 8vo.


Xenophon. Separate Works. Anabasis. EENOONTOE KYPOY ANA

BAXENE BIBAIA EIITA. Juxta editionem Thomæ Hutchinson.
Accedunt variantes lectiones et index Græcitatis ex editione

[G. G.] Oxonii, 1805. 8vo. Xenophontis Expeditio Cyri. Ex recensione et cum annotationibus Ludovici Dindorfii. [G. G.] Londini, 1836. 12mo.

Xenophontis Anabasis. Nova editio stereotypa. [Xenophontis operum Tom. III.] [G. G.] Lipsiae (Tauch.), 1810, 18mo.

ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΚΥΡΟΥ ΑΝΑΒΑΣΙΣ. Mit erklärenden Anmerkungen herausgegeben von K. W. Krüger. Dritte .. Auflage.

[G. G.] Berlin, 1850. 8vo. Der Zug der Zehntausend, nach Xenophons Anabasis, geographisch erläutert und mit einer Uebersichtskarte versehen von Prof. Dr. Karl Koch. [G. G.] Leipzig, 1850. 8vo.

Convivium. Xenophontis Convivium. Edidit et annotationes criticas adiecit E. Mehler, Phil. Doct.

[G. G.] Lugduni Batavorum, 1850. 8vo. Cyropaedia. ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΚΥΡΟΥ ΠΑΙΔΕΙΑΣ ΒΙΒΛΙΑ OKTO. Xenophontis de Cyri Disciplina Libri VIII, tertia maior. Cvravit Fridericvs Avgvstvs Bornemann. 2 Pt.

[G. G.] Lipsiae, 1838-40. 8vo. Hellenica. ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΩΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΩΝ. [Wanting title-page.]

[G. G.] Florentiæ, 1516. fol. ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΩΝ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΩΝ ΒΙΒΛΙΑ ΕΠΤΑ. Xenophontis Historiae Graecae libri septem recensvit [&c.] Io. Gottl. Schneider.

[G. G.] Lipsiae, 1791. 8vo. Xenophontis Historia Graeca. Editio stereotypa .

curante C. H. Weise. [Xenophontis operum Tomus IV.]

[G. G.] Lipsiae (Tauch.), 1828. 18mo. ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ. Xenophontis Historia Graeca. Recognovit Ludovicus Dindorfius. Editio secunda.

[G. G.) Lipsiae, 1850. 8vo. Memorabilia of Socrates. ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΑΠΟΜΝΗΜΟΝΕΥΜΑΤΩΝ ΒΙΒΛΙΑ ΤΕΣΣΑΡΑ. Commentarii dictorvm factorvmqve Socratis ad defendendum evm scripti a Xenophonte libris IV. Cvm apologia Socratis . . recensvit .. Fridericvs Avgvstvs Bornemann. Editio maior. [ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΤΑ ΣΩΖΟΜΕΝΑ. Τom. ΙV.] [G. G.] Lipsiae, 1829. Svo.

Oeconomicus. Xenophontis Oeconomicus. Edidit Guilelmus Krusterus.

[G. G.] Lipsiae, 1812. 8vo. Lexicon. Lexicon Xenophontevm. 4 tom.

[G. G.] Lipsiae, 1801-4. 8vo. Ephesius. See EROTICI SCRIPTORES (Didot).

ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝΤΟΣ ΕΦΕΣΙΟΥ ΤΩΝ ΚΑΤΑ ANOIAN KAI ΑΒΡΟΚΟΜΗΝ ΕΦΕΣΙΑΚΩΝ ΛΟΓΟΙ ΠΕΝΤΕ. Xenophontis Ephesii Ephesiacorum Libri V. De Amoribus Anthiae et Abrocomæ. Nunc primum prodeunt . . cum Latina interpretatione Antonii Cocchii, Florentini. [G. G.] Londini, 1726. 4to.

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