The Half-pay Officers: A Comedy: as it is Acted by His Majesty's Servants

A. Bettesworth, and W. Boreham, T. Jauncy, and J. Brotherton and W. Meadows, 1720 - 79 sider

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Side 64 - twill hardly be in their Power, Madam. Ben. She tells me, fhe's refolv'd to fettle her whole Family at once, and that we (hall be married at the fame Time fhe is. She has fix'd at laft upon Mr. Meagre for me, as being the worthieft Perfon ; for fhe fays his Grandfather was her firft Love, and Mifs Mifs Charlotte is to marry the great fat Fellow.
Side 76 - Authority of Parliament, that's all. He and fome other Gentlemen took great Delight in walking in the Fields on an Evening; and if the. People that they happen'd to meet did not deliver their Purfes, they us'd, out of a Frolick, to knock 'em down and bind 'em—— and the Sowre Judges, that hate all polite Diverfions, had like to have hang'd 'cm for't. * :: . . Oma, Qmn. An errant Foot-pad 1 Wid. What's all this, abput the .Captain, Child/ *f * Be».
Side 7 - In fhort, he kicks one half of the World, while the other half kicks him. Jane. I thought he was fome pitiful foolifli Rogue : For would you believe it, Sir, he never took the leaft Notice of me, as if any of our Family was to be difpos'd of, without my Affiftance. Bel.
Side 70 - This ! What fhall I do with her? Put her in my Pocket. She's •a pretty Thing enough to be kept in a Cage, to hop about and divert one with her Prattle. But pray do you chufe her for me, becaufe you think we're like one another? Do you think {he and I can ever tally together ? No, no, I'm for no fuch unnatural Conjunction, — - it portends fomething ominous.
Side 12 - Face? As- Crift (hall fave me, I am as glad to fee you, as no Man in the whole World. Bel. Thank you , Friends. Well,, Fellow Soldiers, how does Peace agree with you > Mac. Upon my Shoul it is worfe than the Plague, or the Pox it felf. There...
Side 49 - Sir, you ftifle me. 1 have net had fo much Comfort thefe threefcore Years. — He will make a goodly Husband, Jenny — Iprofefs I don't know but Marriages are made in Heaven^ and if the Gentleman be in Love with me, I would not be cruel, 'jenny. Jane. Yes, Madam, he's vaftly taken with you. Wid. Oh, Ifhillbefe fond of him, I fhillgrow Young again.
Side 24 - In witnefs whereof, I have hereunto fet .my Hand and Seal, the laft Day of the merry Month of May, in the firft Year of the Reign of King CupiJ. Lo. Why young Fanaticifm, with your two hundred per Cent, at your Back ; do you think this will do?
Side 53 - What do you fend my fweetHeart away for, Sifter? you would, not like to be fervd fo your felf. Ben. My dear, you'll have him again prefently — Here comes one of my plagues $ how (hall I do to get rid of this Wretch? < Enter Loadham.
Side 24 - Ben. No, no, Sir, not fo faft — I find you are for turning me into an Indenture 5 fo I leave you together to agree among your felves, which of you is to Sign and Seal me. — - Now I hope they'll quarrel. \Exit.
Side 76 - Pox o' the Acquaintance , * would I were out : My Marriage is fpoilt, and now I may go and hang my felf. Sha. Yes, Sir, we were Acquaintance formerly, but by an unlucky Accident he was forc'd to take a trip to the Weft-Indies.

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