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libri sex.

De Philosophia & ejus partibus ; &c. See PSELLUS (M.). Liber de quatuor mathematicis scientijs.

Yalden (Thomas). Poetical Works. See ANDERSON, British Poets.

Vol. III.
Year Books. Year Books of the Reign of King Edward the First.

Years XX, and XXI., XXX. and XXXI., XXXII., XXXIII.
Edited and translated by Alfred J. Horwood. [CHRONICLES AND

[R. O.) London, 1863, 64, 66. 8vo. Yollond (William). Account of the Measurement of the Lough

Foyle Base in Ireland (&c.]. [Notice of, from The Philosphical
Magazine. April 1818.]

[D. M.] 8vo. Youle (Joseph). The Arithmetical Preceptor, or a complete treatise of Arithmetic, theoretical & practical. In six parts. . .

. By J. Y., Master of the Boys' Charity School, Sheffield. . . To which is added a treatise on Magic Squares, containing several new

rules for their construction. [D. M.] Sheffield, 1813. 12mo. Young (Alexander). A Guide to Life Assurance . . By A. Y.

[D. M.] London, 1844. 12mo. (Arthur). Travels during the years 1787, 1788, and 1789. Undertaken more particularly with a view of ascertaining the cultivation, wealth, resources, and national prosperity of the kingdom of France. By A. G., Esq., F.R.S. 2 vol.

[G. G.] Bury St, Edmunds, 1792. 4to. (Arthur). Nautical Dictionary. Defining the technical language relative to the building and equipment of sailing vessels and steamers, seamanship, navigation, nautical astronomy, naval gunnery, maritime law and commerce, general and particular average and marine insurance, and other terms relating to maritime affairs. With an appendix containing the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea, and a vocabulary of French terms. By A. Y. Assisted in the Nautical Department by James Brisbane.

Second edition, illustrated with plates and numerous woodcuts.

[D. M.] London, 1863. 8vo. (David). Observations upon Fire, with a view to the best and most expeditious methods of extinguishing it, upon a new plan, with or without water. By D. Y.

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[D. M.] (slip). (John). Lectures on Intellectual Philosophy. By the late 1. Y., LL.D. [Review by John Hoppus.]

1838. 8vo.

Young (John Radford). See ANALYSIS. On the General Principles of Analysis [by J. R. Y.].

An Elementary Treatise on Algebra, theoretical and practical ; with attempts to simplify some of the more difficult parts of the science, particularly the demonstration of the Binomial Theorem in its most general form ; the solution of equations of the higher orders ; the summation of infinite series, &c. Intended for the use of students. By J. R. Y.

[D. M.] London, 1826. 8vo. Demonstration of Newton's Rule for determining the Number of Imaginary Roots in an Equation. By J. R. Y., formerly Professor of Mathematics in Belfast College. [From the Philosophical Magazine for August 1865.] [D. M.] 8vo.

Modern Scepticism, viewed in relation to Modern Science ; more especially in reference to the doctrines of Colenso, Huxley, Lyell, and Darwin, respecting the Noachian Deluge, the Antiquity of Man, and the Origin of Species. By J.R. Y.

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On the Principle of Continuity in reference to certain results of Analysis. By J. R. Y. [D. M.] Cambridge, 1847. 4to.

Researches respecting the Imaginary Roots of Numerical Equations : being a continuation of Newton's Investigations on that subject, and forming an Appendix to the “ Theory and solution of equations of the higher orders." By J. R. Y.

[D. M.] London, 1844. 8vo. Three Lectures addressed to the Students of Belfast College, on some of the advantages of Mathematical Study. To which is added an examination of Hume's Argument against Miracles. By J. R. Y., Professor of Mathematics.

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See HYDE (Sir E.). Practical Comparison of different Tables of Mortality, in a letter to. [By T. Y.]

Astronomical and Nautical Collections. For April, 1828. I. Simple Determination of the most ancient Epoch of Astronomical Chronology. In a letter to Francis Baily, Esq., F.R.S. [Proof-Incomplete.]

[D. M.] 8vo. (Sir William), Bart. See TAYLOR (B.). Contemplatio Philosophica.




Yxem (E. F.). Ein Logos Protreptikos Schleiermacher und Platon

betreffend. Von E. F. Y., Professor am Friedrich-WilhelmsGymnasium in Berlin.

[G. G.] Berlin, 1841. 8vo. Ueber Platon's Euthyphro. [G. G.] Berlin, 1842. 4to. L'eber Platon's Kleitophon. [G. G.) Berlin, 1846. 4to.


Zabarella (Jacobus). Iacobi Zabarellae, Patavini, Philosophi Acv

tissimi, .. Opera omnia, quæ ad perfectam Logicæ cognitionem
acquirendam spectare censentur vtilissima. . . Editio decima-

[G. G.] Venetiis, 1617. fol.
Iacobi Zabarellae, Patavini, in libros Aristotelis Physicorvm
commentarii, nunc primum in lvcem editi.

[G. G.] Venetiis, 1601. 4to. Zach (Franz Xavier), Baron von. On the Geographical Latitude and

Longitude of a Place on the Terrestrial Spheroid, the geodesic
distances of which from the meridian and perpendicular of a
given point are known. By the late Baron Zach, Associate of
the Society. [From the Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical
Society, Vol. VI.)

[D, M.] 4to. Zachariae (Just Friedrich Wilhelm). Poetische Schriften von F. W. Z. Bd. 1-9.

Braunschweig. [ .] 8vo.
Zahel. De Electionibus Lib. I. See FIRMICUS MATERNUS (J.). Ad

Mavortivm Lollianum Astronomicôn Lib. VIII.
Zainer (Johannes). [Kalendarium.] [Wanting title-page.] Col.-

Impressum Ulme per Johannem Zainer Anno domincæ incarna-
tionis 1478.

[D, M.) fol
Zambertus (Bartholomæus). See EUCLID.
Zambicarius (Franciscus). Libanii epistolae a Francisco Zambicario.

Zander (Amadeus Gustavus Bogislaus). Dissertatio Philosophica

Inauguralis de Luxu Atheniensium . . Defendet auctor A. G.
B. Z. Oppugnantibus Friderico Hergetio et Carolo Pohlio.

[G. G.) Gryphiae, 1828. 4to. Zappert (Georg). Virgil's Fortleben in Mittelalter. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der classischen Literatur von G. 2.

[Aus dem zweiten Bande der Denkschriften der philosophisch-historischen Classe der kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften besonders abgedruckt.]

[G. G.) Wien, 1851. 4to. Zaragoza (Joseph). Evelides Nvevo-Antigvo. Geometria especv

lativa, y practica de los planos, y solidos. Avthor El R. P. I. Z.,
de la Compañia de lesys, Calificador de la Suprema Inquisicion,
Cathedratico de Theologia Escolastica en los Colegios de
Mallorca, Barcelona, y Valencia; y de Mathematica en el
Imperial de Madrid : de la Real Junta de Minas, y Maestro de
Mathematicas de su Mag. Carlos II.

[D. M.] Madrid, 1678. 4to. Zaydler (Bernardo). See Sniadecki (G.). Di Niccolò Copernico


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Zell (Carolus). See ARISTOTLE. Ethicorum Nicomacheorum libri

Handbuch der römischen Epigraphik. Von C. Z. 2 Th.

[G. G.] Heidelberg, 1850–52. 8vo.
Leges Municipales, Salpensana et Malacitana, aliaque supple-
menta ad monumenta legalia, quae continet Delectus Inscrip-
tionum Romanarum cum monumentis legalibus fere omnibus
editus a Carolo Z.

Heidelberyce, 1857. 8vo.
Zeller (Eduard). See Plato. Gastmahl, übersetzt von Dr. E. Z.
De Hermodoro Ephesio et Hermodoro Platonico.

[G. G.] Marburgi, 1859. 4to.
Die Apostelgeschichte nach ihrem Inhalt und Ursprung
kritisch untersucht. Von E. Z. [G. G.] Stuttgart, 1854. Svo.

Die Philosophie der Griechen in ihrer geschichtlichen
Entwicklung dargestellt

von Dr. E. Z. 3 Th. [With Register zu
dem ganzen Werke.] Zweite Auflage.

[G. G.] Tübingen, Leipziy, 1856–68. 8vo. Geschichte der christlichen Kirche. Von E. Z. [Title-page wanting.]

[G. G.] 8vo. Vorträge und Abhandlungen geschichtlichen Inhalts. Von E, Z.

[G. G.] Leipzig, 1865. Svo. Zellweger (Joh. Cas par). Geschichte der diplomatischen Verhältnisse

der Schweiz mit Frankreich, von 1698 bis 1781. Ein Versuch

.. Von J. O. Z. 2 Bde. [G. G.) St. Gallen, 1848-49. 8vo. Zenger (John Peter). Remarks on the Trial of J. P. Z., printer of

the New-York Weekly Journal. [G. G.] London, 1739. 4to.

The Trial of J. P. Z., of New-York, Printer. To which is
now added.
The Trial of Mr. William Owen.

[G. G.] London, 1765. 8vo. Zerrenner (Carl Christoph Gottlieb). Jahrbuch des Pädagogiums

des Closters unser lieben Frauen in Magdeburg. Neue Fortsetzung.
Zweites Heft. 1836. Herausgegeben von C. C. G. Z.

[G. G.] Magdeburg, [1836.] 8vo. Zetetic Astronomy. Zetetic Astronomy. Earth not a Globe.

[Announcement of lectures by · Parallax' at Aylesbury, Nov. 1857;
with Press notices, g'c.].

[D. M.] s. sh. fol. Zeunius (Johannes Carolus). See Horatius Flaccus (Q.). Eclogae.

See TERENTIUS (P.). Comodiæ.
Zévort (Charles). Métaphysique.
Ziegler (Christophorus). See THEOCRITUS. Carmina.
Zieglerus (Jacobus). De Solidae Sphaerae constructione. See Val-

Ziemannus (Adolphus). Adolphi Ziemanni in Demosthenem de Bello

Philippi Olynthico Commentatio. Edidit et epistolam adiecit
Carolus Ferdinandus Ranke.

[G. G.] Quedlinburgi et Lipsiae, 1832. 4to.

Zimmermann (Carl). Denkschrift über den untern Lauf des Oxus

zum Karabugas-Haff des Caspischen Meeres und über die Strombachn des Ochus . . zur Balkan-Bay ; [&c.]. Ein Sendschreiben an Herrn Alexander von Humboldt von C. 2.

[G. G.] Berlin, 1845. 4to. Geographische Analyse eines Versuches zur Darstellung des Kriegstheaters Russlands gegen Chiwa, entworfen von C. Ž.

[G. G.] Berlin, 1810. 4to. Geographische Analyse der Karte von Inner-Asien von C. 2. Erstes lleft.

[G. G.] Berlin, 1811. 4to. (Friedericus Theophilus). See MELANCHTHON (P.). Erzählung vom Leben D. Martin Luthers, ubersetzt von D, F. T. Z. (Heinrich). See Trier. Der lleilige Rock zu. (Robert). Philosophische Propaedeutik. Von R. 2. Dritte Auflage.

[G. G.) Wien, 1867. 8vo. (W.). Allgemeine Geschichte des grossen Bauernkrieges. Nach handschriftlichen und gedruckten Quellen von W. Z. 2 Th.

(G. G.] Stuttgart, 1841-42. 8vo. Zinn (Johannes Gottfried). Descriptio Anatomica Oevli Hymani iconibvs illvstrata. Avctore Iohanne G. 2., M.D. [&c.].

Gottingae, 1755. 4to. Zoeckler (Otto). Hieronymus. Sein Leben und Wirken aus seinen

Schriften dargestellt von Lic.Dr. (). Z. [G. G.] Gotha, 1865. 8vo. Zoega (Georg). Georg Zoegas Abhandlungen. Herausgegeben und mit Zusatzen begleitet von Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker.

[G. G.] Göttingen, 1817. 8vo. Zoja (Giovanni). Di un Teschio Boliviano Microcefal. Descrizione

del Professore G. 2. Con quattro tavole grandi al ver. [Estratto dalle Memorie del Reale Istituto Lombardo vol. XIII., IV. della serie III.]

Milano, 1874. 4to. Zollikofer (Georg Joachim). Anreden und Gebete, zum Gebrauche

bey dem gemeinschaftlichen, und auch dem häuslichen Gottesdienste. Von G. J. Z., Evang. reform. Prediger zu Leipzig.

Leipzig, 1777. 8vo. - Predigten von G. J. Z. Zweyte Auflage. Bd. I. II.

Leipzig, 1769-71. 8vo. Zonaras (Joannes). De Joannis Zonarae Annalibus. See Psellus (M.). Ioannis Zonara Anuales ex recensione Maur. Pinderi.

Bonne, 1811-44. 8vo. ΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ ΤΟΥ ΖΩΝΑΡΑ ΕΠΙΤΟΜΗ ΙΣΤΟΡΙΩΝ. . Ioannis Zonarae Epitome Historiarum. Cum Caroli Ducangii suisque annotationibus edidit Ludovicus Dindorfius. 3 vol.

[G G.] Lipsiae, 1868-70. 8vo. Zornow ( - ). Démonstration de la solution du problème de Mal

fatti, donnée par Mr. Steiner. (Par Mr. 2., professeur au Collège de Kneiphof). [From Crelle's Journal d. M. Bd. X.]

[D. M.) 4to.

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