HYMN 204. H. M.

H. M. [#]

Christ Victorious.
1 All hail, redeeming Lord !

The wondrous things foretold
or thee, in sacred writ,
With joy our eyes

behold :
Still does thy arm new trophies wear,
And monuments of glory rear.
2 To thee the hoary head

Its silver honours pays ;
To thee the blooming youth

Devotes his brightest days;
All ages grateful tributes bring,
And bow to thee, all-conquering King.
3 O haste, triumphant Prince,

That happy, glorious day,
When souls, like drops of dew,

Shall own thy gentle sway ;
O, may it bless our longing eyes,
And bear our shouts beyond the skies !
4 All hail, ascended Lord !

Eternal be thy reign ;
Behold the nations sue

To wear thy gentle chain :
When earth and time are known no more,
Thy throne shall stand forever sure.

HYMN 205. L. M.

L. M. [#]

Kingdom of Christ.
1 GREAT God, whose universal sway

The known and unknown worlds obey,
Extend the kingdom of thy Son,

Display his power, exalt his throne. 2 As rain on meadows newly mown

Shall Jesus send his blessings down :
His grace on fainting souls distils

Like heavenly dew on thirsty hills. 3 The heathen lands, that lie beneath

The shades of overspreading death,
Revive amid his dawning light,

And deserts blossom at the sight.
4 The saints shall flourish in his days,

Dressed in the robes of joy and praise ;
Peace, like a river, from his throne,
Shall flow to nations yet unknown.

HYMN 206. H. M. [#]

Empire of Righteousness.
1 Come, sing a Saviour's power,

And praise his mighty name;
His wondrous love adore,

And chant his growing fame :
Wide o'er the world a King shall reign,
And righteousness and peace maintain.
2 The sceptre of his grace

He shall forever wield;

His foes, before his face,

To strength divine shall yield :
The conquest of his truth shall show
What an almighty arm can do.
3 His alienated sons,

By sin beguiled, betrayed,
Shali then be born at once,

And willing subjects made :
Such numbers shall his courts adorn,
As dew-drops of the vernal morn.
4 His realm shall ever stand,

By liberal things upheld,
And, from his bounteous hand,

All hearts with joy be filled ;
A universe with praise shall own
The countless honours of his throne.

HYMN 207. C. M. [#]

Reign of Christ.
1 Jesus his empire shall extend ;

Beneath his gentle sway
Kings of the earth shall humbly bend,

And his commands obey. 2 From sea to sea, from shore shore,

All nations shall be blest :
We hear the noise of war no more ;

He gives his people rest.
3 As rain descends in gentle showers

In each returning spring,
Awakes to life the fragrant flowers,

And makes creation sing,

4 So Jesus, by his heavenly grace,

Descends on man below;
His blessings on the human race

In gentle currents flow.
5 Long as the sun shall rule the day,

Or moon shall cheer the night,
The Saviour shall his sceptre sway,

By love's resistless might.
6 All that the reign of sin destroyed

Shall Zion's King restore,
And, from the treasures of the Lord,

Give boundless blessings more.

HYMN 208. L. M. [#]

Dominion of Christ. 1 Thus the eternal Father spake

To Christ the Son :Ascend, and sit At my right hand till I shall make

Thy foes submissive at thy feet.
2 From Zion shall thy word proceed ;

Thy word, the sceptre in thy hand,
Shall make the hearts of rebels bleed,

And bow their wills to thy command. 3 That day shall show thy power is great,

When saints shall flock with willing minds, And sinners crowd thy temple gate,

Where holiness in beauty shines. 4 O power divine ! O glorious day !

What a large victory shall ensue !
And converts, who thy grace obey,

Exceed the drops of morning dew!

HYMN 209. L. P. M. [#]

Kingdom of Christ. 1 To Christ, the Son, the Father spake : Lo, ask of me, and I will make

The heathen to thy sceptre bend;
The utmost parts of all the earth
Are thine inheritance by birth,

And wide thine empire shall extend. 2 Now Jesus waves his sceptre high, Unfurls his banners in the sky,

While loud the gospel trumpets sound :
His enemies, with sore dismay,
Retire in haste, and yield the day,

While trophies to the Lord abound. 3 Before him kings and tyrants fall

, Detest their crowns, and on him call,

And he a pardon freely gives : The world, in sin, was dead before; To life the world he will restore,

And in him all the world shall live. 4 O Lord, thy government shall be Extended wide, from sea to sea,

And long thy sceptre thou shalt hold; As long as sun or moon shall shine, Thou King of all the earth shalt reign,

The mysteries of thy grace unfold.

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