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441. Bridge across Russell Fork of Big Sandy River, Ky.

442. To extend time for dam across Rock River, Ill.

443. Loan of certain fieldpieces to State of New York.

444. Annuities of Medawa kanton and Wahpa koota bands of Santee Indians.

445. Interparliamentary Union for Promotion of International Arbitration.

446. Conference report on bill for preservation of Niagara Falls.

451. To assist indigent persons in Alaska.

455. To reduce duties on wool and manufactures of wool.

456. Title to patented lands in Yosemite National Park.

457. Title to patented lands in Yosemite National Park.

458. Transfer of old post-office building at Charleston, S. C.

459. Relief of certain homesteaders in Nebraska.

460. Police and firemen's pensions, District of Columbia.

470. Lease of school lands for park in Chehalis County, Wash.

472. To abolish ('ommerce ('ourt.

475. To amend mining laws in their application to Alaska.

477. Physical valuation of property of common carriers.

478. Retirement of certain army officers.

479. Transfer of certain land to Uvalde, Tex.

480. Annual reports of supervising inspectors, Steamboat-Inspection Service.

482. Loan of tents to G. A. R. encampment.

483. Protection of levees on Mississippi River.

484. Bridge across Missouri River at South Sioux ('ity, Nebr.

485. Charges for transportation of parcels by express companies.

486. Designation of certain lands for use as highway in Caddo County, Okla.

487. Right of way across Fort Mason military reservation.

490. Exchange of Congressional record for Parliamentary hansard.

497. To admit Humberto Mencia and Juan Dawson to Military Academy.

498. To admit Manuel Agüero y Junqué to Military Academy.

499. Importation of adulterated and low-grade seeds.

502. Bridge across Sabine-Neches ('anal, Port Arthur, Tex.

503. Grant of land for school purposes, Powell, Wyo.

504. Primary nominating election for President and Vice-President in D. C.

505. To revive right of action under captured and abandoned property acts.

506. Carrying concealed weapons in District of Columbia.

507. Jurisdiction of police court, District of Columbia.

508. Relief of Frederick C. Ainsworth from duties of office. 2 pts.

512. Relief of scientific institutions or colleges.

513. Reclamation and development of Anacostia River and flats.

514. Authority to change names of steamers Syracuse and Boston.

515. Sale of old post-office property at Providence, R. I.

517. Dams across Kansas River, Kans.

522. To permit homestead entries on coal lands in Alabama.

523. American registry for ice breaker Kit. 2 pts.

524. Post roads in United States.

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