Erched by Habiot K. Browne





for the St James Magazine.

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I am called upon to write a Preface to the First VOLUME of the “St. James's MAGAZINE.” But I have little to say: my only duty, at present, is to express my grateful sense of the support I have thus far received—such support having led to a success very largely exceeding my expectations, even my hopes.

I cannot therefore doubt that I have accomplished my leading purpose, by producing a Magazine that will “ Promote the Interests of Home, the Refinements of Life, and the Amusement and Information of all Classes."

I calculated on the cordial and zealous aid of many eminent and popular Authors. It has been obtained. To them I am mainly indebted for the popularity and prosperity of the “St. James's Magazine ;” and I am quite sure the list will be augmented.

I am justified therefore in believing that the work I have the privilege to conduct has found favour with the Public; but it is certain that to obtain is more easy than to maintain success. The friends of this Magazine will find the efforts of its Proprietor, Editor, and Contributors in no degree relaxed : whatever it is possible to do to gratify and satisfy its readers will be done; all parties interested in its welfare bearing continually in mind, that “its fate must depend entirely on its merits."


Bannow Lodge, Boltons, I'est Brompton,

July, 186).

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