All in All: Poems and Sonnets

Chatto and Windus, 1875 - 180 sider

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Side 20 - Life in London ; or, The Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn and Corinthian Tom. WITH THE WHOLE OF CRUIKSHANK'S VERY DROLL ILLUSTRATIONS, in Colours, after the Originals. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, "Js. 6d. Literary Scraps. A Folio Scrap-Book of 340 columns, with guards, for the reception of Cuttings from Newspapers, Extracts, Miscellanea, &c. In folio, half-roan,
Side 29 - 6d. Roll of Battle Abbey; or, A List of the Principal Warriors who came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror, and Settled in this Country, AD 1066-7. Carefully drawn, and printed on fine plate paper, nearly three feet by two feet, with the Arms of the principal Barons elaborately emblazoned in Gold and Colours. Price
Side 9 - Cyclopaedia of Costume ; or, A Dictionary of Dress, Regal, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military, from the Earliest Period in England to the reign of George the Third. Including Notices of Contemporaneous Fashions on the Continent) and preceded by a General History of the Costume of the Principal Countries of Europe. By JR PLANCH£, FSA, Somerset Herald.
Side 23 - PICCADILLY, LONDON, W. 24 BOOKS PUBLISHED BY CHATTO & • WINDUS. THE OLD DRAMATISTS. Ben Jonson's Works. With Notes, Critical and Explanatory, and a Biographical Memoir by WILLIAM GIFFORD. Edited by Lieut.-Col. FRANCIS CUNNINGHAM. Complete in 3 vols., crown 8vo, cloth extra gilt, with Portrait, price 6s. each. George
Side 11 - and Precious Stones ; Their History, Value, and Properties; with Simple Tests for ascertaining their Reality. By HARRY EMANUEL, FRGS With numerous Illustrations, Tinted and Plain. A New Edition, Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 6s. Edgar Allan Poe's Prose and Poetical Works; including Additional Tales and his fine Critical Essays.
Side 28 - DESIGNS. Rabelais' Works. Faithfully translated from the French, with variorum Notes, and numerous characteristic Illustrations by GUSTAVE DORE. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 700 pages. Price "]s. 6d. UNIFORM WITH "WONDERFUL CHARACTERS." Remarkable Trials and Notorious Characters. From "Half-Hanged Smith," 1700, to Oxford, who shot at the Queen, 1840. By Captain L. BENSON. With spirited full-page Engravings by PHIZ. 8vo,
Side 31 - Signboards: Their H istory. With Anecdotes of Famous Taverns and Remarkable Characters. By JACOB LARWOOD and JOHN CAMDEN HOTTEN. SEVENTH EDITION. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, *js. 6d. " It is not fair on the part of a reviewer to pick out the plums of an author's book,
Side 36 - Post. Timbs' English Eccentrics and Eccentricities. Stories of Wealth and Fashion, Delusions, Impostures and Fanatic Missions, Strange Sights and Sporting Scenes, Eccentric Artists, Theatrical Folks, Men of Letters, &c. By JOHN TIMES, FSA An entirely New Edition, with about 50 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra,
Side 12 - Faraday's Chemical History of a Candle. Lectures delivered to a Juvenile Audience. A New Edition, edited by W. CROOKES, Esq., FCS, &c. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with all the Original Illustrations, 4s. 6d. Faraday's Various Forces of Nature. A New Edition, edited by W. CROOKES, Esq., FCS, &c. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with
Side 13 - German Popular Stories. Collected by the Brothers GRIMM, and Translated by EDGAR TAYLOR. Edited, with an Introduction, by JOHN RUSKIN. With 22 Illustrations after the inimitable designs of GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. Both Series complete. Square crown 8vo, 6s. 6d.; gilt leaves, "js. 6d.

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