In the preceding pages I have endeavored to present the history, and portray as accurately as possible the customs of my native land.

As I pen these last few words my mind instinctively turns to my countrymen, zealous in the faith, constant to the right, the type of a fearless, honorable race.

Providence has so ordained that the peoples of earth should be divided into nations, the governments and laws of which are as diverse as the ideas peculiar to their originators. We may be united in civilization and common sympathies, but the patriot is ever proud and even inconsistently partial to that land which has given him birth.

Christianity is broader than any constitution, more effective than the most wise laws of men. İts kingdom is confined to no territory, has no limitations to its power, and its people stand firm on its first vital principles. We are all patriots of that kingdom, and it is not only loyalty to my country but loyalty to the broader, more glorious kingdom that prompts me to turn my purposes and energy to her welfare.

The light of morning already tints the eastern sky, but the mists still rising from man's own ignorance and superstition obscure the rays and hide the sun. When, rising over hill and valley with its glorious splendor, God's own light shines in the zenith of the heavens, the obscuring mists all cleared away, then, and not till then, will the soul of man be fully illumined and his destiny made clear.

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