Practical Hydraulics

E. & F. N. Spon, Limited, 1882 - 80 sider

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Side 14 - The Practice of Hand Turning in Wood, Ivory, Shell, etc., with Instructions for Turning such Work in Metal as may be required in the Practice of Turning in Wood, Ivory, etc. ; also an Appendix on Ornamental Turning. (A book for beginners.) By FRANCIS CAMPIN.
Side 6 - ... Fittings — Gilding, dead and bright, on various grounds — Polishing Marble, Metals, and Wood — Varnishing — Mechanical movements, illustrating contrivances for transmitting motion — Turning in Wood and Metals — Masonry, embracing Stonework, Brickwork, Terracotta and Concrete — Roofing with Thatch, Tiles, Slates, Felt, Zinc, &c. — Glazing with and without putty, and lead glazing — Plastering and Whitewashing — Paper-hanging — Gas-fitting — Bell-hanging, ordinary and electric...
Side 3 - Engines, Varieties of. Explosives. Fans. Founding, Moulding and the practical work of the Foundry. Gas, Manufacture of. Hammers, Steam and other Power. Heat. Horse Power. Hydraulics. Hydro-geology. Indicators. Iron. Lifts, Hoists, and Elevators. Lighthouses, Buoys, and Beacons. Machine Tools. Materials of Construction. Meters. Ores, Machinery and Processes employed to Dress. Piers. Pile Driving. Pneumatic Transmission. Pumps. Pyrometers. Road Locomotives. Rock Drills. Rolling Stock. Sanitary Engineering....
Side 11 - Screw Cutting Tables, for the use of Mechanical Engineers, showing the proper arrangement of Wheels for cutting the Threads of Screws of any required pitch, with a Table for making the Universal Gas-pipe Threads and Taps.
Side 7 - OF CONTENTS: Surveying, Levelling, etc.— Strength and Weight of Materials— Earthwork, Brickwork, Masonry, Arches, etc. — Struts, Columns, Beams, and Trusses — Flooring, Roofing, and Roof Trusses— Girders, Bridges, etc. — Railways and Roads — Hydraulic Formulae — Canals, Sewers, Waterworks, Docks — Irrigation and Breakwaters...
Side 12 - A Pocket-Book for Boiler Makers and Steam Users, comprising a variety of useful information for Employer and Workman, Government Inspectors, Board of Trade Surveyors, Engineers in charge of Works and Slips, Foremen of Manufactories, and the general Steamusing Public. By MAURICE JOHN SEXTON. Second edition, royal 32mo, roan, gilt edges, S^.
Side 3 - A SUPPLEMENT TO SPONS- DICTIONARY OF ENGINEERING. EDITED BY ERNEST SPON, MEMB. Soc. ENGINEERS. Abacus, Counters, Speed Indicators, and Slide Rule. Agricultural Implements and Machinery. Air Compressors. Animal Charcoal Machinery. Antimony. Axles and Axle-boxes. Barn Machinery. Belts and Belting. Blasting. Boilers. Brakes. Brick Machinery. Bridges. Cages for Mines. Calculus, Differential and Integral. Canals. Carpentry. Cast Iron. Cement, Concrete, Limes, and Mortar. Chimney Shafts. Coal Mining.
Side 6 - SPONS' MECHANICS' OWN BOOK; A MANUAL FOR HANDICRAFTSMEN AND AMATEURS. CONTENTS. Mechanical Drawing — Casting and Founding in Iron, Brass, Bronze, and other Alloys — Forging and Finishing Iron — Sheetmetal Working — Soldering, Brazing, and Burning — Carpentry and Joinery, embracing descriptions of some 400 Woods, over 200 Illustrations of Tools and their uses, Explanations (with Diagrams) of 116 joints and hinges, and Details of Construction of Workshop appliances, rough furniture, Garden...
Side 5 - Bookbinding. Bronzes and Bronzing. Candles. Cement. Cleaning. Colourwashing. Concretes. Dipping Acids. Drawing Office Details. Drying Oils. Dynamite. Electro • Metallurgy — (Cleaning, Dipping, Scratch-brushing, Batteries, Baths, and Deposits of every description). Enamels. Engraving on Wood, Copper, Gold, Silver, Steel, and Stone. Etching and Aqua Tint. Firework Making — (Rockets, Stars, Rains, Gerbes, Jets, Tourbillons, Candles, Fires, Lances,Lights, Wheels, Fire-balloons, and minor Fireworks).
Side 10 - Draughtsman's Handbook of Plan and Map . Drawing; including instructions for the preparation of Engineering, Architectural, and Mechanical Drawings. With numerous illustrations in the text, and 33 plates (15 printed in colours'). By GG ANDRE, FGS, Assoc.

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