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How Much Is a Good Sales Argument Worth?

We don't need to tell you what the conditions have been regarding engravers and the buyers of engravings. You know them just as well as we. We have always thought there was a way to overcome this feeling, and at last we believe we have found it.

It's by telling your customers some of the things about the engraving business that they never before knew,-something that will help them to understand a few of the problems that you as an engraver must face.

In the little booklet illustrated above, which we recently published, are some of the best selling points for building good-will you ever heard. The booklet is in story form, told in such a way that your customers will read it from cover to cover.

To help bear the expense of publishing this booklet we are asking 15 cents each for them. It would be a good buy for you at twice that amount.

If the text in this booklet enables your salesman to get an order or hold a customer it will prove the best investment you ever made.


862 Monadnock Block, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

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