American Kennel Register: A Monthly Record, Volum 3

Forest and Stream Publishing Company, 1885

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Side 30 - Hence in silence and in sorrow, toiling still with busy hand, Like an emigrant he wandered, seeking for the Better Land. Emigravit is the inscription on the tomb-stone where he lies ; Dead he is not, — but departed, — for the artist never dies.
Side 59 - He will then attain the highest degree of propelling power, together with the greatest length of stride that is compatible with the length of his body. Weight is not a certain criterion of a terrier's fitness for his work — general shape, size, and contour are the main points ; and if a dog can gallop and stay, and follow his fox up a drain, it matters little what his weight is to a pound or so. Though, roughly speaking, it may be said he should not scale over 2olb. in show condition.
Side 59 - ... decreasing in width to the eyes. Not much " stop " should be apparent, but there should be more dip in the profile between the forehead and top jaw than is seen in the case of a greyhound. The Cheeks must not be full.
Side 59 - Should be strong and muscular, quite free from droop or crouch ; the thighs long and powerful; hocks near the ground, the dog standing well up on them like a foxhound, and not straight in the stifle. 6. STERN. — Should be set on rather high, and carried gaily, but not over the back or curled. It should be of good strength, anything approaching a " pipe-stopper " tail being especially objectionable.
Side 58 - Blenheim there should be a profuse mane, extending well down in front of the chest. The feather should be well displayed on the ears and feet, where it is so long as to give the appearance of their being webbed. It is also carried well up the backs of the legs. In the King Charles the feather on the ears is very long and profuse, exceeding that on the Blenheim by an inch or more.
Side 59 - stop ' should be apparent ; but there should be more dip in the profile, between the forehead and top jaw, than is seen in the case of a greyhound. The...
Side 104 - The officers and trustees shall be chosen at each annual meeting by ballot, and shall continue in office until the next annual meeting, or until their successors are elected.
Side 58 - The lower jaw must be wide between its branches, leaving plenty of space for the tongue and for the attachment of the lower lips, which should completely conceal the teeth. It should also be turned up or "finished...
Side 124 - SCALE OF POINTS. Head and expression, ... ... ... ... 15 Ears, ... ... ... ... ... ... 10 Neck and shoulders, ... ... ... ... 10 Legs and feet, ... ... ... ... ... 15 Hind-quarters, ... .. ... ... ... 10 Back and loins, ... ... ... ... 10 Brush, ... ... ... ... ... 5 Coat with frill, ... ... ... ... ... 20 Size, ... ... ... ... ... ... 5 Total, ... ... ... 100 Note. — Point judging is not advocated, but figures are only made use of to shew the comparative value attached to the different properties...
Side 59 - SYMMETRY, SIZE, AND CHARACTER. — The dog must present a generally gay, lively, and active appearance; bone and strength in a small compass are essentials, but this must not be taken to mean that a Fox Terrier should be cloggy or in any way coarse; speed and endurance must be looked to as well as power, and the Symmetry of the Foxhound taken as a model. The Terrier, like the Hound, must on no account be leggy, nor must he be too short in the leg.

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