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Gems of the mountain and pearls from the ocean,

Myrrh from the forest and gold from the mine Brightest and best, &c. 4 Vainly we offer each ample oblation;

Vainly with gold we his favour secure ; Richer by far is the heart's adoration, Dearer to God are the

prayers Brightest and best, &c.

of the poor.

HYMN 161. 8 1. L. M. [#]

Star of Bethlehem. 1 When marshalled on the nightly plain,

The glittering host bestud the sky, One star alone, of all the train,

Can fix the sinner's wandering eye. Hark! hark! to God the chorus breaks,

From every host, from every gem; But one alone the Saviour speaks,

It is the Star of Bethlehem.
2 Once on the stormy seas I rode;

The storm was loud, the night was dark,
The ocean yawned, and rudely blowed

The wind that tossed my foundering bark:
Deep horror then my vitals froze,

Death-struck, I ceased the tide to stem,
When suddenly a star arose, -

It was the Star of Bethlehem.
3 It was my Guide, my Light, my All:

It made my dark forebodings cease;
And, through the storm and danger's thrall,
It led me to the port



Now, safely moored, my perils o'er,

I'll sing beneath night's diadem, For ever and for evermore,

It is the Star of Bethlehem.

HYMN 162. L. M. [#]

Sun of Love.
1 Jesus, thou Sun of love divine,

Thy rays through boundless nature shine;
In thee with bright effulgence meet

Wisdom and love, and light and heat. 2 Wide may thy glory be displayed,

In one bright day without a shade;
And all from thee supremely prove

The nameless, endless joys of love.
3 Be darkness known on earth no more,

But truth dispensed from shore to shore,
Till men of every land shall see

Thy glory, Lord, and honour thee.
4 'Tis done—the Sun of love appears,

The shades withdraw, the morning clea:
Now love and truth prevail again,
And one eternal day shall reign.

HYMN 163. C. M. [#]

Christ the Light of the Heart.
1 How blest thy creature is, O God,

When, with a single eye,
He views the lustre of thy word,

The day-spring from on high !

2 Through all the storms that veil the skies,

And frown on earthly things,
The Sun of Righteousness he eyes

With healing on his wings. 3 The glorious orb, whose golden beams

The fruitful year control,
Since first, obedient to thy word,

He shone from pole to pole,
4 Has cheered the nations with the joys

His orient rays impart;
But 'tis the light of Christ alone
Can shine upon

the heart.

HYMN 164. L. M. [#]

Sun of Righteousness. 1 What heavenly light is that which shines

In soft refulgence from the east,
And, pouring splendour through all climes,
Makes every

child of sorrow blest? 2 It is the Sun of Righteousness,

The brightness of the great I AM!
In him Jehovah manifests

mercy, love, and grace to man.
3 God made from darkness light to shine ;

And, through the mighty Saviour's grace, Will give the light of life divine To every

child of Adam's race. 4 Immortal Source of light and life,

In brighter flames of brilliance move,

Till all are turned from sin and strife,

To sing the deathless song of love.

HYMN 165. S. M. [#]

Christ the Light of the World. 1 BEHOLD, the Prince of peace,

The Chosen of the Lord,
God's only Son himself fulfils

The sure prophetic word. 2 The spirit of the Lord,

In rich abundance shed,
On this great Prophet gently lights,

And rests upon his head. 3 Jesus, thou Light of men,

Thy doctrine life imparts :
O may we feel its quickening power,

To warm and glad our hearts ! 4. Cheered by its beams, our souls

Shall run the heavenly way ;
The path which Christ hath marked and trod

Will lead to endless day.

HYMN 166. L. M. [#]

Christ our Example. 1 With warm delight and grateful joy

Let all our best affections move, When we on Christ our thoughts employ,—

On him, whom, though unseen, we love. 2 How bright a pattern, and how pure, Hath he in all things kindly given,

To make our path of duty sure,

And guide our wandering steps to heaven. 3 In all, with gratitude, we view

The steady purpose of his soul,Our worldly passions to subdue,

And all the powers of sin control. 4 Father of all, his God and ours,

Accept the humble, joyful praise, Which, with our souls' united powers,

For thy rich grace, through him, we raise.

HYMN 167. L. M. [#]

Image of God.
1 0 Thou, at whose almighty word,

Fair light at first from darkness shone,
Teach us to know our glorious Lord,

And trace the Father in the Son. 2 As the bright sun's meridian blaze

O’erwhelms and pains our feeble sight, But cheers us with his softer rays,

When shining with reflected light,3 So, in thy Son, thy power divine,

Thy wisdom, justice, truth, and love, With mild and pleasing lustre shine,

Reflected from thy throne above. 4 Whilst we thine image, there displayed,

With love and admiration view, Form us in likeness to our Head, That we may bear thine image too.

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