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BOOK III. ZThe Circle.

Section 1. Elementary Properties

Section 2. Chords - - - -
Section 3. Angles in Segments . - -
Section 4. A. Tangents (treated directly) . • -
Section 4. B. Tangents (treated by the method of limits)
Section 5. Two Circles - - - •
Section 6. Problems . e - - -
Section 7. The Circle in connection with Areas

BOOK IV. Fundamental Propositions of Proportion.

Section 1. ‘Of Ratio and Proportion - • -
Section 2. Fundamental Geometrical Propositions .

BOOK V. Proportion.

Introduction . - e e -
Section I. Similar Figures -
Section 2. Areas . - - -
Section 3. Loci and Problems . - -

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THE following constructions are to be made with the Ruler and Compasses only; the Ruler being used for drawing and producing straight lines, the Compasses for describing circles and for the transference of distances. 1. The bisection of an angle. 2. The bisection of a straight line. 3. The drawing of a perpendicular at a point in, and from a point outside, a given straight line, and the determination of the projection of a finite line on a given straight line. 4. The construction of an angle equal to a given angle; of an angle equal to the sum of two given angles, &c. 5. The drawing of a line parallel to another under various conditions—and hence the division of lines into aliquot parts, in given ratio, &c. 6. The construction of a triangle, having given (a) three sides; (8) two sides and contained angle; (y) two angles and side adjacent; (8) two angles and side opposite.

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