Holy Quran

Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat Islam Lahore USA, 2. mai 2011 - 1350 sider
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The Holy Qur'an EBook version
English Translation and Commentary
- Detailed commentary with extensive references to standard authorities, both classical and modern
- Comprehensive introduction deals with Islamic teachings and the collection and arrangement of the Holy Qur'an
- Extensive Index
"There is no other translation or commentary of the Holy Qur'an in the English Language to compete with Maulvi Muhammad Ali's Masterpiece."
-- Al-Haj Hafiz Ghulam Sarwar, translator of the Holy Qur'an
"To deny the excellence of Maulvi Muhammad Ali's translation, the influence for good it has exercised and its proselytizing utility would be to deny the existence of the light of the sun."
-- Maulana Abdul Majid Daryabadi, leader of Orthodox Muslim opinion in India)
...has all the merits of what is desired in a translation."
-- The Anjuman Himayat-e-Islam, Lahore, Pakistan
..".By far the best text currently available in the English language...incontestably one of the finest interpretations of the scared scripture of Islam. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this translation to students and others seeking to understand the essence and epitome of the Quranic message."
-- Prof. T. Hargery, Director, African Studies, Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville
..".an austerely faithful translation in English...based on a close study of commentaries of the Qur' an - the work of my learned name-sake Maulvi Muhammad Ali of Lahore...The translation and the notes...all demonstrate the labour of love and devoted zeal."
-- Late Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar of "The Comrade"
"It is certainly a work of which any scholar might legitimately be proud."
-- The Quest, London

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Purification of the Soul
Kingdom granted to Abrahams Descendants
The Prophet must be Obeyed
Believers must defend Themselves
Attitude of the Hypocrites
How to deal with the Hypocrites
Murderer of a Muslim
Muslims who remained with the Enemy SECTION 15 Prayer when Fighting

The Holy Quran
Fundamental Principles of Islam
Divine Unity
Greatness of Man and Need for Revelation
Israelite Prophecies fulfilled in Quran
Divine Favours on Israel
Divine Favours on Israel
Israelites Degeneration
They grow in Hardheartedness
Their Covenant and its Violation
They reject the Prophet
Their Enmity to the Prophet
Previous Scriptures are abrogated
Perfect Guidance is only in Islam
Covenant with Abraham
The Religion of Abraham
Part 2
The Kabah as the Spritual Centre
Hard Trials necessary to establish Truth
Unity must prevail
Prohibited Foods
Retaliation and Bequests
Fighting in Defence
The Pilgrimage
Trials and Tribulations
Miscellaneous Questions
Remarriage of Divorced Women and Widows
Provision for Divorced Women and Widows
Fighting in the Cause of Truth
Fighting in the Cause of Truth
Part 3
Compulsion in Religion Forbidden
How Dead Nations are Raised to Life
Spending Money in the Cause of Truth
Spending in the Cause of Truth
Usury Prohibited
Contracts and Evidence
Muslims Shall be Made Victorious
Chapter 3
Rule of Interpretation
Unity the Basis of all Religions
The Kingdom is Granted to Another People
Last Members of a Chosen Race
Birth of Jesus and His Ministry
Jesus Cleared of False Charges
Controversy with Jews and Christians
Machinations to Discredit Islam
Covenant of the Prophets
Part 4
Muslims Exhorted to Remain United
Relations of Jews with Muslims
The Battle of Uhud
What Success meant for the Muslims
Sufferings to be met with Perseverance
Causes of Misfortune in Uhud Battle
Battle of Uhud Afforded a Distinction
Uhud No Gain to the Enemy
Carpings of People of the Book
Ultimate Triumph of the Faithful
Chapter 4
Duties of Guardians to Orphan Wards
Law of Inheritance
Treatment of Women
What Women may be taken in Marriage
Part 5
Womens Rights over their Earnings
Disagreement between Husband and Wife
Hypocrites are Dishonest
Secret Counsels of the Hypocrites SECTION 18 Idolatry condemned
Equitable Dealings with Orphans and Women
Hypocrisy Condemned
End of the Hypocrites
Part 6
Transgressions of the Jews
Previous Revelation bears out Quranic Statements
Prophethood of Jesus
Chapter 5
SECTION The Food 1 Perfection of Religion in Islam SECTION 2 Duty of Uprightness
Christian Violation of the Covenant
Israelites Violation of the Covenant
Cain and Abel murderous plots against the Prophet
Punishment of Offenders
The Quran and Previous Scriptures
Relations of Muslims with Enemies
The Mockers
Christian Deviation from the Truth
Christian Nearness to Islam
Part 7
A Warning Besetting Sins of Previous People
Inviolability of the Kabah
Some Directions for Muslims
Christian Love of this Life
False Doctrines introduced after Jesus Death
Chapter 6
Ultimate Triumph of Divine Unity
Greatness of Divine Mercy
Polytheists Witness against Themselves
Rejection of the Truth
Consequences of Rejection
Reward of Believers
Divine Judgment SECTION 8 Divine Judgment
Abrahams Argument for Divine Unity
Prophets among Abrahams Descendants
Truth of Divine Revelation
Ultimate Triumph of the Truth
Gradual Progress
Part 8
The Chief Opponents
Evils of Idolatry
Idolaters Selfimposed Prohibitions
Prohibited Foods
Guiding Rules of Life
The Goal for the Faithful
Chapter 7
Opponents Doom
The Devils Opposition to
Warning against the Devils Insinuations
Messengers sent for Uplift of Humanity
Those who accept the Message
Helplessness of Opponents
The Righteous will prosper
Salih and
Part 9
Moses sent to Pharaoh with signs
Pharaoh summons Enchanters
Israelites Persecution continues
Moses shows more Signs
Moses receives the
Israelites worship a calf
The Torah and the Prophets Advent
Divine Favours on Israelites
Israelites Transgressions
Evidence of Divine Impress on Mans Nature
Chapter 1

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