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ought not to hinder you from being loved :
nor should those hinder them from being re-
spected. They should interpret candidly the
Sallies of

Inconfiderateness: and


in return, should pass over the little Failures in Point of Temper, which Infirmities may render very excusable in them; and bear with the Restraints of possibly too great Caution, Parfimonyand Regularity: though in general their long Experience must have made them better Judges of these Points, than you are as yet. But indeed it will for the most Part be in

your own Power, to take off these Restraints from yourselves in a great Measure, if not entirely. Check but that Levity, which raises in them Suspicions of you ; behave so, that you may safely be trusted ; and endeavour to be agreeable to them, as they do continually to be use

and all will be well. Your Sprightliness and gay Humour was unquestionably designed in fome Degree to comfort and enliven their declining Age. Be not

Be not unwilling therefore to spend fome Share of it that Way: but bestow a little of your Chearfulness upon them, in the Season when you have Plenty of it, and you will give them a great deal of

, Pleasure, when they want it very much. It is

a truly


ful to you:



a truly good-natured Part to do so. It is a proper Gratitude for the


Kindnesses and Advantages, which all young People have received from their Friends of riper Years. And they may make you large Amends for it, often in your worldly Interests, but almost constantly in such Information and Direction, as will do you more Service, than all your Agreeableness can afford them Delight. Probably it is not long, that they may continue with you. Study to profit as much as you can by them, before you are left to yourselves : and give them such a Prospect of

your doing well, that they may quit the World with Comfort. In every common Art and Business, you shew

, great Regard to experienced Instructors: and can they fail to be of proportionable Use in the Science of conducting Life, the most important and most difficult of all others ? Besides, the Respect, which you are now perhaps unwilling to pay, you will in Time be very uneasy, if you do not receive. Therefore preserve a Rule of Behaviour, that you will one Day find your own Account in; and suffer it not, by your Fault, to be lost out of the World in the mean while.


I have now gone through my Design. If in the Prosecution of it, I have urged Motives of a temporal, as well as a spiritual Nature, so hath the Scripture in a Multitude of Places. And if, together with greater Duties, I have recommended some of lesser Moment; and, amongst other Faults, cautioned against several, which may commonly be thought not to amount to Sins: yet whoever hath a just Concern for those, who are setting out upon the Journey of Life, will think they need every useful Admonition for the Way. And it is highly requisite, that all Persons, especially all young Persons, should cherish, even in smaller Instances, that Soberness and Rightness of Mind, which else will soon be neglected in more important Matters : following conscientiously that Injunction of the Apostle, with which I conclude. Finally, Brethren, what

I soever Things are true, whatsoever Things are bonourable, whatsoever Things are lovely, whatfoever Things are of good Report: -These Things do : and the God of Peace shall be with you'.

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PROV. xvi. 31.

The boary Head is a Crown of Glory, if it be

found in the Way of Righteousness.

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ONG Life is what all Men naturally

desire: and yet to most no Part of Life seems to have much Happiness in it ; and that Part least of all, to which living long brings them. In their younger and middle Years, between Business and Pleasure, they amuse themselves with tolerable Success. But old Age disqualifies them by Degrees from relishing either: and at the fame Time, that it takes away their Supports, adds to their Burthen too; by many Infirmities of Body and Mind, which often make them disagreeable or contemptible to others, and uneasy to themselves. Besides, in the former Stages of their journey, Expectation of somewhat better to follow, Vol. III.



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