Travels Through that Part of North America Formerly Called Louisiana, Volum 1


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Side 37 - Heaven. Then they threw themfelves on the ground ; and their women brought their children, and taught them to keep in a devout attitude. About their harveft-time, which happened in July, the Natches celebrated a great feaft. They began with blacking their...
Side 42 - ... spirits; if I were to yield to your tears I would injure my love and fail in my duty. I have done enough for you by bearing you next to my heart, and by suckling you with my breasts. You that are descended of his blood and fed by my milk, ought you to shed tears?
Side 40 - He did not stay to have this order repeated — he disappeared like lightning. Three old women, two of whom were his relations, offered to pay his debt. Their age and their infirmities had disgusted them with life — none of them had been able to walk for a great while.
Side 158 - I came once more to the old Fort Chartres, where I lay in a hut till I could 1 [Taken from Lewis C. Beck's Gazetteer of mandant and commissary, 96X30 feet each.
Side 147 - Indians, some how or other, found out that this Frenchman was associated with the man who had imposed upon them ; but still said nothing to him of the perfidy of his friend. They gave him the public hut, which was in the middle of the village, to deposit his bales in; and there they were all ostentatiously laid out for the purpose of harter.
Side 145 - Baron Porneuf, who has been governor of Fort Orleans, established in that nation [Missouri], and who knows their genius perfectly well, has informed me that they were formerly very warlike and good, but that the French hunters had corrupted them by their bad conduct, and by some disunions among them; they had made themselves contemptible NOTE 73. -Coues'B Lewis and Clark, vol. 1. p. 22 ; Thwaitea
Side iii - Travels | through that part of | North America | formerly called | Louisiana. | By Mr. Bossu, Captain in the | French Marines. | Translated from the French, by John Reinhold Forster, FAS | Illustrated with notes relative chiefly to | natural history.
Side iii - Forster, illustrated with Notes relative chiefly to Natural History ; to which is added by the Translator a Systematic Catalogue of all the known Plants of English North America...
Side 46 - ... not leave him till his brother was buried. He took all the Frenchmen by the hands, and faid, " Since all the chiefs and noble officers will have me ftay on earth, I will do it, I will not kill myfelf...
Side 305 - The players are never displeased : some old men. who assist at the play, become mediators, and determine, that the play is only intended as a recreation, and not as an opportunity of quarreling. The wagers are considerable ; the women bet among themselves. When the players have given over, the women assemble among themselves to revenge their husbands who have lost the game. The battledoor they make use of differs from that of the men in being bent : they all are very active, and...

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