2714. YEHRING (E.). The Voice of Nature; a Theore

tic and Practical System of Pronunciation for the Continental Languages. Small 4to, paper cover.

London, 1828. 2715.

Progressive Lessons, No. 1. German Language. A Series of Progressive Lessons, with a Free and Literal Translation from the English Language into Foreign Languages, etc. [The Rose. English into German.] 32mo, paper cover.

London, 1828. 2716.

Progressive Lessons, No. 2. The Rose. German into English. Small 4to, paper cover.

London, 1828. 2717.

Progressive Lessons, No. 3. Show and Use. (Die Schau und der Neutzen). English into German. Small 4to, paper cover.

London, 1828. 2718. Progressive Lessons, No. 4. Die Schau und der Neutzen. (Show and Use).

German into English. Small 4to, paper cover. London, 1828. 2719.

Progressive Lessons, No. 1. The Rose (a Fairy Tale by Mrs. Sherwood), English into

French. 2720.

Progressive Lessons, No. 2. La Rose. French into English. Small 4to, paper cover.

London, 1828. 2721. YENDYS (Sydney), [Sydney Dobell.] The Roman.

A Dramatic Poem. 8vo, cloth. London, 1850. 2722. YONGE (C. D., B.A.). The Deipnosophists of

Athenæus, literally translated [from the Greek.] (Bohn's Classical Library).

London, 1854. Note. For works of Edward Young, see 1701. Milton. 2723. YOUNG LADIES' Book of Botany. Being a

Popular Introduction to that Delightful Science. 12 colored Plates, etc. 24mo, cloth. London, 1838.

“78. 6d.”--London Catalogue. 2724. YVAN (Dr.). Six Months among the Malays, and a Year in China. With Illustrations. 16mo, cloth.

London, 1855. • 3s. 6d.”—London Catalogue. 2725. ZIMMERMAN (Carl). Memoir of the Countries

about the Caspian and Aral Seas, illustrative of the late Russian Expedition against Khivah. Translated

from the German of Lieut. Carl Zimmerman, of the Prussian Service.

By Capt. Morier, R. N. With a Map, by John Arrowsmith. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1840. “ 78. 6d.”— English Catalogue. 2726. ZSCHOKKE ([Johann] Henrich [Daniel]), Auto

biography of. Large 8vo, cloth. London, 1845.

• 6s." -London Catalogue. 2727. ZURLA (P. Ab. D. Placido). Di Marco Polo e

degli altri Viaggiatori Veneziani più illustri Dissertazioni del P. Abate De Placido Zurla [afterwards Cardinal], con Appendice sopra le Antiche Mappe idro-geografiche lavorate in Venezia e con quatro Carte Geografiche. In Venezia, co' tipi Picottiani. 2 vols., large 4to, calf, gilt.

Venice, 1818.


118. BACON. Other editions of Bacon's Works


be found under the following titles: 1304. Kerr, J. M. A. ; 1726, 1727. Montagu, Basil ; 1750. More, Sir Thomas; 2071. Richardson, D. L.; 2261. Singer, S. W.; 2279. Smith, Rev. Thomas; 2420.

Taylor, w. c. 212. BIBLE. Other editions and translations of the

Bible may be found under the following titles: 513. Comprehensive Bible; 776. English Hexapla; 1463. Luther, Martin ; 1948. Pictorial Bible ; 2127. Sacra Bibbia ; 2234. Sharpe, Samuel; 2441. Testaments; 2483, 2484. Townsend, Rev. G.; 2514. Tyndale, Wm.; 2573. Vulgate, The.

NOTE. A fuller account of title No. 348, is as follows: 348. BURHANI KATI', or Boorhan Katiu, or Bohran

Quathé, i. e. the “Argument that cuts off” reply, or the “ Convincing Proof.” This appears to be a later folio edition of the very valuable standard Persian dictionary (entirely in Persian), compiled by Capt. Thomas Roebuck, from that of Sayid Ahmed and other sources, which is described as a

“ Dictionary of the Persian Language alphabetically arranged.” Folio, cloth.

Calcutta, A. H., 1251, i. e. A. D. 1836. 7liv. 7sh. Vend. 200 fr. et moins," says Brunet of the ed. of 1818.

Note. A fuller account of title No. 909, is as follows: 909. GHIYAS ILLUGHAT, or GHYAS-OUL-LOGHAT, i. e.

Linguistic Help, or “Aid to Language,” or “ Well-
spring of Words.” Being a Dictionary of the
Persian Language entirely in Persian letters. By
Meer Hussun. Small folio, cloth.

Lucknow, April, 1849. 948.* GOOL-DUSTAN-NISHAT, or Guldasta-i-Nishat,

i. e. : Charming Handful of Roses, or Nosegay of Pleasure : a collection of Poetical Extracts in Persian and Hindustani [and printed entirely in oriental letters,] from more than a hundred of the most celebrated authors, arranged according to the subject or sentiment, and well adapted for the Student of these languages. By Manu Lâl Lahori, or Munnoo Lal. Large 4to, half russia.

Calcutta, A. H. 1252, A. D. 1832.

NOTE. A fuller account of title No. 1634, is as follows: 1634.. MAWSON (John). Records of the Indian Com

mand of General Sir Charles James Napier, G.C.B., comprising all his General Orders, Remarks on Courts Martial, etc., etc. With an Appendix containing Reports of Speeches, Copies of Letters, and Notices of his Public Proceedings, extracted from contemporaeous prints. Portrait. 8vo, cloth.

Calcutta, 1851.

Note. The following work was not placed in its order. 2508. TURNER (Sharon, F.S.A.). The History of Eng

land from the Norman Conquest to the Accession of Edward the First. The History of England from the Accession of Edward the First to the Death of Henry the Fifth. 2 vols., 4to, calf, gilt.

London, 1814, 1815.

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