lace, the sixth of February, one thousand eight hun-| East Florida, and the river St. Lucia, drawing a dred and eighteen.

1, THE KING. line from the source of one river to the source of the By command of the king our lord:

other, and following by the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, ESTEVAN VAREA.

from the mouth of the Hijuelos to the point of TanAnd I confirm this exemplification, at Madrid, cha, and doubling this, by the coast of the Gulf of the fifteenth of October, one thousand eight hun- Florida, to the mouth of the river St. Lucia, with dred and twenty.

the islands and keys adjacent.” ANTONIO PORCEL. Considering the contents of this exposition, and Don Evaristo Perez de Castro, knight of the or attending to the merit of the individual, and his der of Charles 3d, of the council of state, and se-accredited zeal for my royal service; as also to the cretary of despatch of state, &c.

advantages to result to the state from peopling the I certify that the foregoing signature of his ex: said countries, I have thought proper to accede to cellency don Antonio Porcel, secretary of despatch the favor which he solicits, in as far as it be not of the ultra-marine government, is that which he opposed to the laws of these my kingdoms, and is accustomed to put to all his writings. And, for communicated it to my council of the Indies, for the proper purposes, I give the present certificate, its accomplishment, in a royal order of the second signed by my hand and sealed with my seal of arms, of February last. Consequently, I recommend and at Madrid, the twenty-first of October, one thou charge you, by this my royal cedula, that, conformsand eight hundred and twenty.

ing to the laws which regulate in these affairs, anti EVARISTO PEREZ DE CASTRO,

without prejudice to third persons, that you effica. [TRANSLATion.]

ciously aid the execution of the said grant, taking al} Don Antonio Porcel, knight pensioner of the the measures which may conduce to its due effect, royal and distinguished order of Charles 3d, of the as also to the augmentation of the population, agricouncil of state, and secretary of state and of de culture and commerce, of the aforesaid posses. spatch of the ultra-marine government, &c. sions, giving account from time to time, of the pre

I certify that, under date of the ninth of April, gress made; for this is my will, and that due notice one thousand eight hundred and eighteen, royal shall be taken of this cédula in the office of the acletters patent, of the same tenor, were sent by the countant general of the Indies. Dated at the palate council of the Indies to the governor captain lace the ninth of April, one thousand eight hungeneral of the island of Cuba and its dependencies, dred and eighteen.

1, THE KING. to the intendant of the army and royal business of By command of the king our lord: the Havana and its district, and to the governor of ESTEVAN VAREA the Floridas, that each should do bis utmost in his I confirm this exemplification, at Madrid, the particular department, to give effect to the grant fifteenth of October, one thousand eight hundred made to don Pedro de Vargas, of various lands and twenty.

ANTONIO PORCEL. situated in the Floridas, of the following tenor: Don Evaristo Perez de Castro, knight of the or. THE KING.

der of Charles III. of the council of state, and seMy governor and captain general of the island of cretary of despatch of state, &c. Cuba, and its dependencies, under date of the I certify that the foregoing signature of his ex25th of January last, don Pedro de Vargas, mani cellency don Antonio Porcel, secretary of despatch fested to me as follows, “Sire: don Pedro de Vargas, of the ultra-marine government, is that which he knight of the royal order of Alcantara, treasurer is accustomed to put to all his writings. And, for general of the royal house and patrimony of your the proper purposes, I give the present certificate, majesty, with the most profound respect, at your signed by my hand and sealed with my seal of arms, royal feet, exposes-that there is a quantity of va. at Madrid, the twenty-first of October, one thous cant and unpeopled land in the territory of the sand eight hundred and twenty. Floridas, and desiring that, if your majesty shall

EVARISTO PEREZ DE CASTRO, deign to reward his passable services, and the proofs which he has given of his loyalty, it may be without the least burthen on the public treasury,

Laws of the United States. or in prejudice of any third person, as may be done An act for carrying into execution the treaty be. at present by some lands of that country, he be- tween the United States and Spain, concluded seeches your majesty that, by an effect of your at Washington, on the twenty-second day of Fe. sovereign goodness, you would deign to grant bruary, one thousand eight hundred and nine. him the property of the land which lies comprised teen, within the following limits, that is to say: from the Be it enacted by the senate and house of representamouth of the the river Perdido, and its bay in the tives of the United States of America, in congress as. Gulf of Mexico, following the sea coast, to ascend sembled, that the president of the United States by the bay of Buen Socorro and of Mobile, con be, and he is hereby, authorized to take possession tinuing by the river Mobile, till it touches the of, and occupy the territories of East and West northern line of the United States, and descending Florida, and the appendages and appurtenances by that in a right line to the source of the river thereof; and to remove and transport the officers Perdido, and following the river Mobile in its lower and soldiers of the king of Spain, being there, to part, and the bay of that name, returns by the sea the Havana, agreeably to the stipulations of the coast towards the wėst; comprehending all the treaty between the United States and Spain, con. creeks, entries, and islands adjacent, which may be cluded at Washington on the twenty-second day of long to Spain at the present time, till it reaches the February, in the year one thousand eight hundred west line of the United Sates, then, returning by and nineteen, providing for the cession of said tertheir northern line, comprehending all the waste ritories to the United States, and he may, for these lands which belong, or ray belong, to Spain, and purposes, and in order to maintain in said territo. are in dispute or reclamation with the United ries the authority of the United States, employ any States, according to the tenor of the treaties, and, part of the army and navy of the United States, also, all the waste land not ceded to any other in. and the militia of any state or territory, which he dividual, which is between the river Hijuelos, in, may deem necessary.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That, until the | An act to reduce and fix the military peace estab. end of the first session of the next congress, unless

lishment of the United States. provision for the temporary government of said ter- Be it enacted by the senate and house of represen. riteries be sooner made by congress, all the military, tatives of the United States of America in congress ascivil, and judicial powers exercised by the officers of sembled, That, from and after the first day of June the existing government of the same territories, shall next, the military peace establishment of the Unitbe vested in such person and persons, and shall be ed States shall be composed of four regiments of exercised in such manner, as the president of the artillery, and seven regiments of infantry, with such United States) shall direct, for the maintaining the officers of engineers, of ordnance, and of the staff, inhabitants of said territories, in the free enjoyment as are hereinafter provided for. of their liberty, property and religion; and laws of Sec.2. And be il further enacted, That each regi. the United States relating to the revenue and its ment of artillery shall consist of one colonel, one collection, subject to the modification stipulated lieutenant colonel, one major, one sergeant major, by the fifteenth article of the said treaty, in favor one quartermaster sergeant, and nine companies, of Spanish vessels and their cargoes, and the laws one of which shall be designated and equipped as relating to the importation of persons of color, light artillery; and that there shall be attached to shall

be extended to the said territories. And the each regiment of artillery one supernumerary cappresident of the United States shall be, and he is tain to perform ordnance duty, and that each comhereby authorized, within term aforesaid, t, esta- pany shall consist of one captain, two first lieuten. blisb such districts for the collection of the reve- ants, two second lieutenants, four sergeants, four nue, and, during the recess of congress, to appoint corporals, three artificers, two m'sicians, and fortysuch officers, whose commissions shall expire at the two privates. That each regiment of infantry shall end of the next session of congress, to enforce the consist of one colonel, one lieutenant colonel, one said laws, as to him shall seem expedient.

major, one sergeant major, one quartermaster ser. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the presi- geant, two principal musicians, and ten companics; dent of the United States be, and he is hereby au- each of which shall consist of one captain, one first thorized to appoint, during the recess of the senate, lieutenant, one second lieutenant, three sergeants, a commissioner and surveyor, whose commissions four corporals, two musicians, and forty-two prishall expire at the end of the next session of con- vates; and that to each regiment of artillery and gress, to meet the commissioner and surveyor, who infantry there shall be one adjutant, who shall may be appointed on the part of Spain, for the be taken from the subalterns of the line. purposes stipulated in the fourth article of said

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, that the corps treaty; and that the president be, and he is hereby, of engineers, (bombadiers excepted), and the tofurther authorized to take all other measures which pographical engineers, and their assistants, shall be he shall judge proper, for carrying into effect the retained in service as at present organized. stipulations of the said fourth article.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the ord. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That a board of nance department shall be merged in the artillery: three commissioners shall be appointed, conforma- and that the president of the United States be, and bly to the stipulations of the eleventh article of the he is hereby, authorized to select from the regisaid treaty; and the president of the United States ments of artillery such officers as may be necessa. is bereby authorized to take any measures which ry to perform ordnance duties, who, while so de. he may deem expedient, for organizing the said tatched, shall receive the pay and emoluments now board of commissioners: and for this purpose, may received by ordnance officers, and shall be subject appoint a secretary, well versed in the French only to the orders of the war department, and that and Spanish languages, and a clerk, which appoint. the number of enlisted men, in the ordnance dements, if made during the recess of the senate, partment be reduced to fifty-six. shall, at the next meeting of that body, be subject Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That there shall to nomination for their advice and consent. be one major general, with two aids de camp, two

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, that the com- brigadier generals, each with one aid de camp; and pensation of the respective officers, for whose ap- that the aids de camp be taken from the subalterns pointment provision is made by this act, shall not of the line, and, in addition to their other duties, exceed the following sums:

shall perform the duties of assistant adjutant geneThe commissioner to be appointed conformably ral. to the fourth article, at the rate, by the year, of Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, that there shall three thousand dollars.

be one adjutant general, and two inspectors gene. To the surveyor two thousand dollars.

ral, with the rank, pay, and emoluments, of colonels To each of the three commissioners to be ap. of cavalry. pointed conformably to the eleventh article of the Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, that there shall treaty, three thousand dollars.

be one quartermaster general; that there shall be To the secretary of the board, two thousand dol. two quartermasters, with the rank, pay, and emolulars.

ments of majors of cavalry; and ten assistant quar. To one clerk, one thousand five hundred dol. termasters, who shall, in addition to their pay in lars.

the liné, receive a sum not less than ten dollars, Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That, for carry; nor more than twenty dollars, per month, to be reing this act into execution, the sum of one hundred gulated by the secretary of war. thousand dollars be, and hereby is, appropriated, Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That there shall to be taken from any moneys in the treasury not be one commissary general of subsistence; and that otherwise appropriated.

there shall be as many subsistent commissaries as JOHN W. TAYLOR, the service may require, not exceeding fifty, who Speaker of the house of representatives. shall be taken from the subalterns of the line, and

JOHN GAILLARD, shall, in addition to their pay in the line, receive a

President of the senate pro tempore. sum not less than ten, nor more than twenty dollars Washington, March 3, 1821-Approved: per month; and that the assistant quartermasters,

JAMES MONROE. and assistant commissaries of subsistence, shall be

Ара- .

subject to duties in both departments, under the party, for his neutrality in the queen's case. orders of the secretary of war.

per of the 20th Jan. says that the coronation will Sec. 9. Anul be it further enacted, that there shall take place on the 18th of May. Col. Browne, fa. be one paymaster general, with the present com. mous as one of the pimps of the Milan commission, pensation, and fourteen paymasters, with the pay was recently nearly assassinated in that city, whi. and emoluments of regimental pay nasters; and that ther he had repaired to collect evidence, as it is there shall be one commissary of purchases, and said, to vindicate himself. He received several twa military storekeepers, to be attached to the stabs, but none of thein were mortal. The Court purchasing department.

Gazette of the 20th Jan, contains 23 loyal addresses Sec. 10. Anil ve it further enacted, that the medi. to the king. cal department shall consist of one surgeon gene. Stocks - 3 per cent. consols 69 7-8. ral, eight surgeons, with the compensation of regi- A writer in the Monthly Magazine for January's mental surgeons, and forty five assistant surgeons, in making a calculation of the expense of the Eng with the compensation of post surgeons.

lish government, since the time of William the Sec. il. And be it further enacted, Tbat the offi Conqueror, concludes thus:-cers, non-commissioned officers, artificers, musi- "In the reign of 31 kings, and in a period of 694. cians, and privates, retained by this act, except years, the British nation had spent 795,000,0001, those specially provided for, shall have the same sterling, being somewhat more than one million a rank, pay, and emoluments, as are provided in like year. In the single reign of his late majesty (George cases, by existing la" s; and that the force authoriz III.) during a period of only 59 years, the nation ed and continued in service under this act shall be has spent the incredible sum of 2,357,000,000, be. subject to the rules and articles of war.

ing three times the value of the kingdom, and it Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That the pre-owes nearly 1,000,000,000 of public debt, which is sident of the United States cause to be arranged a greater sum than the value of all the land in the officers, non-commissioned officers, artificers, England is worth, if every acre were sold at 25 musicians, and privates, of the several corps now in years purchase on the annual rent.” the service of the United States, in such manner as A colossal statue is to be erected in Lanark, to to form and complete out of the same the force au. the memory of Sir William Wallace. It was exethorized by this act, and cause the supernumerary cuted by Mr. Robert Forress Orchard. The patriot officers, non-commissioned officers, artiticers, musi. is represented as eight feet four inches in height, cians, and privates, to be discharged from the ser- and a Scottish yard across his shoulders. vice of the United States.

[The Scotchman's blood runs swiftly througlı his Sec. 1S. And be it further enacted, that there shall veins, and the love of country seems to flow from be allowed and paid to each commissioned officer his heart to nerve his arm, when the name of Walwho shall be discharged from the service of the lace is mentioned-yet he generally boos" to the United States in pursuance of this act, three months' power that governs, as if he thought it illegitimate pay in addition to the pay and emoluments to which to oppose, even in thought, the senseless family he may be entitled by law at the time of his dis- that has usurped the throne. If there is “a divine charge.

right" in kings, George Guelph the 4th, ought no Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, that the system more to possess the throne of England than Teague of "General Regulations for the Army,” compiled | O'Ragan who lives in the wilds of Connaught, or by major general Scott, shall be, and the same is the son of general Tecumseh, who may be resident hereby approved and adopted for the government somewhere on the shores of the American takes. of the army of the United States, and of the militia To this general remark, however, there are many when in the service of the United States,

honorable exceptions--there are Scotchmen that JOHN W. TAYLOR, are indeed ornaments of human nature." Speaker of the house of representatives. At the court of King's Bench, Jan. 19, Mrs. Jane

JOHN GAILLARD, Carlisle was found guilty of a libel, in approving President of the genate, pro tempore. the intentions of the Cato-street conspirators. Washington, March 22, 1821-Approved: [This is really cruel-because the whole conspiracy

JAJES MONROE, was got up and patronized by the ministry.]

Non descripts.". We had many descriptions of

our non-elescript frigates, during the late war!!! At Foreign Articles.

times, they were “fir built” and to be swept from "HOLY ALLIANCE."

the sea directly, before you could say “Jack Robin. The report of a fracas having taken place son:” at others, they were the most queer things between prince Metternich and lord Stewart, at that could be thought of—74's in disguise,” that, Troppau, is said to be totally destitute of founda- like witches on broom-sticks, went whither they tion.

would. Latterly, many vessels have been built We have nothing new as to the proceedings or after their models, and we notice the launching of prospects of this conspiracy. The king of Naples a frigare at Deptford, that measures 1,476 tons, was expected to arrive at Laybach on the 15th of whose beam is only two inches less than that of a January. It is doubtful if the king of Spain has 74, and to carry sixty guns. been summoned to attend-it is dicnied and affirm.

FRANCE. ed, pretty positively.

The tine of 400 of the Swiss guards having ex. GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.

pired, nothing could induce them to renew their London pupers of Jan. 22.

engagement. They sigbed for their native moun. The king was to open the parliament in person; tains. it was expected to be a very animated session--for, The French stocks are rising. The minister of in addition to the excitements about the queen, it finance lately brought in his budget for the current was supposed that the conduct of government in year. The total of the public income, after a pro. regard to Spain, Naples and Portugal would be posed abatement in the land tax and other contribu. severely enquired into. Mr. Canning does not ap- tions, to the amount of 17,131.570f. is estimated at near to have received the approbation of either !888,021,7454, and the expenditure at 882,327,374f.






learing a surplus in the receipts of 5,694,371f. This surplus comprises a sum of 4,458,742f. remain. The army of Naples, in three grand divisions, is ing disposable from the service of 1819; to which stationed on the frontier towards the Austrian was to be added a further saving of 24,400,000f. forces, the whole under the coinmand of general upon the estimates for the last year.

Pepe. On the complaint of certain manufacturers at sVienna, December 30. However the negociations Louviers, the court of correctional police fined with the king of Naples may turn out, it is affirmed certain dealers in cloth at Paris 10,000 francs for | by some persons, that at all events our Austrian Jiaving fraudulently made and sold cloths falsely army of observation will occupy the fortresses of marked with the name of Louviers. The court the kingdom of Naples for five or six years. The royal of appeals confirmed the principles of the northern powers, it is added, are perfectly agreed decision of the court of correctional police, but re. on this measure, which is deemed necessary to the duced the fine to 8000 francs, and ordered one security of all Italy.” hundred copies of the decree on the appeal, con. taining the names of the persons concerned, to be The government of the Grisons has just address. placarded in various places, and ordered the costsed to the districts a circular, dictated by the purest to be paid by the parties convicted.

and most enlightened patriotism, to exhort them Exceedingly important! A special messenger has to attend without delay to all the branches of mili. arrived in Paris from Palestine, with a cargo of tary organization. The urgency of the case is frank. water from the river Jordon, which he was sent to ly and confidently dwelt upon. The circular terfetch for the purpose of baptizing the young duc minates thus "Be ready at the moment when you de Bordeaux!!!

shall be called to cover the frontiers of your coun

try: she is, indeed, recognized as neuter, but her Thirty deputies to the cortes from Mexico, have arms and courage are, nevertheless, to cause her arrived at Cadiz. They are said to be persons dis independence and neutrality to be respected. The tinguished for the liberality of their opinions. The times are threatening, and God only can know, king is to be crowned on the 18th of May. whether the moment at which this appeal will be

Joseph Alvarez Toledo, well known for his made to you, be near or distant.” treachery, has been deprived of the pension which he received from the king of Spain, on a presenta. Many Jews have left Russia for Palestine. They tion of the cortes. The king, in his publication of have established a prosperous colony at Tiberias. this matter, calls him “ever incorrigible in the perfidious and turbulent conduct which has earned Mr. Lalande has returned to France, after an ab. him a title of infamy.”

sence of two years, during which he travelled into The frigate Constitutione has arrived at Cadiz the interior of Africa. He has brought home a from Havana, with four millions of dollars. Ļhe valuable collection of objects, among them the skenew tariff, which prohibits most articles of foreign leton of an enormous Hippopotamus, which, after produce or manufacture, has gone into operation. a perilous combat, he succeeded in killing.

A fleet has arrived at Havana, on its way to Ca. diz, from Vera Cruz, reported to have on board from four to ten millions of dollars. From the frequent phew of the reigning emperor is a candidate for

A civil war is carrying on in Morocco. The nenotices of such things, we should suppose that the

the throne. Mexican mines are fully worked again. The following is one of the most pleasing evi.

A fire broke out in the town of Paramaribo, Su. dences that we have seen of the progress and per- rinam, on the 21st of Jan. last, which lasted until fection of liberal ideas in Spain.

the 23d, by which about six hundred houses and Madrid, Nov. 15. The king has promulgated

stores were destroyed. the following decree.

The cortes have decreed and we have ratified the following:

CHRONICLE, Art. 1. The Spanish territory shall be an inviola. It is stated that major general Brown and briga. ble asylum for foreign persons and property of every diers Gaines and Scott, are retained in service un. kind, whether such persons reside in Spain or else der the new regulation of the army, and that they where; provided they observe the political consti- have been ordered on to Washington. tution of the monarchy and the other laws which Capt, Jones is appointed to the command of the govern its subjects.

Constitution frigate, and lieut. Stockton to that of Art. 2. This asylum for persons is to be under the schooner Alligator, lately built. stood always not to affect existing treaties with The U. S. schooner Nonsuch arrived at New-Or. foreign powers; and inasmuch as political opinions leans, Feb. 1st, from Jainaica, with 150,000 dollars cannot be considered as included in them, it is de in specie. clared that persons persecuted on account of such Capt. Samuel Miller, a brevet major of marines, opinions will not be delivered up by the govern- being charged with sundry matters and things, a ment, if they are not guilty of some of the crimes court of enquiry was instituted, lieut. col. Eustis, specified in said treaties.

president, who reported that the charges were not Art. 3. The persons embraced in the foregoing supported by even the shadow of evidence, and that article, shall, with their property, enjoy the same capt. M's "general military conduct had been that protection which the laws afford to the property of of an intelligent, attentive and brave officer." Spaniards.

Mr. Kean has played at Boston with wonderful Art. 4. Foreign property, except such as may success. The rage to see him was so great that belong to governments at war with the Spanish places in the theatre were sold at auction, and the Nation, or to their auxiliaries, shall not be, by way premiums which they produced over the usual price of reprisals or from any other motive, subject to of admission, were given to charitable institutions, confiscation, sequestration, or embargo.

such as the hospital, the dispensary, &c. &c. He Madrid, Oct. 24, 1820.

appears to have performed there 16 nights in all.



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and, though this plan of disposing of the tickets was appointment, returned to this town on Friday:

not thought of until the contests to obtain them The terms of the agreement we understand to be : had, for several nights, produced great confusion, these. Maine is to pay Massachusetts $150,000, to the amount of premiums received was $3005 and release to her $30,000 which is due to us for as75 cents! In return for this mania, which however suming her obligations to the Indians, and out was happily directed, Mr. Kean has dubbed Boston claim to a balance due us from the treasury of 10,000 as the "literary emporium of the new world,for which dollars. The debt of $150,000 is to bear interest at some of the good people thereof seem very much 5 per cent. and to be payable in 40 years, but may obliged to him.

be reimbursed at any earlier period at the pleasure Pensioners. The total number of revolutionary of the State.-- Three months are allowed the legispensioners continued on the U. S. list, under the latures of the two states to ratify the agreement.act of May 1, 1820, is 8,510.

Such are, we understand, in substance, the terms Died, near Greensburg, Pa. gen. William Jack, on which she agrees to release to us all her interests aged 68 years; a soldier of the revolution, and a in the lands.

Portland Argus. man much esteemed for his public and private vir- Rhode Island. The following will appear as tues. at Fredericksburg, Va. in the 69th year of the curious fact exists, that Rhode Island has not a

something very strange to many of our readers: but his age, major Benjamin Day, a gallant soldier of written” constitution. She is governed by an old the revolution-aid de camp to gen. Woodford and charter granted by Charles II. of England, and a lord Sterling.

variety of customs which the altered state of things Religious worship. A certain Thomas White was rendered necessary. It may, however, be observed fined 50 dollars and subjected to imprisonment one that the royal charter was a very liberal one. montb, by the city court of Baltimore, on the 3d

“The legislature of the state of Rhode Island instant, for interrupting “Mr. Frey, the converted have passed an act, without opposition or debate, auJew,” when recently delivering a discourse in one thorizing the people to declare by their vote at of our churches.

the next freemen's meeting, whether it is expe. New Convent. The Augusta, Geo. Herald states, dient that the general assembly, at their May ses. that in consequence of the "energetic discourses” sion, proceed to enact a law providing for the of the Roman Catholic bishop in that place, a new choice of delegates to meet in convention for the convent is about to be established there, and that purpose of forming a written constitution for the young men and women from all parts of the union

state." are candidates for this desirable state of celibacy. Savannah. Mr. Charlton, late mayor of this city,

Transit dury.The legislature of Delaware have having resigned his office on being appointed passed a law imposing a tax upon persons arriving judge, was presented with the thanks of the corwithin that sovereignty, in stage or steam boat, by poration in the most handsome manner, and invited land or water, of twenty-five cents each, to assist into a public dinner given by the most respectable erecting a college at the village of Newark, and to citizens of the place. He well deserved these eke out the funds of the state. This law has caus- distinctions. ed much excitement in the upper part of the state, Illinois. A correspondent states that the legislawherein its operation will chiefly be felt; and seve ture of Illinois have spent one fourth of their time ral meetings have been had about it, as well as on in debating on a loan office, in the shape of a bank, account of a tax upon store-keepers; at which the to emit 250,000 dollars in paper, without a cent of people have agreed to unite in every legal mode capital. Our friend thinks that the projectors of of defeating the operation of the law.

the scheme ought to meet the fate of M'Fingal. Virginia banks. Statements of the affairs of the Bank of the Valley, and of the North-Western bank

LOUISIANA, Extract from an official report on the of Virginia, are published, by which they are shewn state of the finances.

Balance in favor of the state the 31st of to be in excellent condition. The slave trade. The Pheasant, captain Kelly,

Dec. 1819,

44,841 27 lately captured on the coast of Africa, a small Por: Receipts in the treasury from Dec. 31st,

1819, when the last accounts of the fuguese schooner of only 11 tons, with 71 slaves on board, 34 of whom were women, crowded into a

treasurer was rendered up, to Deco space 8 feet 4 inches long, 4 feet 8 inches broad,

31st, 1820, amount to

178,369 58 and 2 feet 7 inches high! They were all shackled together with irons, and when released could hard

223,200 85 ly stand on their legs from cramp and starvation!

The expenditures during the same Deaf and dumb. We have accounts of several

space of time amount to

158,519 61 successful cures of the deaf and dumb in France, by making an opening to the tympanum. An in which leaves in favor of the state a ba. strument is said to be contrived by which the

lance of

$64,681 24 operation may be safely performed in three minutes! Richmond, March 1.-The following memoranda 'Those restored to hearing are very susceptible of were subjoined to the census lately taken of the the sinallest sounds.

county of Prince Edward: A seal has been caught at Cape Vincent, in the Mrs. Rosanna Adams is 120 years old, and possesSt. Lawrence. It was taken to Kingston, U C.and ses health and unusual activity. Her sight is perthere exbibited as a curiosity. It is stated that seals fectly good. She is a native of Ireland. have appeared on tbe borders of the lakes, though Mrs. Mary Wilson is 100 years old, and enjoys very rarely.

good health and sight. Maine and Massachusetts.-The committee ap. Mrs. Molly Jennings is also 100 years old, and pointed by our legislature to meet the committee enjoys good health and sight. These three females of Massachusetts on the subject of the purchase of are residents of Prince Elward county, and enthe lands, after accomplishing the object of their Igaged in domestic employment.

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