HYMN 377. C. M. [6]

Thirsting after God.
1 When, fainting in the sultry waste,

And parched with thirst extreme,
The weary pilgrim longs to taste

The cool, refreshing stream, 2 So longs the weary, fainting mind,

Oppressed with sins and woes,
Some soul-reviving spring to find,

Whence heavenly comfort flows. 3 Thus sweet the consolations are,

The promises impart;
Here flowing streanis of life appear,

To ease the panting heart.
4 0, when I thirst for thee, my God,

With ardent, strong desire,
And still, through all this desert road,

To taste thy grace aspire,
5 Then let my prayer to thee ascend,

A grateful sacrifice ;
My plaintive voice thou wilt attend,

And grant me full supplies.

HYMN 378. L. M. [b or# ]

Patience. 1 PATIENCE! O what a grace divine,

Sent from the God of peace and love, That leans

its Father's hand, As through the wilds of life we rove!


2 By patience we serenely bear

The troubles of our mortal state, And wait, contented, our discharge,

Nor think our glory comes too late. 3 Though we in full sensation feel

The weight, the wounds, our God ordains, We smile amidst our deepest woes,

And triumph in our sharpest pains. 4 O for this grace to aid us on,

And arm with fortitude the breast, Till, life's vain dreams and tumults o'er,

We reach the realms of endless rest.

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HYMN 379. C. M. [6]

Submission to God under Affliction.
1 PEACE, my complaining, doubting heart;

Ye busy cares, be still ;
Adore the just, the sovereign Lord,

Nor murmur at his will.
2 Unerring wisdom guides his hand;

Nor dares my guilty fear,
Amid the sharpest pains I feel,

Pronounce his hand severe. 3 To soften every painful stroke,

Indulgent Mercy bends,
And, unrepining, when I plead,

His gracious ear attends.
4 Yes, Lord, I own thy sovereign hand,

Thou just, and wise, and kind :
Be every anxious thought suppressed,

And all my soul resigned.

HYMN 380. L. M. [6]

Meekness. i HAPPY the meek, whose gentle breast,

Clear as the summer's evening ray, Calm as the regions of the blest,

Enjoys on earth celestial day. 2 His heart no broken friendships sting ;

No storms his peaceful tent invade; He rests beneath Jehovah's wing,

Hostile to none, of none afraid. 3 Spirit of grace, all meek and mild,

Inspire our hearts, our souls possess ; Repel each passion, rude and wild,

And bless us, as we aim to bless.

HYMN 381. C. M. [6]

I O RESIGNATION, heavenly power,

Our warmest thoughts engage;
Thou art the safest guide of youth,
The sure support


2 Teach us the hand of Love divine

In evils to discern;
'Tis the first lesson which we need,

The latest which we learn.
3 Resign, and all the pain of life

That moment we remove ;
The heavy load of grief and care

Devolves on One above,

4 He bids us lay our burthen down

On his almighty hand,
Supports our feeble frame, and makes

Our weary feet to stand.

HYMN 382. C. M.

C. M. [b or #]

1 O LORD, my best desire fulfil,

And help me to resign
Life, health and comfort to thy will,

And make thy pleasure mine. 2 Why should I shrink at thy command,

Whose love forbids my fears ?
Or tremble at the gracious hand,

That wipes away my tears ? 3 No, let me rather freely yield

What most I prize to thee,
Who never hast a good withheld,

Or wilt withhold, from me.
4 Thy favour, all my journey through,

Thou art engaged to grant ;
What else I want, or think I do,

'Tis better still to want.
5 But, ah, my inward spirit cries,

Still bind me to thy sway;
Else the next cloud that veils my skies

Drives all these thoughts away.

HYMN 383. 8 & 7s. M. [bor #]

Confidence in God.
1 Calm, my soul, behold thy Saviour !

This blest thought shall joy impart,
Though by all the world forsaken,

That he bears me on his heart. 2 What though all the world are preaching,

Death shall reign forever more ;
I'm instructed, by his teaching,

That its reign shall soon be o'er. 3 See in Christ all things created ;

This was God's eternal plan;
In him all are reinstated,

Sacred Head of every man.
4 O for such transcendent goodness

May each soul in concert rise,
In melodious, grateful anthems,

Sound his praises to the skies.

HYMN 384. C. M. [#or b ]

Quieting Reflections.
1 To calm the sorrows of the mind,

Our heavenly Friend is nigh,
To wipe the anxious tear that starts,
Or trembles in the

eye. 2 Thou canst, when anguish rends the heart,

The secret wo control;
The inward malady canst heal,

The sickness of the soul.

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