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I. The highest bidder to be the buyer; and if any question arise

between bidders, the lot so disputed shall be immediately put up again, provided the auctioneer cannot decide the said

dispute. II. The purchasers to give in their names and residences, and to

make a deposit, if required, in part-payment of the purchasemoney; in default of which, the lot or lots purchased to be.

immediately put up again and resold. III. The lots to be taken away at the buyer's expense, within

three days after the conclusion of the sale. All bills to be

paid previous to the delivery of the books. IV. The books are presumed to be perfect, unless otherwise ex

pressed All notices of imperfections must be made within one week from the time of sale. No allowance will be made for stained, soiled, or short leaves, or any other imperfection,

except actual loss of plates or leaves. V. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery, and inconvenience in the

settlement of the purchases, no lot can be delivered during the time of sale.


Gentlemen who cannot attend the sale may have their commissions faithfully executed by the auctioneers, at a charge of

five per cent on the amount of bills.



In calling the attention of collectors, librarians, and scholars to the contents of this Catalogue, it may be stated, that the collection of books therein described is believed to be the most valuable ever offered at public sale in Boston, if not in the United States.

The collection embraces the most costly works in many departments of science, literature and art. It was made during the last fifty years, without regard to expense ; and comprises the finest editions that could be obtained during that period, in the range of topics sought to be illustrated. The bouks were chiefly selected in London by one, who, by his knowledge and taste, was fully competent to judge of their value. Many of the works are not only rich and costly, but have become exceedingly rare, and hence are much sought after by book-collectors.

Although the greater portion of the books are in the English language, yet the Catalogue includes the works of the best foreign authors, and the finest editions of the Greek and Roman Classics. Of standard writings, there are in some instances many editions. The range of subjects, the choice of editions, the artistic value of the illustrated works, the quality of the bindings, are such as would be looked for in the library of a gentleman of ample means, high culture, and pure literary taste. Many of the works are in editions de luxe.

There are many volumes of the choicest engravings, procured when they were first published, and, of course, the finest impressions. Most of the engravings are in fine bindings, and in faultless condition, the volumes having been carefully protected in thick wadded jackets, or wrappers.

First editions of celebrated authors, some very rare, books on vellum, etc., will be found scattered through the Catalogue, to which the attention of collectors and lovers of rare books is invited. The books are generally in good order, and the bindings are chiefly in calf, morocco and russia. The collection has been in India, and, as a consequence, some of the volumes are slightly worm-eaten. Few, however, have been injured to such an extent as to require notice in the Catalogue. It is seldom that so large a number of serial works, in perfect sets, are found in one collection.

The Catalogue has been prepared by Prof. Joseph William Jenks, of Boston, and will, it is hoped, be found generally accurate.

The valuable, choice and rare books are so numerous that it is not deemed necessary to do more than call the attention of collectors to the Catalogue itself. However, a few leading titles are presented to show the general character of the collection. Hearne's and Grose's Antiquities; Book of St. Albans; Palace of Pleasure; Heliconia; Mirror for Magistrates; Hall's and Fabyan's Chronicles ; Hakluyt, 5 vols., folio; Purchas, 5 vols., folio; Vetusta Monumenta, 4 vols., folio; Manuscrits de la Bibliotheque du Roi, 12 vols., 4to; Dibdin's and Brydges's Bibliographical Works; Retrospective Review, 18 vols.; Musee des Antiques, 3 vols., folio; Murphy's Arabian Antiquities, folio; Claude's Liber Studiorum; Britton's Architectural Works, 6 vols.; Stuart's Athens, 8 vols., folio; Gallerie du Musee de France, 10 vols., 4to; The Florence Gallery, 4 vols., folio; The Houghton Collection, 2 vols., folio; Saracenic and Norman Remains; Monuments of Nineveh ; Musee Francaise, 4 vols., folio; Il Vaticano, 8 vols., folio; Il Museo Clementino, 7 vols., folio; Il Museo Chiaramonti, 3 vols., folio ; Tresor de Numismatique, 251 parts; Journal Asiatique, 66 vols.; Biographie Universelle, 84 vols.; Early English Poetry, and the Drama; Bagster's fine reprints and Polyglots of the Scriptures; Pickering's Aldine Poets, reprints and other publications ; Encyclopædias, Lexicons, Dictionaries, and works on Natural History, Antiquities, etc.




1. ABBOTT (Jacob). The History of Darius. 16 mo, cloth.

London, n. d. 2. The History of Cyrus. 12mo, cloth.

London, n. d. 3. ABBOTT (Capt. James). The T'hakoorine, a Tale of Maandoo. 16mo, cloth.

London, 1841. 4. ABERCROMBIE (John, M.D.). Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers and

the Investigation 57

7 of Truth. 13th edition, 12mo, cloth. London, 1849. 5.

The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. 5th edition, 16mo, cloth.

London, 1839. 6. Another copy. 8th edition, 12mo, cloth.


London, 1849. 7. ABRAHAM (Rev. C. J., M.A.). Unity of History,

or Outlines of Lectures on Ancient and Modern
History considered on the Principles of the Church

of England. Large 8vo, cloth. Eton, 1846. 8. ACHILLI (Rev. Giacinto, D.D.). Dealings with the

Inquisition: or, Papal Rome, her Priests, and her
Jesuits. With Important Disclosures. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1851. 9. ADAM'S Roman Antiquities, by James Boyd, LL.D.

Roman Antiquities: or, an Account of the Manners
and Customs of the Romans, designed to illustrate
the Latin Classics, &c., by Alexander Adam, with
numerous Notes and improved Indices, by J. Boyd.
100 engravings, 8th edition, 12mo, cloth.

London, Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, n. d. 10. ADAMS (Sarah Flower). Vivia Perpetua: a Dramatic Poem, in Five Acts. 12mo, boards.

London, 1841.





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11. ADDISON (Joseph). The works of the Rt. Hon.

Joseph Addison : a new edition, with Notes. By Richard Hurd, D.D., Lord Bishop of Worcester. 6 vols., large 8vo, sheep, gilt, portrait. London, 1811.

31. 12s. Large paper, 51. 8s. Somewhat stained. 11.*

Sir Roger de Coverly, by “the Spectator." - il The Notes and Illustrations by W. Henry Wills, the Engravings by Thompson. Crown 8vo, cloth.

London, 1850. 15s. Eng. Cat. : 21s. morocco. 12. ADVENTURER, The. 4 vols., 12mo, russia.

London, 1806, 5, 7. 13. ADVENTURES in the Moon and other Worlds. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1836. 14. ADVENTURES of a Gentleman in Search of a

Horse. By Caveat Emptor, Gent. · 4th edition. 12mo.

London, 1837. 15. ÆSCHYLUS. By Dr. Potter, (being vol. I of Greek Tragic Theatre). 8vo, calf, gilt.

London, 1809. 15.* AFGHANISTAN, Coloured Views in, (with de

scriptive Text, no title page, no imprint: also Map of the Route of the Army of the Indus, in 1839.] Portfolio (14) in. by 20 in.), cloth, half morocco, in wadded case..

See Atkinson, James. 16. AGRICULTURAL and Horticultural Society of

India, Code of Bye-laws for the ; passed March

30th, 1850. 8vo, pamphlet. Calcutta, 1850. 17. AIKIN (Dr. John). Select Works of the British

Poets. With Biographical and Critical Prefaces.
Large 8vo, half russia.

London, 1820. 18. Another copy. Large 8vo, calf, gilt


London, 1829. 19. Another copy. A new edition, with a supplement by Lucy Aikin. Large 8vo, cloth.

London, 1845. 20. AIME-MARTIN (L.). De l'Education des mères de

Familles, ou de la Civilisation du Genre Humain

par les Femmes. 2 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt. Paris, 1834. 21. AINSWORTH (William F.). Travels in the Track

of the Ten Thousand Greeks; being a Geographi


p. d.


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