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CONTENTS Of No. 277.


Art. I. The Works of George Berkeley, D.D., formerly Bishop

of Cloyne; including many of his Writings hitherto

unpublished. With Prefaces, Annotations, his Life

and Letters, and an Account of his Philosophy. By

Alexander Campbell Fraser, AI. A., Professor of Logic

and Metaphysics in the University of Edinburgh. In

4 vols. Oxford: 1871, 1

II. Les Derniers Stuarts à Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Docu-

ments inédits et authentiques puisés aux archives pu

bliques et privées par la Marquise Campana de Cavelli.

Paris, Lonjdon, and Edinburgh: 1871. 2 vols. 4to., 47

III.—1. Thoughts upon Government. By Arthur Helps.

London: 1872.

2. Des Formes de Gouvernement et des Lois qui les

régissent. Par M. Hippolyte Passy, Membre de l'In-

stitut. Paris: 1870, 83

-IV.—1. Geschichte der Stadt Rom. Von Alfred von Reumont.

0 .Stter Band, lste Abtheilung. Berlin: 1869.

Italie et la Renaissance. Par J. Zeller. Paris: 1869.

Cultur der Renaissance. Von J. Burckhardt. Zweite

durchgesehene Auflage. Leipzig: 1869, . .115

The Southern States since the War: 1870-71. By

Robert Somers. London.

2. Revenue of the United States. Official Report of

Mr. D. D. Wells, the Special Commissioner. London.

3. Monthly Reports of the Department of Agriculture.

Washington: 1871, .' 148

VI.—1. Mémoires de Sebastian Joseph de Carvalho et Melo,

Comte d'Oeyras, Marquis de Pombal, Secrétaire d'État

et Premier Ministre du Roi de Portugal, Joseph I.

4 vols. 12mo. 1784.

2. Memoirs of the Marquis de Pombal. By John Smith,

r-\ Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. London: 1843.


CONTENTS Of No. 278.


Art. I.—1. Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States.

(Papers presented to Congress.) Washington: 18C8

and 1870.

2. Vie de Monseigneur Berneux, Eveque de Capse in

partibus Infidelium,Vicaire apostolique de Coree. Par

M. l'Abbe Pichon. Paris: 1868.

3. Journeys in North China. By the Rev. Alexander

Williamson, B.A. London: 1870.

4. Commercial Reports of Her Majesty's Consuls in

China and Japan, 1864-1866.

5. Kwang Yu Ki (Geography of the Chinese Empire

and its Tributaries), 299

II.—Shakespeare: The First Collected Edition of the Dra-

matic Works of William Shakespeare. A Reproduc-

tion in Exact Fac-Simile of the Famous First Folio,

1623, by the newly-discovered Process of Photo-

Lithography. Under the superintendence of H.

Staunton. London: 1866, . . y . . . 335

III.—Denkwiirdigkeiten aus den Papieren des Freiherrn

Christian v. Stockmar. Zusammengestellt von Ernst

Freiherr v. Stockmar. Braunschweig: 1872, . . 374

IV.—1. Contributions to Terrestrial Magnetism. By General

Sir Edward Sabine, K.C.B. Published in the ' Philo-

sophical Transactions' for 1868 and 1872. London.

2. Terrestrial and Cosmical Magnetism. (The Adams

Prize Essay for 1865.) By Edward Walker, M.A.,

F.R.S. London: 1866, 407

V.—1. Correspondence relative to the Fiji Islands. Presented

to Parliament May, 1862.

2. Correspondence relative to the Deportation of South

Sea Islanders. August 10th, 1869; February, 1871

and 1872.

3. Correspondence and Documents relating to the Fiji

Islands, in so far as the same relate to their An-

nexation to the Colonial Empire of this Country, or

otherwise affording Protection to British Subjects

resident in these Islands. Presented to Parliament

August, 1871 429

VI.—Miscellaneous Essays. By Henry Thomas Colebrooke.

With a Life of the Author by his Son. In three

volumes. London: 1872, 461

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