nigh. The times are pregnant with great events. America must witness another revolution, and the second will be far more illustrious in its results than the first. The second will be a moral revolution. A struggle for higher, holier, more catholic, more patriotic principles: and the weapons of our warfare will not be carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds. During the progress of this latter revolution will be witnessed the advent of Liberty,' in the true sense of that now much abused and perverted name :

O spring to light, auspicious babe, be born.'

While, however, I have no fears respecting the ultimate effectuation of the object so dear to our hearts, I have many fears for the perpetuity of this nation as a Republic —for the continuance of these States as a Union for the existence of that Constitution, which, properly respected and maintained, would bless the country and the world. These fears do not arise from any tendency to such results in the principles of abolition in themselves considered. Those principles are conservative of the peace, and happiness, and security of the nation; and, if voluntarily acted

upon, would heal many of the feuds and animosities which have endangered the integrity of the Union. My fears are founded upon the symptoms every where exhibited, of an approach to mob-supremacy, and consequent anarchy. In every direction I see the minority prostrate before the majority; who, despite of law, the constitution, and natural equity, put their heel upon the neck of the weaker portion, and perpetrate every enormity in the name of 'public opinion.' PUBLIC OPINION' is at this hour the demon of oppression-harnessing to the ploughshare of ruin, the ignorant and interested opposers of the truth in every section of this heaven-favored, but mob-cursed land. Already the Constitution lies prostrate—an insulted, wounded, impotent form. A thousand hands are daily uplifted to send assassin daggers to its heart. Look on the pages of the daily press, and say, if traitors to liberty and the Constitution are not seduously schooling a houd-winked multitude to commit a suicidal act upon their own boasted freedom? Count (if they can be counted) the disturban

ces occuring all over the land, and say, is not mob-supremacy the order of the day? Where is the freedom of speech? where the right of association ? where the security of national conveyances ? where the inviolability of personal liberty? where the sanctity of the domestic circle? where the protection of property? where the prerogatives of the judge ? where the trial by jury? Gone, or fast disappearing. The minority in every place speak, and write and meet, and walk, at the peril of their lives. I speak not now exclusively of the Anti-Abolition mania, which has more recently displayed itself with all its froth and foam, and thirst for spoliation and blood. I have in mind the Anti-Mormanism of Missouri, and its accompanying heart-rending persecutions :--the Anti-Anti-Masonic fury, with the ABDUCTION OF MORGAN, and its other grim features of destruction and death :-the burning zeal of Anti-Temperance, with its bonfires and effigies, and its innumerable assaults upon persons and property :the Anti-Gambling, and the Anti-Insurrection tragedies of Southern States, with their awful waste of human life, and the frequent sacrifice of the blood of INNOCENT VICTIMS :--but tiine would fail to tell of Anti-Whig, and Anti-Jackson, and Anti-Convent, and Anti-Bank, and Anti-Kean, and Anti-Anderson, and Anti-Graham, and Anti-Joel Parker, and Anti-Cheever, and Anti-Colored School, and Anti-House of Ill-fame riots, with all the other anti-men and anti-women, anti-black, and anti-red, and anti-meat, and anti-drink riots, and mobs, and persecutions, which have distinguished this age and land of Revivals, and Missions, and Bible Societies, and educational operations, and liberty, and independence, and equality. Suffice it to say, that for some years past, all who have dared to act, or think aloud, in opposition to the will of the majority, have held their property and being dependent on the clemency of A MOB. Were I a citizen of this country, and did there seem no escape from such a dreadful state of things-if I did not, on behalf of the righteous and consistent, (for, thank God there are thousands of such, who cease not day nor night to weep and pray for their country,) hope and believe for brighter days and better deeds, I should choose to own the dominion of the darkest despot that ever sealed the lip of truth, or made the soul

of a slave tremble at his glance. If I must be a slave-if my lips must wear a padlock-if I must crouch and crawl let it be before a hereditary tyrant. Let me see around me the symbols of royalty, the bayonets of a standing army, the frowning battlements of a bastile. Let me breathe the air of a country where the divine right of kings to govern wrong is acknowledged and respected. Let me know what is the sovereign will and pleasure of the one man I am taught to fear and serve. Let me not see my rights, and property, and liberties, scattered to the same breeze that floats the flag of freedom. Let me not be sacrificed to the demon of despotism while laying hold upon the horns of our altar dedicated to · Freedom and EQUALITY!! I hope, however, for the best. I trust to see the people saved from their infatuation and madness. I look very much to the spread of anti-slavery principles for the salvation of the country, for they are the principles of righteous government-they are a foundation for order, and peace, and just laws, and equitable administration; and those who embrace them, will be likely to act wisely and righteously upon other great questions. А мов

IN Boston!! and such a mob!!! Thirty ladies completely routed, and a board 6 feet by 2 utterly demolished by 3000 or 4000 respectable ruffians—in broad day-light, and broad-cloth! Glorious achievement ! and, as it deserved to be-regularly Gazetted. Indeed, this noble army of gentlemanly savages had all the customary adjuncts of civilized warfare. There were · Posts,' and

Sentinels,' and Couriers,' and 'Gazettes,' and a 'HOMER'too, to celebrate their praise ! A mob in Boston ! The birth-place of the revolution-the Cradle of Liberty ! A mob in Washington (!) Street, Boston, TO PUT DOWN


• Hung be the Heavens with black !'

Shrouded in midoight be the height of Bunker. Let the bells of the Old South and Brattle Street be muffled, and let the knell of the country's boasted honor and liberLy be rung. Ye hoary veterans of the revolution !


clothe yourselves in sackcloth! strew ashes on your heads, and mourn your country's downfall :

• For what is left the patriot here !
For Greeks a blush—for Greece a tear.'

Would that you had died, ere the sad truth was demonstrated, that you fought and bled in vain !

A mob in Boston! O, tell it not in St. Petersburgh : publish it not in the streets of Constantinople. But it will be told ; it will be published. The damning fact will ring through all the haunts of despotisın, and will be a cordial to the heart of Metternich-sweet music in the ears of the haughty Czar, and a prophetic note of triumph to the sovereign Pontiff. What American lip will henceforth dare to breathe a sentence of condemnation against the bulls of the Pope, or the edicts of the Autocrat? Should a tongue wag in affected sympathy for the denationalized Pole, the outlawed Greek, the wretched Serf, or any of the priest-ridden or king-ridden victims of Europe, will not a voice come thundering over the billows :

*Base hypocrites ! let your charity begin at home-look at your own Carolinas-go, pour the balm of consolation into the broken hearts of your two millions of enslaved children-rebuke the murderers of Vicksburg-reckon with the felons of Charleston-restore the contents of rifled mail-bags—heal the lacerations, still festering, on the ploughed backs of your own citizens—dissolve the star chambers of Virginia tell the confederated assassins of Alabama and Mississippi to disband-call to judgment the barbarians of Baltimore, and Philadelphia, and New York, and Concord, and Haverhill, and Lynn, and Montpelier; and the well-dressed mobocrats of Utica, and Salem, and BOSTON. Go, ye praters about the soul-destroying ignorance of Romanism, gather again the scattered schools of Canterbury and Canaan-get the clerical minions of Southern task-masters to rescind their · Resolutions' of withholding knowledge from immortal Americans—rend the veil of legal enactments by which the beams of light divine are hidden from millions who are left to grope their way through darkness here, to everlasting blackness beyond the grave. Go, shed your patriotic' tears over the

Before you

infamy of your country amidst the ruins of yonder Convent. Go, proud and sentimental Bostonians, preach clemency to the respectable horde who are dragging forth for immolation one of your own citizens. Cease your anathemas against the Vatican, and screw your courage up to resist the worse than papal bulls of Georgia, demanding, at the peril of your 'bread and butter,' the 'HEADS' of your citizens, and the passage of GAG-LAWS. rail at arbitrary power in FOREIGN regions, save your own citizens from the felonious interception of their correspondence; and teach the sworn and paid servants of the Republic the obligations of an oath, and the guaranteed rights of a free people. Send not your banners to Poland, but tear them into shreds to be distributed to the mob, as halters for your sons. When, next July, you rail at mitres, and crosiers, and sceptres; and denounce the bowstring, and the bayonet, and the faggot, let your halls be decorated with plaited scourges, wet with the blood of the sons of the Pilgrims—let the tar cauldron smoke-the gibbet rear aloft its head and cats, and BLOOD-HOUNDS,* (the brute auxiliaries of Southern Liberty men) howl and bark in unison with the demoniacal ravings of a gentlemanly mob' -while above the Orator of the day, and beneath the

* See the accounts Southern newspapers of a curious mode of punishment' recently introduced, called . CAT-HAULING.' The victim is stretched upon his face, and a cat, thrown upon his bare shoulders, is dragged to the bottom of the back. This is continued till the body is completely lacerated.'

• The Vicksburgh (Miss.) Register says, that Mr. Earl, one of the victims of mobocracy in Mississippi, was tortured a whole night to elicit confession. The brutal and hellish tormenters laid Mr. Earl upon his back, and drew a cat tail foremost across his body!!! He hung himself soon after in jail.'

See also the accounts of the Mississippi murders given by a correspondent in the Charleston Courier, dating his letter Tyger, (how appropriate !) Bay, ou, Madison County, Miss. The following is an extract: Andrew Boyd, a conspirator, was required by the Committee of Safety, and Mr. Dickson. Hiram Reynolds and Hiram Perkins (since killed) were ordered to arrest him. They discovered he was lying, and immediately commenced the pursuit, with a PACK OF TRAINI HOUNDS. He miraculously effected his deliverance from his pursuers, after swimming Big Black River, and running through cane-brakes and swamps until night fall, when the party called off THE DOGS. Early next morning they renewed the chase, and started Boyd one mile from whence they had called off the dogs. But he effected his escape on horse (fortune throwing one in his way,) the hounds not being accustomed to that training after he quit the bush.

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